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Notice of Valid Antarctic Names
Pursuant to section 35(3) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Nga Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 (the Act), notice
is hereby given of the following 1660 names that have been assigned to, or altered for, geographic features in Antarctica
(as that term is defined in section 4 of the Act) that have been validated in terms of section 35(2) of the Act, but which have
not previously been gazetted. These Antarctic names are deemed official geographic names and are valid as if they had
been assigned or altered in accordance with the Act. For more information about Antarctic naming, visit
Antarctic Name Geographic Feature Type Approximate Position
Latitude Longitude
Abbott Peak Peak 77°25?43.072?S 167°01?31.646?E
Adams Glacier Glacier 78°06?42.680?S 163°38?17.423?E
Adams Mountains Mountains 84°30?S 166°20?E
Adams Peak Peak 81°38?S 160°04?E
Admiralty Mountains Mountains 71°45?S 168°30?E
Aeronaut Glacier Glacier 73°16?S 163°36?E
Airdevronsix Icefalls Icefalls 77°31?S 160°22?E
Airdrop Peak Peak 83°45?S 172°45?E
Alamein Range Range 72°05?S 163°30?E
Alatna Valley Valley 76°53?S 161°10?E
Alb Valley Valley 74°47?S 163°46?E
Albanus Glacier Glacier 85°52?S 151°00?W
Albrecht Penck Glacier Glacier 76°40?S 162°20?E
Alexander Hill Hill 77°16?29.710?S 166°23?32.052?E
Alexandra Mountains Mountains 77°25?S 153°30?W
Alga Lakes Lakes 71°10?S 161°50?E
Alice Glacier Glacier 83°58?S 170°00?E
Allegro Valley Valley 71°18?S 160°10?E
Allison Glacier Glacier 78°16?00.098?S 161°54?59.854?E
Almond Ridge/Hill 78°19?23.135?S 163°27?28.178?E
Alph Lake Lake 78°11?54.017?S 163°41?59.331?E
Alph River River 78°12?19.239?S 163°35?35.677?E
Alpha Bluff Bluff 78°52?S 162°29?E
Alt Glacier Glacier 71°06?S 162°31?E
Altar Mountain Mountain 77°53?31.529?S 160°52?33.599?E
Alvarez Glacier Glacier 70°53?S 162°20?E
Amphibole Peak Peak 84°44?S 173°26?W
Amundsen Arm Arm 78°30?S 164°00?W
Amundsen Coast Coast 85°30?S 162°00?W
Amundsen Glacier Glacier 85°35?S 159°00?W
Anare Mountains Mountains 70°55?S 166°00?E
Anchor Peak Peak 77°00?S 171°00?E
Anderson Heights Heights 84°49?S 178°15?W
Anderson Icefalls Icefalls 71°21?S 169°00?E
Andrews Ridge Ridge 77°39?00.066?S 162°50?01.250?E
Ant Hill Hill 78°47?S 161°27?E
Ant Hill Glacier Glacier 78°49?S 161°30?E
Apocalypse Peaks Peaks 77°23?00.261?S 160°50?59.738?E
Arai Terraces Terraces 83°12?S 163°36?E
Arena Valley Valley 77°50?S 160°59?E
Argonaut Glacier Glacier 73°13?S 166°42?E
Armitage Saddle Saddle 78°08?31.974?S 163°18?09.280?E
Arneb Glacier Glacier 72°25?S 170°02?E
Arrival Bay Bay 77°33?16.672?S 166°10?14.576?E
Arrival Heights Heights 77°49?23.587?S 166°39?38.845?E
Arruiz Glacier Glacier 70°39?S 162°09?E
Arthurson Bluff Bluff 70°45?S 166°05?E
Asgard Range Range 77°37?S 161°30?E
Astapenko Glacier Glacier 70°40?S 163°00?E
Astronaut Glacier Glacier 73°05?S 164°05?E
Atka Glacier Glacier 76°41?S 161°33?E
Atkinson Cliffs Cliffs 71°18?S 168°55?E
Aurora Glacier Glacier 77°37?S 167°38?E
Auster Pass Pass 78°18?18.016?S 162°38?41.674?E
Austin Peak Peak 71°37?S 165°29?E
Avalanche Bay Bay 77°01?S 162°44?E
Aviator Glacier Glacier 73°50?S 165°03?E
Aviator Nunatak Nunatak 85°11?S 168°58?W
Axel Heiberg Glacier Glacier 85°25?S 163°00?W
Aztec Mountain Mountain 77°48?08.339?S 160°33?9.176?E
Backdoor Bay Bay 77°33?15.935?S 166°11?26.079?E
Backstairs Passage Glacier Glacier 75°02?S 162°36?E
Bad Lands Area 78°30?S 164°00?W
Baldwin Glacier Glacier 85°06?S 177°10?E
Baldwin Valley Valley 77°18?S 162°20?E
Balham Valley Valley 77°25?00.115?S 161°01?00.158?E
Ballance Peak Peak 76°46?S 159°29?E
Ballard Spur Spur 82°08?S 163°40?E
Balleny Islands Islands 66°55?S 163°20?E
Banded Peak Peak 85°03?S 166°05?W
Bareface Bluff Bluff 78°50?S 161°40?E
Barne Glacier Glacier 77°36?S 166°26?E
Barne Inlet Inlet 80°15?S 160°15?E
Barnett Glacier Glacier 70°59?S 167°30?E
Barnum Trail Path 78°30?S 164°00?W
Baronick Glacier Glacier 78°36?S 161°50?E
Barracouta Ridge Ridge 85°20?S 166°35?W
Barren Bluff Bluff 73°04?S 161°18?E
Barrier Cache Cache 78°30?S 164°00?W
Barrier Slope Slope 77°47?51.444?S 166°46?21.224?E
Bartley Glacier Glacier 77°32?S 162°13?E
Bartrum Plateau Plateau 79°44?S 158°44?E
Barwick Valley Valley 77°20?36.106?S 160°57?17.373?E
Basin Lake Lake 76°09?S 161°55?E
Bay of Sails Bay 77°21?S 163°34?E
Bay of Seals Bay 78°00?S 158°00?W
Bay of Whales Bay 78°30?S 164°20?W
Beacon Heights Heights 77°50?21.008?S 160°50?48.281?E
Beacon Valley Valley 77°49?S 160°39?E
Beale Pinnacle Pinnacle 66°36?S 162°45?E
Beaman Glacier Glacier 70°58?S 164°38?E
Beardmore Glacier Glacier 83°45?S 171°00?E
Beaufort Island Island 76°57?15.348?S 166°57?05.653?E
Beaumont Bay Bay 81°31?S 161°22?E
Beaver Glacier Glacier 83°24?S 169°30?E
Beckett Nunatak Nunatak 76°02?S 160°11?E
Beehive Mountain Mountain 77°39?20.665?S 160°34?42.057?E
Belousov Point Point 69°51?S 160°20?E
Bennett Platform Platform 85°13?S 177°50?W
Benson Glacier Glacier 76°49?S 162°12?E
Berg Bay Bay 71°27?S 169°27?E
Berg Peak Peak 71°32?S 161°47?E
Bernacchi Head Head 76°08?S 168°20?E
Berwick Glacier Glacier 84°36?S 165°45?E
Beta Peak Peak 75°51?S 160°06?E
Bettle Peak Peak 77°47?08.506?S 163°31?39.078?E
Big Razorback Island Island 77°40?59.688?S 166°30?24.424?E
Bigend Saddle Saddle 85°12?S 163°50?W
Bingley Glacier Glacier 84°29?S 167°10?E
Bird Peninsula Peninsula 77°09?S 166°38?E
Biretta Peak Peak 73°04?S 163°12?E
Birthday Point Point 71°26?S 169°24?E
Biscuit Depot Depot 77°50?S 166°45?E
Biscuit Step Glacier 72°22?S 168°30?E
Bishop Peak Peak 78°09?34.232?S 162°10?31.128?E
Black Bluff Bluff 73°17?S 168°55?E
Black Cap Cliff 78°59?53.092?S 161°50?49.589?E
Black Glacier Glacier 71°40?S 164°42?E
Black Island Island 78°12?S 166°25?E
Black Pudding Peak Peak 76°50?16.183?S 161°44?45.510?E
Black Ridge Ridge 74°24?S 163°36?E
Blacksand Beach Beach 77°33?1.556?S 166°08?58.959?E
Blackwelder Glacier Glacier 77°56?5.039?S 164°11?4.249?E
Blizzard Peak Peak 84°38?S 164°08?E
Block Peak Peak 85°41?S 176°13?E
Blue Glacier Glacier 77°50?S 164°10?E
Blue Lake Lake 77°32?38.003?S 166°10?46.313?E
Bol Glacier Glacier 77°52?S 162°34?E
Bomb Peak Peak 77°30?59.776?S 169°11?20.153?E
Bonney Riegel Rock 77°43?06.317?S 162°20?36.386?E
Boomerang Glacier Glacier 74°33?S 163°54?E
Borchgrevink Coast Coast 73°00?S 168°30?E
Borchgrevink Glacier Glacier 73°04?S 168°30?E
Bornmann Glacier Glacier 72°20?S 170°13?E
Borns Glacier Glacier 77°47?00.798?S 162°02?12.920?E
Borradaile Island Island 66°35?S 162°45?E
Boss Peak Peak 71°52?S 166°15?E
Botany Bay Bay 77°00?09.904?S 162°34?53.916?E
Boulder Rock Rock 71°19?S 170°13?E
Bowden Névé Névé 83°30?S 165°00?E
Bowers Glacier Glacier 72°37?S 169°03?E
Bowers Mountains Mountains 71°10?S 163°15?E
Bowers Peak Peak 71°45?S 163°20?E
Bowers Piedmont Glacier Piedmont Glacier 77°43?S 164°18?E
Bratina Island Island 78°01?S 165°32?E
Bravo Hills Hills 84°41?S 171°00?W
Breached Cone Hill 77°47?40.292?S 166°47?07.077?E
Breckinridge Peak Peak 78°04?S 155°07?W
Bridge Pass Pass 81°46?S 160°42?E
Bridgman Glacier Glacier 72°23?S 170°05?E
Briggs Hill Hill 77°49?39.721?S 163°01?07.008?E
Britannia Range Range 80°05?S 158°00?E
Brown Peak Peak 67°25?S 164°35?E
Brown Peninsula Peninsula 78°06?S 165°25?E
Bruce Point Point 76°08?S 162°26?E
Buckle Island Island 66°50?S 163°12?E
Buckley Island Island 84°57?S 164°00?E
Bull Pass Pass 77°27?10.216?S 161°43?27.406?E
Bunker Cwm Cwm 83°10?S 165°00E?
