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Notice of Approved Official Geographic Names in Tasman Region

Pursuant to sections 10(1)(b), 24(2)(a) and 21(2) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008, the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) gives notice of 506 approved official geographic names as described in the Schedule below.

The Board’s final determination on these approved official geographic names took effect on 27 May 2021.


Approved Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type Map and Grid Reference
5 Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 924783
Able Head Hill NZTopo50-BP25 042767
Adele Hill NZTopo50-BP25 047633
Adolphe Point Point NZTopo50-BP25 058655
Advance Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 612951
Alan Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 807928
Alpine Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 995895
Ariki Locality NZTopo50-BR22 350717
Ariki Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BR22 327748
Awaroa Head Hill NZTopo50-BP25 038777
Bald Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR22 266799
Bald Knob Ridge Ridge NZTopo50-BR23 526967
Baldy Hill NZTopo50-BS23 527477
Bark Bay Bay NZTopo50-BP25 047704
Basin Point Hill NZTopo50-BP25 003721
Baxter Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 330543
Bay Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 429901
Beebys Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 972830
Beebys Knob Hill NZTopo50-BR25 943799
Beeres Rock Hill NZTopo50-BR23 466754
Begley Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS24 802473
Ben Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 811917
Ben Murray Hill NZTopo50-BR23 515928
Ben Nevis Hill NZTopo50-BR25 062002
Big Bush Forest Forest NZTopo50-BR24 833804
Big Deep Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 290781
Big Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 813900
Big Gully West Branch Valley NZTopo50-BR24 791903
Bishops Cap Hill NZTopo50-BR26 144031
Black Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR24 863727
Black Sheep Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR25 903765
Black Valley Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR25 887729
Blackwater Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 392428
Blackwater River River NZTopo50-BS23 505632
Blair Athol Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 727936
Blue Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 633057
Blue Duck Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 472686
Blue Glen Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 915872
Blue Rock Hill NZTopo50-BS23 483678
Blue Rock Place NZTopo50-BS23 433611
Bluff Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 363583
Boat Creek Stream NZTopo50-BN24 712976
Boulder Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 335440
Bouldery Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 012915
Boyd Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR23 533049
Branch Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 504357
Breaker Bay Bay NZTopo50-BP25 018576
Brewerton Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 846994
Brewerton Creek Left Branch Stream NZTopo50-BR24 856012
Brewery Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 638916
Bristol Pass Pass NZTopo50-BS24 786631
Brough Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 901858
Bull Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 454950
Bull Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS24 676566
Bulmer Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 606970
Burmeister Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR24 748019
Burn Creek Stream NZTopo50-BT23 565318
Burnbrae Locality NZTopo50-BS22 388444
Burnett Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 343608
Burnt Spur Hill NZTopo50-BS23 612558
Bushy Top Hill NZTopo50-BR26 128967
Buster Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 875973
Cairn Hill Hill NZTopo50-BP25 056662
Caledonian Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 622970
Camp Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 329673
Camp Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 319457
Campbell Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 361728
Campbell Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 505709
Canaan Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BP25 907633
Canary Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 333493
Carrol Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 618937
Carter Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 293762
Carton Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 616956
Cascade Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 479403
Cat Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 757990
Cave Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 389568
Cave Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR24 716979
Caves Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS23 415387
Cedar Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 052026
Charming Creek Stream NZTopo50-BT23 587293
Christie Ridge Ridge NZTopo50-BS24 828662
Clark Knob Hill NZTopo50-BR24 790913
Clark River River NZTopo50-BR24 802957
Clark Valley Valley NZTopo50-BR24 786921
Claybank Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 507826
Cliff Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 382621
Coal Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 621951
Coal Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 531862
Coffee Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 301511
Coleman Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 709746
