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Technology Funding Subject to a Separate Decision-making Process

Pursuant to section 5(2) of the Research, Science, and Technology Act 2010, the following Research, Science, and Technology (RS&T) funding in the votes administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment is subject to a separate decision-making process:

  1. Health Research Fund;
  2. Marsden Fund;
  3. National Measurement Standards;
  4. Partnered Research Funding that is allocated via different mechanisms including the Pre-seed Accelerator Fund, Commercialisation Partner Network, Envirolink or Christchurch Innovation Hub mechanisms;
  5. Repayable Grants for Start-Ups;
  6. Catalyst Fund;
  7. Māori Innovation Fund;
  8. Callaghan Innovation;
  9. Callaghan Innovation – Operations;
  10. Strategic Science Investment Fund;
  11. Research and Development Growth Grants;
  12. Targeted Business Research and Development Funding;
  13. Contract Management;
  14. Talent and Science Promotion;
  15. COVID-19 Innovation Acceleration Fund;
  16. Endeavour Emergency Response Scheme; and
  17. All RS&T funding in a vote other than Vote Business, Science and Innovation

This notice supersedes and revokes the notice entitled: Research, Science, Technology Funding Subject to a Separate Decision-making Process (New Zealand Gazette, 6 May 2020, Notice No. 2020-go1885).

This notice comes into effect on 12 April 2023.

Dated at Wellington this 12th day of March 2023.

Hon Dr AYESHA VERRALL, Minister of Research, Science and Innovation.