Burnette Glacier Glacier 72°01?S 170°03?E
Bush Mountains Mountains 84°57?S 179°30?E
Buskirk Bluffs Bluffs 70°47?S 165°39?E
Butter Point Point 77°39?10.201?S 164°12?52.684?E
Buttress Peak Peak 72°26?S 163°45?E
Bypass Hill Hill 72°28?S 168°28?E
Byrd Glacier Glacier 80°20?S 159°00?E
Cadwalader Beach Beach 76°58?S 166°53?E
Calf Point Point 71°30?S 169°45?E
Calkin Glacier Glacier 77°46?S 162°17?E
Cambrian Bluff Bluff 82°52?S 160°33?E
Cambridge Glacier Glacier 76°57?S 160°31?E
Camels Hump Hill 77°55?10.790?S 162°34?5.252?E
Camp Ridge Ridge 72°03?S 165°12?E
Campbell Cliffs Cliffs 84°46?S 174°55?E
Campbell Glacier Glacier 74°25?S 164°22?E
Canada Glacier Glacier 77°37?S 162°59?E
Canham Glacier Glacier 71°49?S 163°00?E
Canopy Cliffs Cliffs 84°00?S 160°00?E
Canyon Glacier Glacier 83°57?S 175°25?E
Cape Adare Cape 71°17?S 170°14?E
Cape Allen Cape 83°33?S 171°00?E
Cape Anne Cape 73°37?S 169°51?E
Cape Archer Cape 76°51?S 162°52?E
Cape Armitage Cape 77°51?34.002?S 166°41?24.384?E
Cape Barne Cape 77°34?47.511?S 166°15?5.602?E
Cape Barrow Cape 71°22?S 169°17?E
Cape Beale Cape 66°35?S 162°45?E
Cape Beck Cape 78°18?S 166°16?E
Cape Bernacchi Cape 77°29?08.039?S 163°51?22.521?E
Cape Birchall Cape 78°30?S 164°00?W
Cape Bird Cape 77°09?47.476?S 166°41?38.495?E
Cape Canwe Cape 74°43?S 163°41?E
Cape Cheetham Cape 70°18?S 162°42?E
Cape Chocolate Cape 77°56?14.684?S 164°34?21.407?E
Cape Christie Cape 72°18?S 170°01?E
Cape Colbeck Cape 77°07?S 157°54?W
Cape Confusion Cape 74°50?S 163°50?E
Cape Cornely Cape 76°14?S 162°45?E
Cape Cornish Cape 66°43?S 163°05?E
Cape Crozier Cape 77°30?13.542?S 169°21?50.481?E
Cape Cuff Cape 76°59?19.036?S 162°21?29.989?E
Cape Daniell Cape 72°43?S 169°55?E
Cape Day Cape 76°18?S 162°46?E
Cape Dayman Cape 70°46?S 167°24?E
Cape Douglas Cape 80°55?S 160°52?E
Cape Dunlop Cape 77°14?27.114?S 163°27?38.136?E
Cape Ellsworth Cape 66°17?S 162°18?E
Cape Evans Cape 77°38?18.938?S 166°24?53.150?E
Cape Frances Cape 67°30?S 164°45?E
Cape Freeman Cape 67°20?S 164°35?E
Cape Geology Cape 77°00?11.901?S 162°32?58.577?E
Cape Goldie Cape 82°38?S 165°54?E
Cape Goldschmidt Cape 80°41?S 161°12?E
Cape Hallett Cape 72°19?S 170°16?E
Cape Hickey Cape 76°05?S 162°38?E
Cape Hodgson Cape 78°07?S 166°05?E
Cape Hooker Cape 70°38?S 166°45?E
Cape Huinga Cape 82°31?S 165°10?E
Cape Irizar Cape 75°33?S 162°57?E
Cape John Rodgers Cape 78°30?S 164°00?W
Cape Johnson Cape 74°04?S 165°09?E
Cape Jones Cape 73°17?S 169°13?E
Cape Kerr Cape 80°03?S 160°26?E
Cape Kl"vstad Cape 71°39?S 170°06?E
Cape Laird Cape 81°41?S 162°27?E
Cape Lankester Cape 79°16?S 160°29?E
Cape Lawrance Cape 78°30?S 164°00?W
Cape Lyttelton Cape 82°21?S 164°39?E
Cape Mackay Cape 77°42?S 168°31?E
Cape Manhue Cape 78°30?S 164°00?W
Cape Maude Cape 83°09?S 168°25?E
Cape May Cape 81°50?S 162°50?E
Cape McCormick Cape 71°50?S 170°58?E
Cape McNab Cape 66°56?S 163°14?E
Cape Moore Cape 70°56?S 167°54?E
Cape Murray Cape 79°35?S 160°11?E
Cape North Cape 70°41?S 165°48?E
Cape Oakeley Cape 71°01?S 167°54?E
Cape Parr Cape 81°14?S 161°04?E
Cape Philippi Cape 75°14?S 162°33?E
Cape Phillips Cape 73°04?S 169°36?E
Cape Reynolds Cape 75°25?S 162°34?E
Cape Roberts Cape 77°02?00.652?S 163°11?28.521?E
Cape Roget Cape 71°59?S 170°37?E
Cape Ross Cape 76°44?S 163°01?E
Cape Royds Cape 77°33?03.840?S 166°09?47.897?E
Cape Sastrugi Cape 74°37?S 163°41?E
Cape Scoresby Cape 66°34?S 162°45?E
Cape Scott Cape 71°07?S 168°05?E
Cape Selborne Cape 80°23?S 160°45?E
Cape Sibbald Cape 73°54?S 165°23?E
Cape Smyth Cape 67°37?S 164°40?E
Cape Spencer-Smith Cape 78°00?S 167°27?E
Cape Spike Cape 77°18?08.438?S 163°34?30.867?E
Cape Spirit Cape 78°12?S 166°45?E
Cape Surprise Cape 84°31?S 174°25?W
Cape Teall Cape 79°03?S 161°04?E
Cape Tennyson Cape 77°21?54.448?S 168°19?36.689?E
Cape Timberlake Cape 78°58?S 161°37?E
Cape Wadworth Cape 73°19?S 169°47?E
Cape Washington Cape 74°39?S 165°25?E
Cape Wheatstone Cape 72°37?S 170°13?E
Cape Williams Cape 70°30?S 164°09?E
Cape Wilson Cape 82°14?S 163°47?E
Cape Wood Cape 71°24?S 169°18?E
Carleton Glacier Glacier 78°01?S 162°30?E
Carlyon Glacier Glacier 79°34?S 159°50?E
Carryer Glacier Glacier 71°17?S 162°38?E
Cascade Bluff Bluff 84°57?S 178°10?W
Castle Rock Rock 77°48?3.555?S 166°46?31.021?E
Catacomb Hill Hill 78°03?37.158?S 163°25?31.937?E
Cathedral Peaks Peaks 84°44?S 175°40?W
Cathedral Rocks Rocks 77°51?S 162°30?E
Catspaw Glacier Glacier 77°42?49.374?S 161°42?46.880?E
Caudal Hills Hills 73°10?S 161°50?E
Caughley Beach Beach 77°13?17.634?S 166°25?30.419?E
Cavendish Icefalls Icefalls 77°49?S 161°20?E
Cavendish Rocks Rocks 77°49?51.468?S 161°24?25.690?E
Celebration Pass Pass 83°59?S 172°30?E
Cenotaph Hill Hill 85°13?S 167°12?W
Centaur Bluff Bluff 81°50?S 160°30?W
Chamberlin Harbour Harbour 78°30?S 164°00?W
Chancellor Lakes Lakes 78°12?24.503?S 163°17?31.199?E
Chaplains Tableland Tableland/Flat 78°00?59.970?S 162°38?59.830?E
Chapman Glacier Glacier 70°43?S 166°24?E
Charcot Cove Cove 76°07?S 162°24?E
Charybdis Icefalls Icefalls 70°51?S 161°10?E
Chasm Chasm/Gorge 80°20?S 160°50?E
Chattahoochee Glacier Glacier 76°34?S 160°42?E
Cheetham Ice Tongue Ice Tongue 75°45?S 162°55?E
Cherry Glacier Glacier 84°30?S 167°10?E
Cherry Icefall Icefall 84°27?S 167°40?E
Chocolate Step Step/Icefall 71°50?S 167°00?E
Chugunov Glacier Glacier 70°43?S 163°09?E
Cinder Hill Hill 77°16?18.653?S 166°24?54.901?E
Cirque Peak Peak 72°11?S 165°28?E
Clare Range Range 77°10?S 161°10?E
Clark Glacier Glacier 77°25?S 162°25?E
Clark Spur Spur 84°47?S 169°12?W
Clarke Glacier Glacier 75°24?S 162°05?E
Clarkson Peak Peak 83°19?S 164°34?E
Claydon Peak Peak 83°25?S 162°03?E
Clear Lake Lake 77°32?29.098?S 166°09?33.084?E
Cleft Peak Peak 83°55?S 173°34?E
Clem Nunatak Nunatak 78°31?S 160°40?E
Cleveland Glacier Glacier 76°55?S 162°01?E
Clinker Bluff Bluff 78°31?S 161°35?E
Coalsack Bluff Bluff 84°14?S 162°25?E
Coast Lake Lake 77°32?33.922?S 166°08?57.013?E
Cocks Glacier Glacier 78°41?S 162°00?E
Cohen Glacier Glacier 85°12?S 164°14?W
Colbeck Bay Bay 71°38?S 170°05?E
Commonwealth Glacier Glacier 77°35?S 163°19?E
Commonwealth Range Range 84°15?S 172°20?E
Commonwealth Stream Stream 77°35?22.862?S 163°27?32.391?E
Concord Mountains Mountains 71°35?S 165°10?E
Condit Glacier Glacier 77°52?S 162°48?E
Cone Hill Hill 77°46?28.274?S 166°51?42.089?E
Conical Hill Hill 77°38?28.159?S 168°34?26.914?E
Conspicuous Rock Rock 77°38?24.203?S 166°28?34.836?E
Constellation Dome Dome 81°06?S 160°13?E
Construction Point Point 72°19?S 170°13?E
Convoy Range Range 76°47?S 160°45?E
Coombs Hills Hills 76°47?S 160°00?E
Cooper Bluffs Bluffs 70°39?S 164°56?E
Cooper Glacier Glacier 85°30?S 164°30?W
Cooper Icefalls Icefalls 82°31?S 160°00?E
Co-Pilot Glacier Glacier 73°11?S 164°22?E
Copper Cove Cove 72°09?S 170°00?E
Coral Sea Glacier Glacier 72°33?S 168°27?E
Corner Camp Camp 78°02?S 169°00?E
Corner Glacier Glacier 74°27?S 163°40?E
Cornerpost Peak Peak 71°57?S 164°40?E
Cornwall Glacier Glacier 83°04?S 162°20?E
Cosmonaut Glacier Glacier 73°26?S 164°30?E
Cosmonette Glacier Glacier 73°37?S 164°51?E
Cotter Cliffs Cliffs 72°28?S 170°18?E
Cotton Glacier Glacier 77°07?S 161°40?E
Cotton Plateau Plateau 82°54?S 159°40?E
Coulman Island Island 73°28?S 169°45?E
Couloir Cliffs Cliffs 77°01?S 162°48?E
Couzens Bay Bay 80°35?S 160°30?E
Cranfield Peak Peak 83°38?S 160°54?E
Crash Nunatak Nunatak 75°47?S 160°38?E
Crater Cirque Cirque 72°38?S 169°22?E
Crater Hill Hill 77°50?S 166°43?E
Crescent Bay Bay 71°37?S 170°04?E
Crescent Glacier Glacier 77°40?S 163°14?E
Crisp Glacier Glacier 77°12?S 162°12?E
Croll Glacier Glacier 72°29?S 167°18?E
Crosscut Peak Peak 72°22?S 166°19?E
Cumulus Hills Hills 85°20?S 175°00?W
Curtis Peaks Peaks 84°56?S 169°36?W
DUrville Wall Wall/Cliff 75°16?S 162°13?E