Collins Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 495652
Conical Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR24 697992
County Boundary Hill NZTopo50-BP25 046677
Cow Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 733860
Crag Hill NZTopo50-BS23 614428
Crooked Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 474780
Culliford Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR23 619047
Davis Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 460424
Deception Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 732040
Deception Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 898803
Deep Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 366637
Deep Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 614969
Deepdale River River NZTopo50-BS22 306638
Deer Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 308441
Dellows Bluff Cliff NZTopo50-BR22 395741
Devils Grip Place NZTopo50-BR24 709830
Diamond Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 415414
Diggers Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 899813
Doctor Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 489797
Doctors Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 361772
Dogface Flat Flat NZTopo50-BR23 604058
Dome Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 336459
Donald Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 777987
Doughboy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 398714
Downie Hill NZTopo50-BS23 628347
Downie Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 367587
Downie Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 620350
Downies Clearing Place NZTopo50-BS23 594393
Dun Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 001924
D’Urville River River NZTopo50-BS24 676476
Eight Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 452599
Ellis Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR25 000918
Emily Peaks Hill NZTopo50-BS23 541343
Falls Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 316461
Fawn Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 334456
Firewood Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 862915
Fishers Gully Valley NZTopo50-BN24 707884
Flagtop Hill NZTopo50-BS24 822666
Flat Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 319559
Four Rivers Plain Locality NZTopo50-BR23 415727
Fraser Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 765833
Frying Pan Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 586933
Gay Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 778054
George Hill Hill NZTopo50-BP25 014663
Gibbs Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 714727
Gibbs Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 115035
Gilbert Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 872965
Glen Cairn Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 376700
Glen Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 386683
Glengarry Locality NZTopo50-BS22 370681
Glengarry Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS22 342679
Glengarry Stream Left Branch Stream NZTopo50-BS22 340649
Glenhope Locality NZTopo50-BR24 708890
Glenroy River River NZTopo50-BS23 478347
Glenroy River East Branch River NZTopo50-BS23 483443
Goat Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 391666
Golden Downs Locality NZTopo50-BR25 901010
Good Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 355526
Goodyer Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 329583
Gordon Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 934968
Gordon Range Range NZTopo50-BR25 970944
Gordons Knob Hill NZTopo50-BR25 948942
Graham Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 859879
Granite Pinnacle Hill NZTopo50-BS23 407352
Granity Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 334598
Granity Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 318450
Granity Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 629841
Granity Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 437357
Grassy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 606845
Green Duck Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 473718
Grey Duck Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 483701
Halfway Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 626949
Handrail Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 522850
Hāpuku Reef Reef NZTopo50-BP25 063653
Harley Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 726816
Harleys Rock Rock NZTopo50-BR24 710833
Harte Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 504729
Higgins Bluff Cliff NZTopo50-BR22 361707
Hill Forty Hill NZTopo50-BT23 567238
Hiwipango Locality NZTopo50-BR25 946042
Hodgson Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS24 752693
Holland Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 342686
Homestead Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 797750
Hope Locality NZTopo50-BQ26 129219
Hope Range Range NZTopo50-BR24 676925
Hope River River NZTopo50-BR24 715914
Hope Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BR24 765912
Hopeless Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS24 805576
Horse Terrace Flat NZTopo50-BS23 473485
Howard Locality NZTopo50-BR24 720763
Howard Junction Locality NZTopo50-BR24 700838
Hudson Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 509756
Hunters Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR25 882847
Husband Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 402781
Hutchison Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 393639
Inwood Lookout Place NZTopo50-BR25 947977
Inwood Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BR25 937992
Jacobs Ladder Place NZTopo50-BT23 581306
James Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 346593
