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Land Notices
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Corrigendum—Notice of Valid Antarctic Names

In the notice with the above heading, published in the New Zealand Gazette, 11 May 2012, No. 53, page 1477:

For Baldwin Glacier replace

“85°06′S 177°10’E” with “85.07912°S 177.75132°W”, and

For Breached Cone

delete the whole row, and

For Clarke Glacier replace

“75°24′S 162°05’E” with “75.56838°S 162.14336°E”, and

For David Cauldron replace

“Peak” with “Icefalls” and “75°20′S 160°50’E” with “75.31963°S 160.84476°E”, and

For Discovery Inlet replace

“Inlet” with “Historic Antarctic”, and

For Don Pedro Christophersen Mount replace

“Don Pedro Christophersen Mount” with “Mount Don Pedro Christophersen” and replace “85°32′S 165°47’W” with “85.52554°S 165.7392°W”, and

For DUrville Wall replace

“DUrville Wall” with “D’Urville Wall”, and

For Dyke Mountain

delete the whole row, and

For Exposure Hills replace

“Exposure Hills” with “Exposure Hill” and replace “Hills” with “Hill” and replace “73°32′S 162°43’E” with “73.54107°S 162.71391°E”, and

For Geikie Glacier replace

“Geikie Glacier” with “Geikie Inlet” and replace “75°33′S 163°00’E” with “75.47618°S 162.97853°E”, and

For James Ross Island

delete the whole row, and

For Lands End replace

“Point” with “Place” and replace “77°38′38.814″S 166°32′36.610″E” with “77.63941°S 166.5196°E”, and

For Lowery Glacier replace

“82°35′S 162°15′E” with “82.94648°S 163.74663°E”, and

For Mount Beck

delete the whole row,

For Mount Fridtjof Nanson replace

“Mount Fridtjof Nanson” with “Mount Fridtjof Nansen” and replace “85°21′S 167°33′W” with “85.34681°S 167.55628°W”, and

For Mount Helen Washington replace

“Mount Helen Washington” with “Washington Ridge” and replace “Mountain” with “Ridge” and replace “78°05′S 155°15′W” with “78.11789°S 155.19626°W”, and

For Mount Kostka replace

“70°42′S 164°49′E” with “70.69648°S 164.81482°E”, and

For Névé Nunatak replace

“78°17′56.414″S 161°00′06.061″E” with “78.28235°S 160.80445°E”, and

For Pennell Bank

delete the whole row, and

For Pillar replace

“77°34′47.292″S 166°17′05.069″E” with “77.5803°S 166.25032°E”, and

For Sequence Hill replace

“Sequence Hill” with “Sequence Hills”, and

For Slickenside Face replace

“77°40′S 106°44’E” with “77.66635°S 166.78127°E”, and

For The Decanter replace

“Mountain” with “Rock” and replace “77°41′30.733″S 166°22′58.093″E” with “77.69093°S 166.37787°E”, and

For Three Sisters Cone replace

“Three Sisters Cone” with “Three Sisters Cones” and replace “Peak” with “Peaks”, and

For Tryggve Point replace

“77°39′38.525″S 166°42′18.890″E” with “77.65677°S 166.72741°E”.

Dated at Wellington this 24th day of May 2018.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.