Dailey Islands Islands 77°53?S 165°06?E
Dais Flat 77°33?S 161°16?E
Dakota Pass Pass 83°50?S 160°35?E
Dale Glacier Glacier 78°16?59.975?S 162°02?00.248?E
Danger Slopes Slopes 77°49?4.567?S 166°39?47.327?E
Daniell Peninsula Peninsula 72°50?S 169°35?E
Daniels Range Range 71°15?S 160°00?E
Darkowski Glacier Glacier 77°52?S 162°25?E
Darwin Glacier Glacier 79°54?32.513?S 158°54?55.186?E
David Cauldron Peak 75°20?S 160°50?E
David Glacier Glacier 75°19?S 162°00?E
DeAngelo Glacier Glacier 71°54?S 170°10?E
Debenham Glacier Glacier 77°10?S 162°38?E
Deep Lake Lake 77°34?23.290?S 166°15?05.542?E
Deep Snow Valley Valley 77°35?S 166°13?E
DeGanahl Glacier Glacier 85°13?S 170°35?W
Dellbridge Islands Islands 77°40?S 166°25?E
Delta Bluff Bluff 78°41?S 161°22?E
Delta Glacier Glacier 78°42?S 161°20?S
Delta Stream Stream 77°38?S 163°7?E
Den Hartog Peak Peak 84°20?S 178°52?E
Dennistoun Glacier Glacier 71°11?S 168°00?E
Denton Glacier Glacier 77°29?S 162°36?E
Depot Island Island 76°42?S 162°58?E
Depot Nunatak Nunatak 77°44?55.292?S 160°03?07.225?E
Derrick Point Point 77°33?10.675?S 166°10?30.770?E
Descent Cliff Cliff 77°42?59.529?S 166°53?52.836?E
Descent Pass Pass 77°51?26.704?S 163°00?25.125?E
Detour Nunatak Nunatak 77°08?S 160°55?E
Deverall Island Island 81°28?S 161°54?E
Devils Glacier Glacier 86°23?S 165°00?W
Devils Punchbowl Basin 77°01?S 162°24?E
Devils Ridge Ridge 77°01?21.597?S 162°21?02.059?E
Devils Thumb Pillar/Rock 77°01?29.375?S 162°21?53.601?E
Dewdrop Glacier Glacier 77°01?02.461?S 162°21?25.915?E
Dilemma Glacier Glacier 78°45?S 161°25?E
Discovery Bluff Bluff 77°00?18.525?S 162°38?53.159?E
Discovery Inlet Inlet 78°20?S 171°00?W
Dismal Buttress Buttress 85°27?S 178°42?W
Dismal Ridge Ridge 78°16?59.297?S 162°49?31.308?E
Dolphin Spur Spur 84°12?S 172°48?E
Dome Nunatak Nunatak 77°00?43.905?S 161°26?19.584?E
Dominion Range Range 85°20?S 166°30?E
Don Juan Pond Pond 77°33?51.397?S 161°11?02.995?E
Don Pedro Christophersen Mount Mountain 85°32?S 165°47?W
Dotson Ridge Ridge 76°45?42.549?S 161°25?08.254?E
Double Curtain Glacier Glacier 77°39?S 163°31?E
Doublefinger Peak Peak 76°53?29.180?S 162°14?50.830?E
Doubtful Island Island 77°44?S 166°10?E
Downshire Cliffs Cliffs 71°37?S 170°36?E
Dreikanter Head Head 76°53?S 162°30?E
Dromedary Glacier Glacier 78°18?S 163°10?E
Drygalski Ice Tongue Ice Tongue 75°24?S 163°30?E
Dudley Head Head 84°18?S 172°15?E
Dufek Coast Coast 84°30?S 179°00?W
Dugdale Glacier Glacier 71°38?S 169°50?E
Duke of York Island Island 71°38?S 170°04?E
Dun Glacier Glacier 77°48?S 162°14?E
Duncan Mountains Mountains 85°02?S 166°00?W
Dunedin Range Range 71°24?S 167°54?E
Dunlop Island Island 77°14?S 163°30?E
Dunraven Rocks Rocks 71°34?S 170°13?E
Dwyer Escarpment Escarpment 70°38?S 165°24?E
Dyke Mountain Mountain 78°20?05.062?S 163°17?53.296?E
Eady Ice Piedmont Ice Piedmont 78°31?S 165°20?E
East Beacon Peak 77°50?12.501?S 160°53?49.036?E
East Peak Peak 77°39?32.730?S 166°22?51.600?E
East Quartzite Range Range 72°00?S 165°05?E
Eastface Nunatak Nunatak 78°42?S 163°38?E
Eastwind Ridge Ridge 76°37?23.012?S 160°40?4.314?E
Ebbe Glacier Glacier 71°03?S 164°45?E
Ebony Ridge Ridge 83°46?S 172°46?E
Edisto Glacier Glacier 72°27?S 169°53?E
Edisto Inlet Inlet 72°20?S 170°05?E
Edward VII Peninsula Peninsula 77°40?S 155°00?W
Egeberg Glacier Glacier 71°34?S 169°50?E
Eliza Cone Rock 66°56?S 163°12?E
Elkhorn Ridge Ridge 76°40?25.715?S 161°06?25.822?E
Emlen Peaks Peaks 71°54?S 160°35?E
Emmanuel Glacier Glacier 77°54?S 162°05?E
Erebus Bay Bay 77°43?00.440?S 166°29?05.266?E
Erebus Glacier Tongue Glacier Tongue 77°42?S 166°40?E
Errant Glacier Glacier 82°21?S 160°58?E
Eskimo Point Point 74°17?S 162°33?E
Evans Cove Cove 74°53?S 163°48?E
Evans Glacier Glacier 83°47?S 170°00?E
Evans Névé Névé 72°45?S 164°30?E
Evans Piedmont Glacier Piedmont Glacier 76°44?S 162°40?E
Everett Range Range 71°20?S 165°40?E
Evteev Glacier Glacier 78°57?S 161°12?E
Explorers Range Range 70°50?S 162°45?E
Exposure Hills Hills 73°32?S 162°43?E
Fang Glacier Glacier 77°29?S 167°06?E
Fang Ridge Ridge 77°29?03.569?S 167°11?46.343?E
Farewell Mountain Mountain 72°45?S 160°30?E
Farnell Valley Valley 77°52?55.856?S 160°39?53.427?E
Faulkner Escarpment Escarpment 86°12?S 156°00?W
Felsite Island Island 72°26?S 169°49?E
Ferrar Glacier Glacier 77°52?26.925?S 161°54?25.072?E
Finger Mountain Mountain 77°44?20.621?S 160°40?47.307?E
Finger Point Point 77°00?11.754?S 162°25?38.183?E
First Crater Crater 77°49?59.027?S 166°39?16.972?E
First View Point Point 77°01?07.919?S 163°03?32.094?E
Fishtail Point Point 78°57?S 162°36?E
Fitch Glacier Glacier 72°01?S 168°07?E
Fitzgerald Glacier Glacier 77°49?18.000?S 160°08?49.000?E
Fitzgerald Hill Hill 77°16?S 166°25?E
Fitzgerald Stream Stream 77°15?00.571?S 166°22?24.066?E
Flagship Mountain Mountain 76°43?20.759?S 161°29?55.876?E
Flagstaff Hill 77°41?05.033?S 166°22?45.781?E
Flagstaff Point Point 77°33?21.200?S 166°09?59.534?E
Flat Island Island 71°24?S 169°18?E
Flat Top Ridge 84°42?S 172°50?E
Flensing Icefall Icefall 70°55?S 163°44?E
Fluted Peak Peak 85°37?S 176°40?W
Foolsmate Glacier Glacier 74°01?S 161°55?E
Football Mountain Mountain 72°31?S 169°42?E
Football Saddle Pass 72°31?S 169°46?E
Ford Peak Peak 75°43?S 160°27?E
Ford Rock Rock 77°45?41.507?S 166°53?50.614?E
Ford Spur Spur 84°51?S 173°50?E
Fortress Rocks Rocks 77°50?37.294?S 166°41?28.985?E
Foster Glacier Glacier 78°24?S 162°50?E
Four Ramps Ridges 84°42?S 177°35?E
Framheim Camp 78°30?S 164°00?W
Frank Newnes Glacier Glacier 71°28?S 169°19?E
Franklin Island Island 76°05?S 168°19?E
Frazier Glacier Glacier 77°05?S 161°25?E
Frecker Ridge Ridge 70°49?S 166°13?E
Freeman Peak Peak 66°25?S 162°30?E
Freimanis Glacier Glacier 72°05?S 168°15?E
Freyberg Mountains Mountains 72°15?S 163°45?E
Frigate Range Range 82°48?S 162°20?E
Frolov Ridge Ridge 70°45?S 162°09?E
Front Door Bay Bay 77°33?13.708?S 166°09?24.217?E
Frontier Mountain Mountain 72°59?S 160°20?E
Fry Glacier Glacier 76°35?55.499?S 161°32?29.833?E
Fry Saddle Saddle 76°31?53.148?S 161°04?59.178?E
Gabbro Hills Hills 84°42?S 173°00?W
Gair Glacier Glacier 73°03?S 166°32?E
Gair Tableland Tableland 73°28?S 162°52?E
Galatos Peak Peak 71°58?S 163°43?E
Gallipoli Heights Heights 72°26?S 163°48?E
Garden Spur Spur 84°33?S 174°45W?
Garrard Glacier Glacier 84°07?S 169°35?E
Garwood Glacier Glacier 78°01?S 163°57?E
Gateway Nunatak Nunatak 77°01?S 160°15?E
Gawn Ice Piedmont Ice Piedmont 79°58?S 160°12?E
Geikie Glacier Glacier 75°33?S 163°00?E
Geikie Ridge Ridge 71°44?S 169°36?E
Gemini Nunataks Nunataks 84°42?S 176°38?W
Gertrude Rock Rock 71°17.35?S 170°13.2?E
Gibson Spur Spur 77°20?S 160°40?E
Gjelsvik Peak Peak 85°19?S 168°00?W
Glee Glacier Glacier 78°16?S 163°00?E
Glimpse Glacier Glacier 78°16?S 162°46?E
Gneiss Point Point 77°24?S 163°44?E
Goat Mountain Mountain 77°54?29.821?S 163°48?52.051?E
Goldman Glacier Glacier 77°42?S 162°51?E
Gondola Ridge Ridge 77°01?S 161°45?E
Gonville and Caius Range Range 77°07?S 162°15?E
Good Glacier Glacier 84°12?S 177°50?E
Goodspeed Glacier Glacier 77°29?38.546?S 162°27?20.130?E
Gothic Peak Peak 72°01?S 164°48?E
Gough Glacier Glacier 84°40?S 171°30?W
Gould Coast Coast 84°30?S 150°00?W
Gran Glacier Glacier 76°56?S 161°14?E
Granite Harbour Harbour 76°53?S 162°44?E
Granite Knolls Knolls 77°52?49.325?S 163°28?16.625?E
Graphite Peak Peak 85°03?S 172°45?E
Graunch Gully Gully 72°30?S 169°45?E
Graveson Glacier Glacier 71°00?S 163°45?E
Green Lake Lake 77°32?59.802?S 166°09?16.448?E
Greenville Valley Valley 76°44?S 160°52?E
Greenwell Glacier Glacier 71°20?S 165°00?E
Greenwood Valley Valley 77°21?S 162°54?E
Gregory Bluffs Bluffs 70°44?S 165°49?E
Gregory Island Island 76°48?41.016?S 162°58?16.920?E
Gressitt Glacier Glacier 71°30?S 161°15?E