Jecklin Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 375758
Jecklin Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 384674
Johnson Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 414651
Johnson Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 516660
Johnson Creek Right Branch Stream NZTopo50-BS23 419674
Johnston Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 548889
Johnston Creek East Branch Stream NZTopo50-BR23 542925
Johnston Creek West Branch Stream NZTopo50-BR23 530910
Jones Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 316399
Junction Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 571358
Kākā Locality NZTopo50-BR24 755005
Kākā Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 325578
Kākāriki Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 787999
Karaka Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 330463
Kawatiri Locality NZTopo50-BR24 681841
Kennedy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 356759
Kern Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 345533
Kerr Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR25 903885
Kew Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 362513
Keyes Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 385598
Kikiwa Locality NZTopo50-BR25 897865
Kikiwa Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR24 876875
Kiwi Locality NZTopo50-BR24 792052
Kiwi Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 349677
Kiwi Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 743953
Kiwi Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 778039
Knight Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 463514
Kōhatu Locality NZTopo50-BQ24 863111
Kurī Hill NZTopo50-BP25 975717
Lake Caslani Lake NZTopo50-BS22 389612
Lake Jeanette Lake NZTopo50-BR23 486034
Lake Matiri Lake NZTopo50-BR23 445880
Lake Rotoroa Lake NZTopo50-BS24 699668
Lake Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS22 381618
Lamb Valley Valley NZTopo50-BR24 732890
Larry Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS22 271422
Limestone Bluffs Cliff NZTopo50-BR22 378733
Little Granity Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 363628
Little Hope River River NZTopo50-BR24 734902
Long Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 737839
Long Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR25 900945
Long Gully Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR24 734761
Longford Locality NZTopo50-BR23 475735
Lookout Range Range NZTopo50-BR24 662018
Louis Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 700756
Lowther Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 001884
Maggie Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 604874
Maggie Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 771750
Mailman Hill NZTopo50-BS23 464565
Mailman Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 450567
Maitland Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 985824
Malcolm Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 854844
Mammoth Flat Flat NZTopo50-BS23 490488
Mammoth Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS23 541530
Mangles River River NZTopo50-BR23 543702
Mangles Valley Locality NZTopo50-BR23 494705
Mantell Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 389555
Māori Gully Valley NZTopo50-BQ24 766268
Marr Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 641777
Marsden Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 307401
Maruia Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BS22 379655
Maruia River River NZTopo50-BS22 326431
Maruia Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS23 414461
Mātakitaki Locality NZTopo50-BS23 451529
Mātakitaki River River NZTopo50-BS23 571503
Mātakitaki River East Branch River NZTopo50-BT24 642297
Mātakitaki River West Branch River NZTopo50-BT23 577240
Matiri Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR23 427765
Matiri River River NZTopo50-BR23 464929
Matiri River East Branch River NZTopo50-BR23 497872
Matiri River West Branch River NZTopo50-BR22 392853
Maud Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 753760
McKellar Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS23 623399
McWha Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 343549
Medlands Beach Beach NZTopo50-BP25 046701
Melville Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 821867
Meroiti Locality NZTopo50-BN23 626070
Minehaha Locality NZTopo50-BS22 354594
Miner Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 375574
Mint Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 453553
Mole Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS24 654551
Mole Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS23 621523
Mole Tops Hill NZTopo50-BS24 651534
Monahan Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 345577
Monday Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 747060
Monte Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 990899
Moss Pass Pass NZTopo50-BS24 700436
Mount Allman Hill NZTopo50-BS22 353635
Mount Baigent Hill NZTopo50-BR23 534982
Mount Baring Hill NZTopo50-BS23 593698
Mount Brown Hill NZTopo50-BS22 328659
Mount Burn Hill NZTopo50-BT23 566283
Mount Cann Hill NZTopo50-BT23 449335
Mount Cann Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 458359
Mount Cedric Hill NZTopo50-BS24 760618
Mount Cotton Hill NZTopo50-BS23 627697
Mount Crosscut Hill NZTopo50-BS22 286386
Mount Cupola Hill NZTopo50-BS24 768519
Mount Curtis Hill NZTopo50-BS22 223610
Mount Ella Hill NZTopo50-BS24 652412
Mount Ellis Hill NZTopo50-BR25 047961
Mount Franklin Hill NZTopo50-BS24 742445
Mount Glennie Hill NZTopo50-BR25 021979
Mount Harte Hill NZTopo50-BR23 529731
Mount Harvey Hill NZTopo50-BR25 001975
Mount Hope Hill NZTopo50-BR24 654875
Mount Hopeless Hill NZTopo50-BS24 784560
