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Marine Mammal Moratorium Extension Notice

Pursuant to Regulation 15 of the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations 1992, and pursuant to an Instrument of Delegation dated 13 November 2013 from the Director-General of Conservation, I, Michael Slater, Deputy Director-General, Operations, Department of Conservation, hereby amend the notice titled “Marine Mammal Moratorium Notice Declaration Notice” dated 11 October 2010 (New Zealand Gazette, 21 October 2010, No. 143, page 3576), and the subsequent amendment notices dated 25 January 2013 (New Zealand Gazette, 31 January 2013, No. 11, page 382), 10 October 2013 (New Zealand Gazette, 17 October 2013, No. 143, page 3906), and 9 July 2014 (New Zealand Gazette, 17 July 2014, No. 75, page 2136), by extending its term to 28 February 2019 inclusive.

Dated at Wellington this 16th day of August 2018.

MICHAEL SLATER, Deputy Director-General, Operations, Department of Conservation.