Grindley Plateau Plateau 84°09?S 166°05?E
Grosvenor Mountains Mountains 85°40?S 175°00?E
Guardian Nunatak Nunatak 83°49?S 173°14?E
Gully Bay Bay 77°38?22.123?S 166°27?06.201?E
Haffner Glacier Glacier 71°28?S 169°24?E
Haggits Pillar Pillar/Rock 67°24?S 179°55?W
Hahn Island Island 78°15?16.756?S 164°58?0.935?E
Half Century Nunatak Nunatak 85°22?S 178°50?W
Half-Ration Névé Névé 73°01?S 163°30?E
Halfway Nunatak Nunatak 78°22?57.188?S 161°02?44.635?E
Hallett Peninsula Peninsula 72°30?S 170°10?E
Hallett Station Station 72°18?S 170°18?E
Hamilton Glacier Glacier 82°40?S 160°15?E
Hansen Nunatak Nunatak 74°46?S 162°20?E
Hanson Ridge Ridge 77°17?18.026?S 163°19?26.727?E
Harbord Glacier Glacier 75°55?S 162°24?E
Hare Peak Peak 84°59?S 174°17?E
Harlin Glacier Glacier 70°53?S 160°50?E
Harrison Bluff Bluff 77°16?06.188?S 166°21?57.825?E
Harrison Stream Stream 77°16?12.623?S 166°22?27.869?E
Hart Glacier Glacier 77°30?17.032?S 162°22?48.498?E
Haynes Table Tableland 84°49?S 174°35?E
Haystack Mountain Mountain 77°02?59.523?S 162°35?18.033?E
Head Peak Peak 72°10?S 166°11?E
Heald Island Island 78°15?S 163°49?E
Heale Peak Peak 81°35?S 160°04?E
Hearfield Glacier Glacier 72°26?S 167°42?E
Heave-ho Slope Slope 72°32?S 170°10?E
Hedgehog Island Island 72°12?S 170°00?E
Hedley Glacier Glacier 77°48?45.040?S 162°08?26.032?E
Heftyes Island Island 71°59?S 171°06?E
Hells Gate Glacier 86°30?S 167°20?W
Helland-Hansen Shoulder Slope 85°26?S 168°10?W
Helliwell Hills Hills 71°50?S 161°12?E
Hells Gate Glacier 74°51?S 163°48?E
Helm Glacier Glacier 83°07?S 162°30?E
Helm Point Point 72°11?S 170°00?E
Helmet Rock Rock 71°20?S 169°10?E
Helms Bluff Bluff 78°29?S 164°25?E
Herbert Range Range 85°22?S 165°30?W
Herbertson Glacier Glacier 77°42?34.288?S 163°47?51.305?E
Hermitage Peak Peak 81°26?S 160°29?E
Hewitt Glacier Glacier 83°17?S 167°50?E
Hewson Glacier Glacier 84°12?S 169°45?E
Hidden Valley Valley 78°08?47.063?S 163°53?04.162?E
High Cliff Cliff 77°37?28.729?S 166°25?09.597?E
High Island Island 77°30?S 167°00?E
High Peak Peak 77°32?50.512?S 166°09?31.868?E
Hillary Coast Coast 79°20?S 161°00?E
Hjorth Hill Hill 77°30?57.473?S 163°37?9.149?E
Hobbs Glacier Glacier 77°54?43.400?S 164°24?3.117?E
Hobbs Peak Peak 77°52?45.698?S 163°55?12.024?E
Hobbs Stream Stream 77°55?30.418?S 164°29?41.654?E
Hobnail Peak Peak 78°32?S 161°53?E
Hogback Hill Hill 77°29?S 163°36?E
Holiday Peak Peak 78°05?53.111?S 163°37?49.462?E
Holland Range Range 83°10?S 166°00?E
Holyoake Range Range 82°13?S 160°00?E
Home Beach Beach 77°38?03.026?S 166°25?12.597?E
Home Lake Lake 77°33?12.424?S 166°09?58.911?E
Home Run Bluff Bluff 71°45?S 166°35?E
Homerun Range Range 71°40?S 166°35?E
Honeycomb Glacier Glacier 72°07?S 169°52?E
Honeycomb Ridge Ridge 72°05?S 169°58?E
Hood Glacier Glacier 83°55?S 173°10?E
Hooker Glacier Glacier 78°04?S 163°06?E
Hooper Crags Ridge 78°25?S 162°43?E
Hoopers Shoulder Peak 77°31?51.121?S 166°53?23.650?E
Horseshoe Bay Bay 77°32?S 166°12?E
Horseshoe Mountain Mountain 77°34?S 159°57?E
Howard Glacier Glacier 77°40?S 163°05?E
Howchin Glacier Glacier 78°11?51.528?S 163°23?10.681?E
Hughes Glacier Glacier 77°44?S 162°27?E
Hughes Range Range 84°30?S 175°30?E
Hump Passage Pass 85°27?S 170°12?W
Hunt Glacier Glacier 76°52?S 162°25?E
Husky Dome Peak 84°54?S 176°17?E
Husky Pass Pass 71°40?S 163°34?E
Hut Point Point 77°50?46.533?S 166°38?19.460?E
Hut Point Peninsula Peninsula 77°46?S 166°51?E
Hutton Cliffs Cliffs 77°43?58.696?S 166°51?49.644?E
Hutton Rocks Rocks 77°51?S 166°37?E
Icebreaker Glacier Glacier 73°37?S 166°10?E
Igloo Snowdrift Area 74°59?S 163°47?E
Igloo Spur Spur 77°31?50.293?S 169°17?52.197?E
Illusion Hills Hills 73°29?S 162°20?E
Inaccessible Cliffs Cliffs 82°33?S 160°48?E
Inaccessible Coast Coast 77°23?37.779?S 168°46?39.203?E
Inaccessible Island Island 77°39?33.984?S 166°21?48.071?E
Inclusion Hill Hill 77°15?04.378?S 166°25?29.478?E
Inexpressible Island Island 74°54?S 163°39?E
Inferno Peak Peak 72°07?S 165°59?E
Ingham Glacier Glacier 72°50?S 168°38?E
Inland Forts Mountain 77°38?S 161°00?E
Insel Range Range 77°24?S 161°20?E
Intention Nunataks Nunataks 72°56?S 163°46?E
Ironside Glacier Glacier 72°08?S 169°40?E
Island Lake Lake 77°38?18.983?S 166°26?03.956?E
Islands Point Point 71°28?S 169°31?E
Isolation Point Point 78°11?S 167°30?E
James Ross Island Island 72°00?S 171°00?E
January Col Col 83°24?S 162°00?E
Jarina Nunatak Nunatak 76°23?S 160°10?E
Jato Nunatak Nunatak 72°21?S 165°52?E
Johns Hopkins Ridge Ridge 78°08?S- 162°28?E
Johnson Hill Hill 77°15?S 166°26?E
Joice Icefall Icefall 72°23?S 166°21?E
Joyce Glacier Glacier 78°01?14.572?S 163°44?6.324?E
June Nunatak Nunatak 85°14?S 169°29?W
Jutland Glacier Glacier 71°55?S 166°12?E
Kainan Bay Bay 78°10?S 162°30?W
Kairuri Peak Peak 83°17?S 164°15?E
Kar Plateau Plateau 76°56?S 162°20?E
Kavrayskiy Hills Hills 70°27?S 161°05?E
Kay Islet Islet 74°00?S 167°45?E
Kehle Glacier Glacier 78°56?S 160°18?E
Kelly Glacier Glacier 72°19?S 168°55?E
Keltie Glacier Glacier 84°53?S 170°20?E
Kempe Glacier Glacier 78°18?S 162°54?E
Kent Glacier Glacier 82°50?S 163°10?E
Kiel Glacier Glacier 78°08?S 154°15?W
Killer Nunatak Nunatak 71°54?S 160°28?E
Killer Ridge Ridge 77°11?39.098?S 162°06?58.547?E
King Pin Nunaak 77°26?55.263?S 163°09?44.127?E
King Range Range 71°52?S 165°03?E
Kirkby Glacier Glacier 70°43?S 166°09?E
Kirkwood Range Range 76°27?S 162°00?E
Kitticarrara Glacier Glacier 77°43?S 163°02?E
Knobhead Hill 77°54?55.635?S 161°31?37.014?E
Koettlitz Glacier Glacier 78°11?42.626?S 164°29?28.577?E
Kolosov Point Point 70°38?S 163°42?E
Komhyr Ridge Ridge 82°47?S 160°10?E
Kooperatsiya Ice Piedmont Ice Piedmont 70°15?S 160°25?E
Kosco Glacier Glacier 84°27?S 178°00?W
Kukri Hills Hills 77°39?38.415?S 163°16?30.933?E
La Gorce Peak Peak 77°37?S 153°22?W
Labyrinth Flat 77°33?S 160°50?E
Lacroix Glacier Glacier 77°40?25.539?S 162°32?49.108?E
Lady Newnes Bay Bay 73°40?S 167°30?E
Lake Bonney Lake 77°43?S 162°25?E
Lake Buddha Lake 78°02?42.479?S 163°45?05.812?E
Lake Canopus Lake 77°32?47.002?S 161°31?38.007?E
Lake Chad Lake 77°38?32.789?S 162°45?56.958?E
Lake Fryxell Lake 77°36?57.721?S 163°08?17.950?E
Lake Garwood Lake 78°01?38.601?S 164°15?37.675?E
Lake Joyce Lake 77°43?07.572?S 161°37?26.978?E
Lake Keyhole Lake 78°07?31.189?S 163°41?22.317?E
Lake Marginal Lake 74°36?S 163°30?E
Lake Miers Lake 78°06?S 163°51?E
Lake Penny Lake 78°15?7.980?S 163°13?03.629?E
Lake Péwé Lake 77°56?39.451?S 164°16?51.045?E
Lake Pony Lake 77°33?S 166°09?E
Lake Porkchop Lake 78°15?50.866?S 163°07?29.208?E
Lake Teardrop Lake 78°09?02.246?S 163°48?30.660?E
Lake Vanda Lake 77°32?S 161°33?E
Lake Vashka Lake 77°21?S 161°11?E
Lake Vida Lake 77°23?21.153?S 161°56?57.233?E
Lamplugh Island Island 75°38?S 162°45?E
Lands End Point 77°38?38.814?S 166°32?36.610?E
Lanterman Range Range 71°40?S 163°10?E
Larkman Nunatak Nunatak 85°46?S 179°23?E
Larsen Glacier Glacier 75°06?S 162°28?E
Larson Crag Cliff 76°43?53.276?S 161°07?42.466?E
Lashly Mountains Mountains 77°54?S 159°33?E
Last Cache Nunatak Nunatak 85°33?S 174°08?W
Law Glacier Glacier 84°05?S 161°00?E
Layman Peak Peak 84°51?S 179°35?E
Le Couteur Glacier Glacier 84°42?S 170°30?W
Le Couteur Peak Peak 72°09?S 165°59?E
Leander Glacier Glacier 71°56?S 167°41?E
Leap Year Glacier Glacier 71°42?S 164°15?E
Lee Lake Lake 77°01?40.265?S 162°05?54.411?E
Leigh Hunt Glacier Glacier 85°00?S 174°10?E
Leitch Massif Massif 71°55?S 164°36?E
Lennox-King Glacier Glacier 83°25?S 168°00?E
Lensen Glacier Glacier 72°18?S 166°48?E
Leverett Glacier Glacier 85°38?S 147°35?W
Lewis Bay Bay 77°22?S 167°35?E
Lhasa Nunatak Nunatak 85°07?S 171°18?E
Lichen Hills Hills 73°18?S 162°00?E
Lillie Glacier Glacier 70°45?S 163°55?E
Lillie Glacier Tongue Glacier Tongue 70°34?S 163°48?E
Lillie Range Range 84°50?S 170°25?W