Mount Hutton Hill NZTopo50-BS24 687605
Mount Māhanga Hill NZTopo50-BS24 698388
Mount Maling Hill NZTopo50-BT23 538249
Mount Maling Creek Stream NZTopo50-BT23 560247
Mount Mantell Hill NZTopo50-BS23 406523
Mount Misery Hill NZTopo50-BS24 725575
Mount Murchison Hill NZTopo50-BR23 584802
Mount Newton Hill NZTopo50-BR23 401809
Mount Oliver Hill NZTopo50-BS23 439474
Mount Owen Hill NZTopo50-BR23 617999
Mount Pelion Hill NZTopo50-BS22 241489
Mount Pickering Hill NZTopo50-BS24 659692
Mount Ralph Hill NZTopo50-BS22 264437
Mount Richards Hill NZTopo50-BP25 917632
Mount Rutland Hill NZTopo50-BS22 356451
Mount Travers Hill NZTopo50-BS24 781487
Mount Victoria Hill NZTopo50-BS22 270466
Mount Watson Hill NZTopo50-BS24 648493
Mount Wynn Hill NZTopo50-BS22 213551
Mountain Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 334516
Moutere Bluff Cliff NZTopo50-BQ25 070377
Murray Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 541891
Murty Hill NZTopo50-BS23 482503
Murty Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 486507
Murty Flat Flat NZTopo50-BS23 481486
Nardoo Hill NZTopo50-BS23 555449
Nardoo Basin Basin NZTopo50-BS23 539363
Nardoo Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 571419
Neilson Flat Flat NZTopo50-BS22 364495
Nestor Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 824843
New Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 674786
Newton Flat Locality NZTopo50-BR22 300748
Newton River River NZTopo50-BR22 346801
Noels Peak Hill NZTopo50-BR23 554744
North Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 946885
Nuggety Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 604054
Nuggety Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 550779
Old Man Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 749835
Old Man of the Buller Hill NZTopo50-BS23 419555
O’Rourke Hill NZTopo50-BS23 466551
Owen Junction Locality NZTopo50-BR23 583839
Owen River River NZTopo50-BR23 610930
Owen River Locality NZTopo50-BR23 546849
Paenga Locality NZTopo50-BS22 332568
Pakihi Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 900782
Parachute Rocks Rock NZTopo50-BS25 901698
Pea Soup Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 377557
Peak Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 623480
Pedro Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 483372
Perth Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 732923
Pigeon Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 357571
Pigeon Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 604541
Pinchback Range Range NZTopo50-BR24 790984
Pinnacle Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 337451
Pisa Hill NZTopo50-BR23 623995
Plateau Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 555522
Playfair Hill NZTopo50-BS24 674652
Pollock Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 471764
Porika Knob Hill NZTopo50-BR24 715797
Porika Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR24 725781
Porter Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 986882
Porters Knob Hill NZTopo50-BR25 020870
Potberry Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 515484
Pretty Bridge Place NZTopo50-BT23 607303
Price Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 339485
Prospect Ridge Ridge NZTopo50-BS24 845664
Prospector Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 869795
Puke Hill NZTopo50-BR23 533872
Pyrites Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 327593
Railway Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BR24 719948
Rain Peak Hill NZTopo50-BR23 422881
Rainy River River NZTopo50-BR24 842845
Ralph Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 814890
Rappahannock River River NZTopo50-BS22 390363
Rappahannock Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS23 432383
Reays Hill Hill NZTopo50-BR25 927992
Reays Valley Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR25 920006
Riverside community Locality NZTopo50-BP25 996430
Robert Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 324575
Rocky Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 926817
Rocky Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR23 629809
Rocky Tor Hill NZTopo50-BR22 284813
Rotoroa Locality NZTopo50-BR24 661729
Rough and Tumble Creek Stream NZTopo50-BT23 576301
Rough’ns Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 883953
Roundell Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 908750
Ruffe Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 355531
Sabine River River NZTopo50-BS24 744539
Sabine River East Branch River NZTopo50-BS24 760447
Sabine River West Branch River NZTopo50-BS24 721465
Sailor Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 346500
Sandstone Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 577942
Sandstone Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 450837
Sandstone Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 432557
Sandy Bay Bay NZTopo50-BP25 020609
Sandy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 362473
Sandy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 934894
Scotty Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 297460
Scotty Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 460860
Scrimgeours Creek Stream NZTopo50-BN24 706988
Seventeen Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 858786
Shag Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 336426
Shale Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 464383
Shenandoah Locality NZTopo50-BS22 378648
Shenandoah River River NZTopo50-BS22 355507
Shenandoah River East Branch River NZTopo50-BS22 389495
Shenandoah River North Branch River NZTopo50-BS22 380500
Shenandoah River South Branch River NZTopo50-BS22 372484