Lindbergh Inlet Inlet 78°25?S 167°00?W
Lion Island Island 76°51?00.482?S 162°33?52.527?E
Lister Glacier Glacier 77°59?S 163°05?E
Litell Rocks Rocks 71°24?S 162°00?E
Little America Base 78°40?S 164°03?W
Little Razorback Island Island 77°40?06.699?S 166°31?51.927?E
Liv Glacier Glacier 84°55?S 168°00?W
Lizard Point Point 84°48?S 163°40?E
Lizards Foot Spur 77°13?15.000?S 161°46?E
Lloyd Icefall Icefall 72°04?S 165°27?E
Loftus Glacier Glacier 77°33?S 162°46?E
Logie Glacier Glacier 85°18?S 175°20?W
Lonely One Nunatak Nunatak 71°12?S 161°18?E
Longstaff Peaks Peaks 82°54?S 165°40?E
Lovejoy Glacier Glacier 70°48?S 160°10?E
Low Cliff Cliff 77°37?58.716?S 166°25?21.622?E
Low Summit Hill 77°39?56.286?S 166°46?49.067?E
Lower Staircase Glacier 78°23?58.754?S 161°46?19.548?E
Lower Victoria Glacier Glacier 77°18?S 162°40?E
Lower Wright Glacier Glacier 77°25?S 163°00?E
Lowery Glacier Glacier 82°35?S 162°15?E
Lubbock Ridge Ridge 84°50?S 175°25?W
Ludvig Glacier Glacier 70°45?S 166°09?E
Lunik Point Point 70°32?S 163°06?E
Luther Peak Peak 72°22?S 169°50?E
Lyall Islands Islands 70°41?S 167°20?E
Lyttelton Range Range 71°33?S 167°45?E
MacDonald Spur Spur 76°47?S 159°38?E
Mackay Glacier Glacier 76°58?S 162°00?E
Mackay Glacier Tongue Glacier Tongue 76°58?S 162°20?E
Mandible Cirque Cirque 73°07?S 169°15?E
Manhaul Glacier Glacier 72°24?S 169°45?E
Man-o-War Glacier Glacier 72°04?S 168°03?E
Marble Point Point 77°25?52.007?S 163°49?58.603?E
Marin Glacier Glacier 76°04?S 162°22?E
Mariner Glacier Glacier 73°15?S 167°30?E
Markham Island Island 74°36?S 164°55?E
Marr Glacier Glacier 77°43?S 162°44?E
Marshall Mountains Mountains 84°37?S 164°30?E
Marshall Stream Stream 78°04?03.067?S 164°18?01.391?E
Marshall Valley Valley 78°04?S 164°10?E
Marston Glacier Glacier 76°53?47.054?S 162°30?00.487?E
Martin Hill Hill 72°48?S 169°14?E
Mason Glacier Glacier 78°53?S 161°41?E
Mason Spur Spur 78°33?S 164°25?E
Massam Glacier Glacier 84°33?S 175°12?W
Matsumoto Pond Pond 77°33?35.492?S 161°04?06.921?E
Matterhorn Summit 77°40?11.088?S 162°27?00.130?E
Matterhorn Glacier Glacier 77°40?59.781?S 162°25?13.608?E
Matterson Inlet Inlet 80°50?S 160°30?E
Mauger Nunatak Nunatak 85°44?S 176°44?E
Mawson Flat Flat 76°10?S 161°55?E
Mawson Glacier Glacier 76°13?S 162°05?E
Maya Mountain Mountain 77°47?6.239?S 160°35?52.205?E
McDonald Beach Beach 77°15?S 166°21?E
McGinnis Peak Peak 84°32?S 177°52?W
McGregor Nunatak Nunatak 85°00?S 173°00?W
McGregor Range Range 71°58?S 167°51?E
McIntyre Promontory Promontory 84°57?S 179°40?E
McKellar Glacier Glacier 72°12?S 167°07?E
McKelvey Valley Valley 77°26?S 161°33?E
McKinley Nunatak Nunatak 85°18?S 170°03?W
McLea Nunatak Nunatak 75°59?S 159°30?E
McLean Glacier Glacier 70°59?S 164°45?E
McMahon Glacier Glacier 70°45?S 165°45?E
McMurdo Ice Shelf Ice Shelf 77°56?28.976?S 166°09?45.268?E
Meander Glacier Glacier 77°51?07.771?S 166°41?40.604?E
Meares Cliff Cliff 71°12?S 168°25?E
Memorial Cross Site 77°51?S 166°40?E
Merrel Valley Valley 76°50?S 160°50?E
Mesa Breyer Mesa 86°01?S 161°12?W
Mesa Range Range 73°11?S 162°55?E
Meserve Glacier Glacier 77°31?S 162°17?E
Meyer Desert Shelf 85°08?S 166°45?E
Mickle Island Island 77°34?03.497?S 166°13?01.283?E
Middle Crater Crater 77°48?34.233?S 166°48?40.098?E
Midway Glacier Glacier 72°10?S 166°50?E
Miers Glacier Glacier 78°05?S 163°40?E
Mill Glacier Glacier 85°10?S 168°30?E
Mill Stream Glacier Glacier 85°20?S 171°00?E
Millen Range Range 72°20?S 166°15?E
Miller Glacier Glacier 77°12?S 162°00?E
Miller Peak Peak 77°12?25.483?S 162°03?19.699?E
Minaret Nunatak Nunatak 72°42?S 162°10?E
Mincey Glacier Glacier 84°57?S 177°30?W
Minna Bluff Bluff 78°31?S 166°25?E
Minna Saddle Saddle 78°26?S 165°33?E
Minnehaha Icefalls Icefalls 77°02?S 162°24?E
Mirabito Range Range 71°40?S 165°27?E
Misery Peak Peak 85°31?S 178°16?W
Missen Ridge Ridge 70°41?S 166°24?E
Mistake Peak Peak 77°26?16.926?S 160°14?06.649?E
Mite Nunatak Nunatak 75°05?S 166°20?E
Moffett Glacier Glacier 85°52?S 161°00?W
Mohn Basin Basin 86°30?S 168°00?W
Monastery Nunatak Nunatak 77°58?21.116?S 160°36?13.096?E
Monte Cassino Peak 72°20?S 163°40?E
Montgomery Glacier Glacier 83°47?S 166°55?E
Monument Nunataks Nunataks 72°35?S 162°15?E
Moore Embayment Embayment 78°45?S 165°00?E
Moore Mountains Mountains 83°21?S 160°45?E
Moraine Bluff Bluff 78°46?S 162°12?E
Morley Glacier Glacier 71°12?S 162°45?E
Morning Lake Lake 78°21?S 163°53?E
Morozumi Range Range 71°39?S 161°55?E
Morris Glacier Glacier 84°46?S 169°30?W
Moubray Bay Bay 72°11?S 170°15?E
Moubray Glacier Glacier 71°52?S 170°18?E
Moubray Piedmont Glacier Piedmont Glacier 71°55?S 170°20?E
Mount Abbott Mountain 74°42?S 163°50?E
Mount Achernar Mountain 84°12?S 160°56?E
Mount Achilles Mountain 71°53?S 168°08?E
Mount Adam Mountain 71°47?S 168°37?E
Mount Aeolus Mountain 77°29?13.422?S 161°15?43.778?E
Mount Ajax Mountain 71°48?S 168°27?E
Mount Alice Gade Mountain 85°45?S 163°40?W
Mount Allan Thomson Mountain 76°56?30.644?S 161°41?40.415?E
Mount Allen Mountain 77°23?53.977?S 162°31?11.709?E
Mount Allen Young Mountain 83°27?S 166°52?E
Mount Angier Mountain 83°21?S 161°00?E
Mount Anne Mountain 83°48?S 168°30?E
Mount Aorangi Mountain 72°25?S 166°22?E
Mount Apolotok Mountain 72°15?S 164°29?E
Mount Armytage Mountain 76°02?S 160°45?E
Mount Arrowsmith Mountain 76°46?32.150?S 162°15?34.049?E
Mount Ashworth Mountain 70°56?S 163°05?E
Mount Astor Mountain 86°01?S 155°30?W
Mount Aurora Mountain 78°14?S 166°21?E
Mount Baker Mountain 84°44?S 172°21?W
Mount Balchen Mountain 85°22?S 166°12?W
Mount Balder Mountain 77°35?S 160°34?E
Mount Baldr Mountain 77°35?06.418?S 160°25?48.065?E
Mount Baldwin Mountain 72°15?S 163°18?E
Mount Barnes Mountain 77°37?45.450?S 163°34?59.072?E
Mount Bartlett Mountain 84°56?S 163°56?E
Mount Bastion Mountain 77°19?06.171?S 160°29?23.605?E
Mount Baxter Mountain 74°22?S 162°32?E
Mount Beck Mountain 87°15?S 150°00?W
Mount Bell Mountain 84°04?S 167°30?E
Mount Bellingshausen Mountain 75°07?S 162°06?E
Mount Belolikov Mountain 70°29?S 162°07?E
Mount Bennett Mountain 84°49?S 178°55?W
Mount Bergen Mountain 76°58?52.640?S 160°49?21.341?E
Mount Betty Mountain 85°11?S 163°45?W
Mount Billing Mountain 75°43?S 160°54?E
Mount Bird Mountain 77°16?17.541?S 166°44?45.676?E
Mount Bjaaland Mountain 86°33?S 164°14?W
Mount Black Mountain 85°14?S 178°22?W
Mount Black Prince Mountain 71°47?S 168°15?E
Mount Blackburn Mountain 86°17?S 147°16?W
Mount Block Mountain 85°46?S 176°13?E
Mount Bolt Mountain 71°05?S 165°43?E
Mount Bonaparte Mountain 83°05?S 160°50?E
Mount Boreas Mountain 77°29?8.042?S 161°06?25.662?E
Mount Bowen Mountain 75°45?S 161°03?E
Mount Bowers Mountain 85°00?S 164°05?E
Mount Boyd Mountain 84°48?S 179°24?W
Mount Brazil Mountain 72°03?S 167°59?E
Mount Brearley Mountain 77°47?56.633?S 161°45?51.391?E
Mount Brennan Mountain 84°15?S 175°54?E
Mount Brewster Mountain 72°57?S 169°23?E
Mount Brocklehurst Mountain 76°08?S 161°27?E
Mount Brogger Mountain 76°52?04.713?S 161°51?29.636?E
Mount Bronk Mountain 84°24?S 175°46?E
Mount Browning Mountain 74°37?S 164°03?E
Mount Bruce Mountain 70°32?S 162°30?E
Mount Buckley Mountain 84°58?S 163°56?E
Mount Bumstead Mountain 85°39?S 174°10?E
Mount Burch Mountain 70°49?S 164°25?E
Mount Burton Mountain 72°33?S 166°44?E
Mount Butler Mountain 78°10?S 155°17?W
Mount Butters Mountain 84°53?S 177°28?W
Mount Campbell Mountain 84°55?S 174°00?W
Mount Canopus Mountain 81°50?S 161°00?E
Mount Cartwright Mountain 84°21?S 175°08?E
Mount Cecily Mountain 85°52?S 174°15?E
Mount Cerberus Mountain 77°26?28.303?S 161°52?47.605?E
Mount Cherry-Garrard Mountain 71°18?S 168°41?E
Mount Chetwynd Mountain 76°20?S 162°02?E
Mount Christchurch Mountain 82°28?S 164°10?E
Mount Christmas Mountain 81°54?S 161°56E?