Shenandoah Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS22 374470
Six Mile Locality NZTopo50-BS23 438639
Six Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 477580
Skeat Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 774764
Sluice Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 294516
Smith Gully Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR25 931030
Snapper Rock Rock NZTopo50-BP25 059662
Spargo Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 409447
Sphinx Hill NZTopo50-BR22 383724
Spring Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 615964
Stag Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 957860
Stags Head Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 338473
Stags Horn Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 321467
Stainart Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 442602
Station Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 760823
Station Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 551469
Station Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 783821
Stephens Bay Locality NZTopo50-BP25 014559
Stink Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 745056
Stockyard Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 358744
Straight Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 389670
Sunday Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 759036
Sunset Valley Stream NZTopo50-BT23 558271
Swamp Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 337507
Swampy Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS24 737687
Swampy Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR24 824853
Swan Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 357737
Tableland Hill NZTopo50-BP25 955721
Tadmor River River NZTopo50-BR24 778102
Tadmor Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BR24 722952
Taylor Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS22 399592
Te Hapū Place NZTopo50-BN23 560037
Te Pātītī Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR23 599751
Te Wīriki Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR23 613716
Teal Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 723869
Ted Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 819927
Teetotal Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 826766
Ten Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 440583
Ten-bob-a-day Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 356722
The Dreadnought Range NZTopo50-BS23 430415
The Forks Place NZTopo50-BR24 847826
The Haystack Hill NZTopo50-BR23 439988
Thistle Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 413358
Thompson Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 839930
Thompson Pass Pass NZTopo50-BS24 699361
Thomson Hill NZTopo50-BS23 569574
Three Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 650976
Three Peaks Hill NZTopo50-BS23 605594
Three Peaks Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS23 603584
Three Sisters Peaks NZTopo50-BS23 520523
Tier Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS24 748675
Tīraumea River River NZTopo50-BS23 602627
Tīraumea Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS24 686590
Tophouse Locality NZTopo50-BR25 918765
Tōtaranui Hill NZTopo50-BN25 010819
Travers Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BS24 799515
Travers River River NZTopo50-BS24 826559
Trent Peak Hill NZTopo50-BR23 528969
Trent Stream Stream NZTopo50-BR23 519984
Tūī Locality NZTopo50-BR24 771010
Tunnicliff Forest Forest NZTopo50-BQ25 993126
Turntable Hill NZTopo50-BP25 991720
Tūtaki Locality NZTopo50-BS23 565693
Tūtaki River River NZTopo50-BS23 556667
Tūtaki River East Branch River NZTopo50-BS23 589585
Tūtaki River West Branch River NZTopo50-BS23 546582
Twins Hill NZTopo50-BR23 634730
Two Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 584847
Two Mile Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR25 910823
Uno Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 617964
Upper Mātakitaki Locality NZTopo50-BS23 474483
Upper Moutere Locality NZTopo50-BQ25 005312
Valley Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 471839
Victoria Range Range NZTopo50-BS22 248488
Vincent Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 350580
Vosper Creek Stream NZTopo50-BP24 813494
Waiharakeke Bay Hill NZTopo50-BP25 014774
Wairoa River North Branch River NZTopo50-BN24 674025
Wairoa River South Branch River NZTopo50-BN24 663014
Waitahu Saddle Pass NZTopo50-BS22 278413
Wakamarama Range Range NZTopo50-BN23 576863
Warbeck Stream Stream NZTopo50-BS23 433478
Wards Pass Pass NZTopo50-BR25 094936
Warwick Junction Locality NZTopo50-BS22 370351
Warwick River River NZTopo50-BS22 379436
Washout Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR24 645839
Waterfall Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 337708
Waterfall Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 344565
Waterfalls Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 427380
Watson Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 619493
West Bay Bay NZTopo50-BR24 857718
Whale Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 340750
Whale Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 433545
Wheel Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS22 294418
Wheeler Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 496469
Whisky Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS24 851676
Whisky Falls Waterfall NZTopo50-BS24 857671
White Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR22 335773
Windfall Flat Flat NZTopo50-BS23 602463
Wood Gully Valley NZTopo50-BR25 882982
Woodcock Creek Stream NZTopo50-BS23 452693
Zealandia Creek Stream NZTopo50-BR23 612953

Dated at Wellington this 27th day of May 2021.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.