Mount Circe Mountain 77°28?34.775?S 160°58?22.375?E
Mount Clarke Mountain 85°05?S 172°18?E
Mount Coates Mountain 77°47?26.779?S 162°05?05.981?E
Mount Cocks Mountain 78°31?S 162°30?E
Mount Cohen Mountain 85°16?S 164°27?W
Mount Cole Mountain 84°40?S 177°08?W
Mount Coleman Mountain 77°32?33.195?S 163°23?24.220?E
Mount Counts Mountain 83°11?S 160°26?E
Mount Cox Mountain 71°50?S 160°32?E
Mount Craven Mountain 71°08?S 165°15?E
Mount Creak Mountain 76°35?38.936?S 162°09?18.005?E
Mount Crockett Mountain 86°01?S 155°04?W
Mount Cromie Mountain 84°50?S 179°14?W
Mount Crummer Mountain 75°03?S 162°34?E
Mount Cyril Mountain 84°02?S 172°35?E
Mount Dalmeny Mountain 71°07?S 166°55?E
Mount Daniel Mountain 84°54?S 170°17?W
Mount Darwin Mountain 85°02?S 163°08?E
Mount Davidson Mountain 76°43?23.487?S 161°58?49.470?E
Mount Dawson-Lambton Mountain 78°54?S 160°37?E
Mount Deakin Mountain 84°40?S 171°40?E
Mount Dearborn Mountain 77°13?32.541?S 160°08?15.333?E
Mount Dickason Mountain 74°24?S 163°58?E
Mount Dido Mountain 77°29?36.161?S 160°57?22.337?E
Mount Discovery Mountain 78°22?S 165°01?E
Mount Dockery Mountain 71°13?S 164°33?E
Mount Dodge Mountain 84°52?S 172°22?W
Mount Donaldson Mountain 84°37?S 172°12?E
Mount Doorly Mountain 77°23?34.119?S 162°44?35.367?E
Mount Douglas Mountain 76°31?15.407?S 161°18?39.183?E
Mount Dromedary Mountain 78°18?30.274?S 163°02?34.176?E
Mount Dryfoose Mountain 84°52?S 169°56?W
Mount Dudley Mountain 84°30?S 173°00?E
Mount Edixon Mountain 71°49?S 163°35?E
Mount Electra Mountain 77°29?57.912?S 160°52?42.275?E
Mount Elizabeth Mountain 83°54?S 168°23?E
Mount Elliot Mountain 70°53?S 166°32?E
Mount Ellsworth Mountain 85°45?S 161°00?W
Mount Emily Mountain 85°50?S 174°20?E
Mount Endeavour Mountain 76°33?S 162°00?E
Mount Engelstad Mountain 85°29?S 167°24?W
Mount England Mountain 77°02?33.943?S 162°27?14.685?E
Mount Erebus Mountain 77°31?48.657?S 167°09?28.893?E
Mount Evans Mountain 77°14?31.964?S 162°28?43.185?E
Mount F.L. Smith Mountain 83°38?S 169°29?E
Mount Fairweather Mountain 85°04?S 166°32?W
Mount Falconer Mountain 77°34?46.111?S 163°07?52.468?E
Mount Falla Mountain 84°22?S 164°55?E
Mount Farley Mountain 86°35?S 152°30?W
Mount Feather Mountain 77°57?32.643?S 160°21?07.295?E
Mount Ferguson Mountain 84°56?S 168°35?W
Mount Finley Mountain 85°01?S 173°58?W
Mount Fisher Mountain 85°06?S 171°03?W
Mount Fitzsimmons Mountain 77°54?S 154°55?W
Mount Fleming Mountain 77°33?01.688?S 160°05?59.175?E
Mount Ford Mountain 70°57?S 162°52?E
Mount Forde Mountain 76°52?52.462?S 162°05?26.666?E
Mount Fox Mountain 83°38?S 169°15?E
Mount Francis Mountain 72°13?S 168°45?E
Mount Franke Mountain 84°37?S 177°04?W
Mount Franklin Mountain 78°05?S 154°57?W
Mount Frazier Mountain 77°52?S 154°58?W
Mount Freya Mountain 77°36?49.234?S 160°50?05.044?E
Mount Fridtjof Nanson Mountain 85°21?S 167°33?W
Mount Frustrum Mountain 73°23?S 162°55?E
Mount Gale Mountain 70°46?S 166°12?E
Mount Gauss Mountain 76°19?S 162°02?E
Mount Gawn Mountain 71°55?S 165°11?E
Mount Geoffrey Markham Mountain 72°23.8?S 170°07?E
Mount George Murray Mountain 75°54?S 161°50?E
Mount Gleaton Mountain 72°11?S 168°27?E
Mount Goodale Mountain 85°45?S 157°43?W
Mount Gow Mountain 71°20?S 162°40?E
Mount Gran Mountain 76°58?39.656?S 160°58?56.460?E
Mount Greene Mountain 72°06?S 168°14?E
Mount Greenlee Mountain 84°51?S 177°00?W
Mount Griffin Mountain 71°11?S 166°16?E
Mount Griffith Mountain 85°53?S 155°30?W
Mount Gunn Mountain 76°52?17.104?S 160°42?3.998?E
Mount Hall Mountain 84°55?S 170°22?W
Mount Hamilton Mountain 85°44?S 151°53?W
Mount Harcourt Mountain 83°49?S 172°25?E
Mount Harker Mountain 77°16?52.715?S 162°06?46.308?E
Mount Harkness Mountain 86°04?S 150°36?W
Mount Harmsworth Mountain 78°41?S 160°56?E
Mount Harrington Mountain 72°45?S 168°57?E
Mount Harwood Mountain 70°44?S 165°49?E
Mount Hassel Mountain 86°28?S 164°28?W
Mount Hawea Mountain 82°50?S 161°52?E
Mount Hayton Mountain 72°03?S 165°12?E
Mount Hayward Mountain 78°07?S 167°21?E
Mount Heekin Mountain 85°03?S 177°16?W
Mount Heine Mountain 78°05?S 167°27?E
Mount Helen Washington Mountain 78°05?S 155°15?W
Mount Hemphill Mountain 70°59?S 165°06?E
Mount Henderson Mountain 78°11?S 167°20?E
Mount Henry Mountain 83°52?S 172°04?E
Mount Henry Lucy Mountain 85°11?S 170°26?E
Mount Henson Mountain 84°50?S 168°21?W
Mount Hercules Mountain 77°29?03.946?S 161°25?17.809?E
Mount Herschel Mountain 72°12?S 169°31?E
Mount Hewson Mountain 73°58?S 162°38?E
Mount Holdsworth Mountain 72°08?S 166°35?E
Mount Hooker Mountain 78°05?26.668?S 162°43?18.606?E
Mount Hope Mountain 83°31?S 171°16?E
Mount Howard Mountain 75°40?S 161°16?E
Mount Huggins Mountain 78°17?6.183?S 162°29?06.928?E
Mount Humphrey Lloyd Mountain 72°19?S 169°27?E
Mount Ida Mountain 83°35?S 170°29?E
Mount Innes-Taylor Mountain 86°51?S 154°27?W
Mount Insel Mountain 77°23?08.041?S 161°31?29.273?E
Mount Iveagh Mountain 85°04?S 169°38?E
Mount J. J. Thomson Mountain 77°41?09.836?S 162°15?49.936?E
Mount Jackling Mountain 77°54?S 154°58?W
Mount Jackman Mountain 72°24?S 163°15?E
Mount Jason Mountain 77°29?21.033?S 161°33?35.056?E
Mount Jensen Mountain 77°08?11.824?S 162°25?36.746?E
Mount Josephine Mountain 77°33?S 152°48?W
Mount Joyce Mountain 75°36?S 160°49?E
Mount Kaplan Mountain 84°33?S 175°19?E
Mount Kathleen Mountain 83°46?S 172°48?E
Mount Kelly Mountain 70°47?S 164°19?E
Mount Kempe Mountain 78°19?20.988?S 162°43?12.230?E
Mount Kennett Rawson Mountain 85°55?S 162°10?W
Mount Kenney Mountain 84°44?S 175°28?W
Mount Kenyon Mountain 85°10?S 174°55?W
Mount Kinsey Mountain 84°55?S 169°18?E
Mount Kirkpatrick Mountain 84°20?S 166°25?E
Mount Kostka Mountain 70°42?S 164°49?E
Mount Kowalczyk Mountain 77°55?59.442?S 163°47?19.981?E
Mount Krebs Mountain 84°50?S 170°20?W
Mount Kring Mountain 74°59?S 157°54?E
Mount Kyffin Mountain 83°44?S 171°46?E
Mount Lama Mountain 78°04?14.819?S 163°40?44.415?E
Mount Larsen Mountain 74°51?S 162°12?E
Mount Lecointe Mountain 83°09?S 161°09?E
Mount Lepanto Mountain 72°44?S 168°27?E
Mount Levick Mountain 74°08?S 163°10?E
Mount Lisicky Mountain 78°27?09.997?S 162°06?24.195?E
Mount Lister Mountain 78°03?38.053?S 162°41?6.360?E
Mount Littlepage Mountain 77°12?12.533?S 160°02?19.268?E
Mount Llano Mountain 84°48?S 173°21?W
Mount Lloyd Mountain 83°13?S 165°44?E
Mount Lockwood Mountain 84°09?S 167°24?E
Mount Loke Mountain 77°29?S 162°33?E
Mount Lorius Mountain 72°28?S 162°21?E
Mount Lubbock Mountain 73°13?S 169°08?E
Mount Mackellar Mountain 83°59?S 166°39?E
Mount Mackintosh Mountain 74°22?S 161°49?E
Mount Mahony Mountain 77°11?58.639?S 161°35?47.348?E
Mount Mannering Mountain 71°48?S 164°57?E
Mount Markham Mountain 82°51?S 161°21?E
Mount Marshall Mountain 84°41?S 164°39?E
Mount Marston Mountain 76°54?09.054?S 162°11?42.355?E
Mount Mason Mountain 84°43?S 169°48?W
Mount McCarthy Mountain 72°35?S 166°14?E
Mount McCue Mountain 84°45?S 174°41?W
Mount McDonald Mountain 72°30?S 166°36?E
Mount McIntyre Mountain 87°17?S 153°00?W
Mount McKenney Mountain 71°40?S 160°22?E
Mount McLennan Mountain 77°33?35.287?S 162°50?30.174?E
Mount Melania Mountain 78°07?S 166°08?E
Mount Melbourne Mountain 74°21?S 164°42?E
Mount Midnight Mountain 71°56?S 167°28?E
Mount Miller Mountain 83°20?S 165°48?E
Mount Mills Mountain 85°12?S 165°17?E
Mount Minto Mountain 71°47?S 168°45?E
Mount Monteagle Mountain 73°43?S 165°28?E
Mount Moody Mountain 71°31?S 162°52?E
Mount Morning Mountain 78°31?S 163°35?E
Mount Morrison Mountain 76°53?41.965?S 161°32?57.840?E
Mount Moxley Mountain 78°24?58.224?S 162°20?53.906?E
Mount Munson Mountain 84°48?S 174°26?W
Mount Murchison Mountain 73°25?S 166°18?E
Mount Murray Mountain 76°09?S 161°50?E
Mount Naab Mountain 76°36?07.617?S 160°58?14.492?E
Mount Nansen Mountain 74°33?S 162°36?E
Mount Nesos Mountain 78°12?S 167°06?E
Mount Nespelen Mountain 76°45?27.496?S 161°47?08.840?E
Mount Neumayer Mountain 75°16?S 162°17?E
Mount New Zealand Mountain 74°11?S 162°30?E
Mount Newall Mountain 77°29?44.285?S 162°42?11.884?E
Mount Nilsen Mountain 78°03?S 155°00?W
Mount Nimrod Mountain 85°25?S 165°45?E
Mount Nipha Mountain 78°09?S 167°24?E
Mount Northampton Mountain 72°41?S 169°06?E
Mount Ochre Mountain 78°14?S 166°33?E
Mount Odin Mountain 77°34?41.593?S 161°40?02.252?E
Mount Odishaw Mountain 84°42?S 174°54?E
Mount Oliver Mountain 84°56?S 173°44?W
Mount Orestes Mountain 77°28?16.503?S 161°55?38.383?E
Mount Overlord Mountain 73°10?S 164°36?E
Mount Paterson Mountain 78°02?S 154°36?W
Mount Patrick Mountain 84°13?S 172°00?E
Mount Peacock Mountain 72°13?S 169°27?E
Mount Pearson Mountain 72°17?S 166°43?E
Mount Pechell Mountain 71°05?S 167°16?E
Mount Peleus Mountain 77°28?26.253?S 162°04?43.947?E
Mount Perseverance Mountain 76°47?43.144?S 162°12?28.210?E
Mount Phelan Mountain 71°59?S 160°37?E
Mount Phillips Mountain 73°01?S 167°15?E
Mount Pratt Mountain 85°24?S 176°41?E
Mount Prestrud Mountain 86°34?S 165°07?W
Mount Priestley Mountain 75°11?S 161°53?E
Mount Prior Mountain 72°58?S 168°47?E
Mount Pukaki Mountain 82°49?S 162°06?E
Mount Pulitzer Mountain 85°49?S 154°16?W
Mount Queensland Mountain 74°16?S 163°56?E
Mount Rabot Mountain 83°11?S 161°17?E
Mount Raymond Mountain 85°53?S 174°43?E
Mount Razorback Mountain 76°50?05.550?S 161°16?32.912?E
Mount Reid Mountain 83°03?S 166°01?E
Mount Reinhardt Mountain 84°12?S 177°12?E
Mount Remington Mountain 71°46?S 161°17?E
Mount Robert Scott Mountain 83°49?S 172°48?E
Mount Robertson Mountain 72°34.5?S 170°12?E
Mount Robinson Mountain 71°50?S 169°49?E
Mount Roth Mountain 84°35?S 172°22?W
Mount Rotoiti Mountain 82°48?S 162°14?E
Mount Royalist Mountain 71°47?S 168°30?E
Mount Rücker Mountain 78°11?14.382?S 162°32?23.270?E
Mount Ruth Mountain 86°18?S 151°45?W
Mount Ruth Gade Mountain 85°37?S 164°40?W
Mount Sabine Mountain 71°55?S 169°33?E
Mount Saltonstall Mountain 86°53?S 154°18?W
Mount Saunders Mountain 85°21?S 165°26?E
Mount Schlossbach Mountain 78°03?S 154°08?W
Mount Sellery Mountain 84°58?S 172°45?W
Mount Shadow Mountain 71°56?S 167°31?E
Mount Shideler Mountain 77°55?S 154°51?W
Mount Sirius Mountain 84°08?S 163°15?E
Mount Skinner Mountain 84°46?S 171°10?W
Mount Soza Mountain 71°10?S 162°34?E
Mount Speed Mountain 84°30?S 176°50?W
Mount Speyer Mountain 78°52?S 160°42?E
Mount Stahlman Mountain 85°41?S 151°36?W
Mount Stanley Mountain 84°09?S 165°29?E
Mount Stonehouse Mountain 84°24?S 164°24?E
Mount Stuart Mountain 72°33?S 162°15?E
Mount Suess Mountain 77°02?24.305?S 161°41?34.755?E
Mount Supernal Mountain 73°04?S 165°42?E
Mount Tararua Mountain 72°08?S 166°14?E
Mount Tennent Mountain 85°22?S 166°45?E
Mount Terra Nova Mountain 77°31?S 167°57?E
Mount Terror Mountain 77°30?38.167?S 168°34?19.894?E
Mount Theseus Mountain 77°27?26.505?S 162°16?06.859?E
Mount Thor Mountain 77°35?58.074?S 160°43?34.340?E
Mount Thorne Mountain 85°41?S 158°40?W
Mount Titus Mountain 72°15?S 169°02?E
Mount Tokoroa Mountain 71°13?S 162°50?E
Mount Tricouni Mountain 78°30?S 161°57?E
Mount Trident Mountain 72°26?S 169°14?E
Mount Tripp Mountain 83°17?S 166°53?E
Mount Troubridge Mountain 71°08?S 167°44?E
Mount Tukotok Mountain 72°17?S 164°43?E
Mount Ubique Mountain 81°30?S 160°32?E
Mount Ulla Mountain 77°31?45.834?S 162°24?00.672?E
Mount Usher Mountain 84°57?S 172°04?E
Mount Valinski Mountain 84°32?S 177°30?E
Mount Van der Hoeven Mountain 71°54?S 161°25?E
Mount Vaughan Mountain 85°57?S 155°50?W
Mount Vernon Harcourt Mountain 72°32?S 169°55?E
Mount Vision Mountain 78°13?S 166°15?E
Mount VX-6 Mountain 72°38?S 162°12?E
Mount Wade Mountain 84°51?S 174°19?W
Mount Ward Mountain 85°40?S 167°10?E
Mount Wasko Mountain 84°35?S 177°05?W
Mount Waterman Mountain 84°27?S 175°25?E
Mount Watt Mountain 72°28?S 166°09?E
Mount Weaver Mountain 86°58?S 153°50?W
Mount Wedel-Jarlsberg Mountain 85°39?S 165°08?W
Mount Weeks Mountain 83°33?S 160°54?E
Mount Weihaupt Mountain 72°37?S 161°03?E
Mount Weir Mountain 84°59?S 177°10?E
Mount Westminster Mountain 84°59?S 169°22?E
Mount Wexler Mountain 84°30?S 175°01?E
Mount Weyant Mountain 77°32?49.198?S 162°42?25.359?E
Mount Whewell Mountain 72°03?S 169°35?E
Mount Whitcombe Mountain 76°46?S 162°12?E
Mount White Mountain 85°09?S 170°18?E
Mount Wilbur Mountain 86°58?S 152°37?W
Mount Wilhelm Christophersen Mountain 85°33?S 167°20?W
Mount Wise Mountain 78°08?S 165°23?E
Mount Wisting Mountain 86°27?S 165°26?W
Mount Wood Mountain 74°49?S 158°24?E
Mount Woolnough Mountain 76°56?12.905?S 161°19?49.730?E
Mount Works Mountain 71°15?S 164°50?E
Mount Wright Mountain 71°33?S 169°10?E
Mount Wyatt Mountain 86°46?S 154°00?W
Mount Young Mountain 84°27?S 179°48?E
Mount Zanuck Mountain 85°58?S 151°10?W
Mountain Matador Mountain 85°10?S 176°50?W
Mountaineer Range Range 73°28?S 166°15?E
Mulligan Peak Peak 77°11?S 160°15?E
Mulock Inlet Inlet 79°08?S 160°40?E
Murray Dry Valley Valley 71°36?S 170°00?E
Murray Glacier Glacier 71°39?S 170°00?E
Nameless Glacier Glacier 71°38?S 170°18?E
Nansen Ice Sheet Ice Sheet 74°53?S 163°10?E
Narrow Inlet Inlet 74°59?S 163°42?E
Nash Range Range 81°55?S 162°00?E
Navigator Nunatak Nunatak 73°15?S 164°13?E
Nella Island Island 70°37?S 166°04?E
Nelson Cliff Cliff 71°14?S 168°42?E
Névé Nunatak Nunatak 78°17?56.414?S 161°00?06.061?E
New Glacier Glacier 77°01?46.272?S 162°24?01.263?E
New Harbour Harbour 77°39?17.810?S 163°49?44.970?E
New Mountain Mountain 77°51?54.507?S 161°07?40.939?E
New Year Pass Pass 83°28?S 160°40?E
Newall Glacier Glacier 77°32?27.251?S 162°35?23.661?E
Newnes Glacier Glacier 71°41?S 170°14?E
Nielsen Fjord Fjord 70°42?S 165°50?E
Nielsen Glacier Glacier 71°31?S 169°41?E
Nigger Head Head 71°27?S 169°23?E
Nimrod Glacier Glacier 82°21?S 163°00?E
Nordenskj"ld Ice Tongue Ice Tongue 76°11?S 162°45?E
North Bay Bay 77°38?S 166°23?E
North Beach Beach 71°17?S 170°14?E
North Cliff Cliff 71°17?S 170°15?E
North Fork Valley Fork/Arm 77°32?S 161°15?E
Northcliffe Peak Peak 78°44?S 161°08?E
Northern Foothills Foothills 74°44?S 163°55?E
Northwest Mountain Mountain 77°38?S 160°38?E
Northwind Glacier Glacier 76°40?S 161°18?E
Norway Rocks Rocks 76°10?S 168°20?E
Novasio Ridge Ridge 72°03?S 168°22?E
Nursery Glacier Glacier 81°16?S 160°30?E
Nussbaum Riegel Riegel 77°40?S 162°46?E
OBrien Peak Peak 85°28?S 156°42?W
OKane Canyon Canyon 74°25?S 163°00?E
OLeary Peak Peak 84°27?S 179°14?W
Oates Piedmont Glacier Piedmont Glacier 76°25?S 162°35?E
Ob Bay Bay 70°35?S 163°22?E
Obelisk Mountain Mountain 77°37?23.704?S 161°38?00.860?E
Observation Hill Hill 77°51?07.477?S 166°41?39.793?E
Ogden Heights Heights 73°58?S 161°40?E
Okuma Bay Bay 77°50?S 158°20?W
Old Penguin Rookery Area 77°32?57.954?S 166°08?48.631?E
Olympus Range Range 77°29?S 161°30?E
Omega Peak Peak 72°09?S 166°03?E
Ommanney Glacier Glacier 71°32?S 169°29?E
Onlooker Nunatak Nunatak 71°54?S 162°22?E
Onyx River River 77°30?27.311?S 162°11?11.039?E
Oppegaard Spur Spur 84°29?S 177°22?W
Oread Spur Spur 72°35?S 168°53?E
Oscar Point Point 74°35?S 164°53?E
Otago Glacier Glacier 82°32?S 161°10?E
Otway Massif Massif 85°27?S 172°00?E
Overflow Glacier Glacier 77°47?S 163°11?E
Packard Glacier Glacier 77°21?S 162°10?E
Pagoda Peak Peak 83°56?S 166°45?E
Pain Névé Névé 84°36?S 174°20?E
Pain Tableland Tableland 72°08?S 163°00?E
Painted Cliffs Cliffs 83°50?S 162°20?E
Pandora Spire Rock 77°47?09.122?S 161°14?05.198?E
Parasite Cone Peak 73°06?S 164°18?E
Parker Mount Mountain 71°15?S 168°05?E
Paton Peak Peak 76°57?S 166°57?E
Pearl Harbor Glacier Glacier 72°15?S 167°40?E
Pearse Valley Valley 77°43?S 161°32?E
Pegmatite Point Point 85°01?S 165°20?W
Pegtop Mountain Mountain 77°03?32.668?S 161°14?51.360?E
Pemmican Step Glacier 72°00?S 167°33?E
Penance Pass Pass 78°04?02.546?S 163°49?06.363?E
Penelope Point Point 71°30?S 169°47?E
Penguin Beach Beach 76°07?S 168°20?E
Pennell Bank Bank 74°00?S 180°00?E
Pennell Coast Coast 71°00?S 167°00?E
Penseroso Bluff Bluff 71°04?S 160°06?E
Péwé Peak Peak 78°01?56.099?S 163°41?50.455?E
Pillar Rock 77°34?47.292?S 166°17?05.069?E
Pilot Glacier Glacier 73°23?S 165°03?E
Pinnacle Gap Gap 73°15?S 163°00?E
Pipecleaner Glacier Glacier 78°14?6.675?S 162°51?53.470?E
Pitkevitch Glacier Glacier 71°23?S 168°52?E
Pivot Peak Peak 78°01?31.907?S 161°01?04.585?E
Platypus Ridge Ridge 70°42?S 163°43?E
Plunket Point Point 85°05?S 167°06?E
Point Disappointment Point 76°54?56.277?S 162°35?11.611?E
Polaris Peak Peak 84°39?S 172°40?W
Pond Peak Peak 77°18?48.231?S 162°24?41.947?E
Ponting Cliff Cliff 71°12?S 168°21?E
Posey Range Range 71°12?S 164°00?E
Possession Islands Islands 71°56?S 171°10?E
Post Office Hill Hill 77°27?55.374?S 169°12?37.857?E
Potter Glacier Glacier 78°23?S 162°12?E
Pram Point Point 77°50?58.830?S 166°46?16.530?E
Pram Point Bay Bay 77°50?47.232?S 166°46?20.162?E
Prebble Glacier Glacier 84°16?S 164°30?E
Pressure Bay Bay 71°25?S 169°20?E
Prestrud Inlet Inlet 78°18?S 156°00?W
Priestley Glacier Glacier 74°20?S 163°22?E
Prince Albert Mountains Mountains 76°00?S 161°30?E
Prince Andrew Plateau Plateau 83°38?S 162°00?E
Prince of Wales Glacier Glacier 82°44?S 160°10?E
Prince Olav Mountains Mountains 84°57?S 173°00?W
Princess Anne Glacier Glacier 82°59?S 159°20?E
Prior Island Island 75°41?S 162°52?E
Prospect Spur Spur 83°57?S 173°25?E
Protection Cove Cove 71°39?S 170°12?E
Pryor Glacier Glacier 70°05?S 160°10?E
Pudding Butte Tableland 75°52?S 159°59?E
Pukeko Pond Pond 77°29?S 162°34?E
Purgatory Peak Peak 77°20?33.399?S 162°17?42.101?E
Pyramid Mountain Mountain 77°47?02.104?S 160°39?53.581?E
Pyramid Peak Peak 72°16?S 165°35?E
Pyramid Trough Trough 78°18?S 163°27?E
Quarterdeck Ridge Ridge 72°27?S 170°16?E
Quartermain Point Point 72°03?S 170°08?E
Queen Alexandra Range Range 84°44?S 168°00?E
Queen Elizabeth Range Range 83°20?S 161°30?E
Queen Maud Mountains Mountains 84°00?S 174°00?E
Queer Mountain Mountain 77°08?24.945?S 161°44?28.589?E
Rabot Glacier Glacier 83°11?S 160°10?E
Radian Glacier Glacier 78°14?10.628?S 163°04?06.178?E
Rainey Glacier Glacier 73°40?S 163°06?E
Raised Beach Beach 74°59?S 163°47?E
Rampart Ridge Ridge 78°10?S 161°55?E
Ramsey Glacier Glacier 84°24?S 179°20?E
Ranfurly Point Point 84°50?S 169°36?E
Rastorguev Glacier Glacier 70°57?S 163°30?E
Rawle Glacier Glacier 71°50?S 164°40?E
Rawson Mountains Mountains 86°43?S 154°40?W
Razorback Islands Islands 77°41?S 166°29?E
Razorback Ridge Ridge 77°40?59.822?S 166°22?42.001?E
Recoil Glacier Glacier 73°46?S 163°05?E
Red Buttress Peak Peak 76°49?26.512?S 162°21?59.484?E
Red Dike Bluff Bluff 78°48?S 162°19?E
Red Ridge Ridge 77°06?S 162°08?E
Redcastle Ridge Ridge 72°26?S 169°57?E
Redcliff Nunatak Nunatak 77°02?S 162°03?E
Reece Hill Hill 77°30?S 169°43?E
Reeves Glacier Glacier 74°45?S 162°15?E
Referring Peak Peak 76°56?05.591?S 161°50?53.003?E
Reid Ridge Ridge 76°57?S 160°23?E
Relay Bay Bay 71°30?S 169°32?E
Relief Inlet Inlet 75°13?S 163°45?E
Renegar Glacier Glacier 78°22?S 163°08?E
Renirie Rocks Rocks 71°20?S 161°20?E
Rennick Bay Bay 70°06?S 161°20?E
Rennick Glacier Glacier 70°30?S 160°45?E
Retreat Hills Hills 72°59?S 165°12?E
Retrospect Spur Spur 84°09?S 173°12?E
Reusch Glacier Glacier 71°29?S 169°29?E
Rhone Glacier Glacier 77°42?S 162°14?E
Richards Inlet Inlet 83°20?S 168°30?E
Richards Nunatak Nunatak 75°56?S 159°45?E
Richardson Bluff Bluff 70°47?S 166°20?E
Ridge Summit Ridge 77°53?S 162°45?E
Ridley Beach Beach 71°18?S 170°13?E
Rivard Glacier Glacier 78°03?46.503?S 163°55?01.329?E
Roaring Valley Valley 78°16?S 163°03?E
Robb Glacier Glacier 82°38?S 165°00?E
Roberts Butte Mountain 72°39?S 160°08?E
Roberts Cliff Cliff 72°24?S 170°05?E
Roberts Massif Massif 85°32?S 177°05?W
Robertson Bay Bay 71°25?S 170°00?E
Robinson Heights Heights 71°22?S 166°40?E
Robson Glacier Glacier 77°05?S 162°11?E
Rockefeller Mountains Mountains 78°00?S 155°00?W
Rocky Point Point 77°30?38.055?S 166°14?05.241?E
Romanes Beach Beach 77°16?30.820?S 166°22?13.427?E
Roosevelt Island Island 79°25?S 162°00?W
Ropebrake Pass Pass 84°45?S 173°25?W
Ross Archipelago Archipelago 77°30?S 167°00?E
Ross Dependency Area 60°S 160°E
Ross Ice Shelf Ice Shelf 77°40?14.947?S 169°37?39.813?E
Ross Island Island 77°26?49.110?S 168°28?56.165?E
Round Mountain Mountain 77°41?S 161°06?E
Row Island Island 66°31?S 162°38?E
Royal Society Range Range 77°55?03.289?S 162°53?34.011?E
Rücker Ridge Ridge 78°12?S 162°50?E
Rudolph Glacier Glacier 72°23?S 167°53?E
Rutgers Glacier Glacier 78°12?10.957?S 162°10?19.640?E
Sabrina Island Island 66°57?S 163°17?E
Saddle Peak Peak 70°40?S 164°40?E
Safety Spur Spur 85°19?S 168°00?E
Saint Johns Range Range 77°19?16.109?S 162°08?06.363?E
Saint Pauls Mountain Mountain 77°39?32.374?S 161°11?21.547?E
Salamander Range Range 72°06?S 164°08?E
Salient Glacier Glacier 78°06?S 163°05?E
Salient Peak Peak 78°08?39.005?S 162°44?58.562?E
Salmon Cliff Cliff 72°22?S 170°06?E
Salmon Glacier Glacier 77°58?S 164°05?E
Salmon Hill Hill 77°57?06.789?S 164°09?05.582?E
Sandford Cliffs Cliffs 83°54?S 159°17?E
Sapper Hill Hill 81°24?S 160°38?E
Saunders Coast Coast 77°45?S 150°00?W
Scallop Hill Hill 78°21?S 166°44?E
Scarab Peak Peak 73°21?S 163°01?E
Schist Peak Peak 77°18?53.738?S 162°01?07.182?E
Scott Base Base 77°50?55.503?S 166°46?2.079?E
Scott Coast Coast 76°31?32.358?S 162°55?45.900?E
Scott Cone Hill 66°55?S 163°15?E
Scott Glacier Glacier 85°45?S 153°00?W
Scott Icefalls Icefalls 85°32?S 170°15?E
Scott Island Island 67°24?S 179°55?W
Scott Keltie Glacier Glacier 71°32?S 169°49?E
Scott Nunataks Nunataks 77°14?S 154°12?W
Scrivener Glacier Glacier 76°57?S 161°37?E
Sculpture Mountain Mountain 72°51?S 162°05?E
Seabee Hook Peninsula 72°19?S 170°13?E
Seal Point Point 71°22?S 170°14?E
Seal Rock Rock 77°38?23.829?S 166°30?16.983?E
Seal Rocks Rocks 66°15?S 162°25?E
Second Crater Crater 77°49?17.793?S 166°41?08.593?E
Section Peak Peak 73°14?S 161°55?E
Sentinel Peak Peak 77°46?42.742?S 162°22?57.463?E
Separation Range Range 84°05?S 174°00?E
Sequence Hill Hill 73°03?S 161°15?E
Shackleton Coast Coast 82°00?S 162°00?E
Shackleton Glacier Glacier 84°35?S 176°20?W
Shackleton Inlet Inlet 82°19?S 164°00?E
Shadow Bluff Bluff 71°57?S 167°38?E
Shangri-La Valley/Gorge 78°03?S 163°42?E
Shapeless Mountain Mountain 77°25?39.961?S 160°24?35.499?E
Shear Cliff Cliff 72°19?S 170°10?E
Sheehan Glacier Glacier 70°65?S 162°24?E
Sheehan Tableland Tableland 73°01?S 162°18?E
Shell Glacier Glacier 77°15?40.014?S 166°24?50.056?E
Shield Nunatak Nunatak 74°33?S 164°30?E
Shipley Glacier Glacier 71°26?S 169°12?E
Shirase Coast Coast 78°30?S 158°00?W
Shoulder Mountain Mountain 76°36?48.159?S 162°08?12.257?E
Shults Peninsula Peninsula 78°52?S 162°39?E
Shultz Peak Peak 76°10?S 160°51?E
Siege Dome Dome 84°16?S 172°22?E
Silva Ridge Ridge 72°59?S 162°17?E
Silver Ridge Ridge 82°16?S 161°40?E
Simpson Glacier Tongue Glacier Tongue 71°15?S 168°45?E
Siple Coast Coast 82°00?S 155°00?W
Siren Bay Bay 71°22?S 169°15?E
Skelton Glacier Glacier 78°28?52.699?S 161°15?52.791?E
Skelton Inlet Inlet 78°54?S 162°15?E
Skelton Névé Névé 78°20?S 160°00?E
Skew Peak Peak 77°13?08.139?S 160°42?11.446?E
Skua Lake Lake 77°38?07.646?S 166°25?35.146?E
Sledgers Glacier Glacier 71°26?S 162°48?E
Slickenside Face Cliff 77°40?S 106°44?E
Slone Glacier Glacier 71°56?S 170°03?E
Smith Inlet Inlet 70°59?S 167°52?E
Smiths Bench Bench 72°10?S 163°08?E
Snakeskin Glacier Glacier 84°57?S 170°40?E
Snow Valley Valley 77°33?10.028?S 166°19?15.778?E
Snowy Point Point 74°37?S 163°45?E
Socks Glacier Glacier 83°42?S 170°05?E
Solitary Rocks Rocks 77°47?S 161°12?E
Sollas Glacier Glacier 77°43?S 162°36?E
Solo Nunatak Nunatak 72°50?S 163°35?E
South America Glacier Glacier 77°48?46.055?S 161°47?46.677?E
South Bay Bay 77°38?30.794?S 166°26?10.231?E
South Beach Beach 71°18?S 170°13?E
South Fork Valley Fork/Arm 77°34?S 161°15?E
South Pole Site 90°00?S 00°00?E
South West Arm Glacier 77°56?20.808?S 161°00?25.976?E
Sperm Bluff Bluff 77°05?S 161°36?E
Sphinx Peak Peak 72°17?S 165°35?E
Sphinx Rock Rock 71°27?S 169°30?E
Spit Spit 71°18?S 170°13?E
Sponsors Peak Peak 77°18?15.221?S 161°24?31.596?E
Springtail Bluff Bluff 71°02?S 165°12?E
Sputnik Islands Islands 70°22?S 163°22?E
Staeffler Ridge Ridge 77°20?S 162°48?E
Stafford Glacier Glacier 72°30?S 168°15?E
Staircase Glacier Glacier 72°16?S 168°43?E
Stanwix Peak Peak 70°43?S 162°39?E
Starshot Glacier Glacier 81°20?S 160°20?E
Staten Island Heights Heights 76°49?S 160°57?E
Stepaside Spur Spur 78°17?58.106?S 161°24?25.267?E
Stocking Glacier Glacier 77°42?00.515?S 161°51?35.944?E
Storm Peak Peak 84°35?S 164°00?E
Strom Camp Camp 85°12?S 165°15?E
Strom Glacier Glacier 85°10?S 164°30?W
Sturge Island Island 67°28?S 164°38?E
Suess Glacier Glacier 77°38?S 162°40?E
Sullivan Ridge Ridge 84°47?S 177°05?E
Sultans Head Rock Rock 77°42?11.799?S 167°12?21.203?E
Sulzberger Bay Bay 77°00?S 152°00?W
Sunk Lake Lake 77°34?25.575?S 166°14?34.932?E
Supporters Range Range 85°04?S 169°30?E
Surveyors Range Range 81°37?S 160°15?E
Suture Bench Bench 73°31?S 162°57?E
Suvorov Glacier Glacier 69°56?S 160°00?E
Swinford Glacier Glacier 84°45?S 164°10?E
Swithinbank Moraine Moraine 85°00?S 177°05?W
Table Mountain Mountain 77°57?52.265?S 162°02?38.828?E
Tabular Mountain Mountain 77°51?38.156?S 160°14?24.079?E
Takrouna Bluff Bluff 71°59?S 163°23?E
Tantalus Bluffs Bluffs 84°55?S 168°25?W
Tantalus Peak Peak 73°53?S 161°21?E
Tapley Mountains Mountains 85°45?S 149°00?W
Tarn Flat Flat 75°04?S 162°30?E
Taylor Glacier Glacier 77°45?23.982?S 161°45?29.511?E
Taylor Nunatak Nunatak 84°54?S 176°00?W
Taylor Peak Peak 72°12?S 168°39?E
Teall Island Island 79°03?S 161°54?E
Teall Nunatak Nunatak 74°30?S 162°33?E
Tedrow Glacier Glacier 77°58?S 161°50?E
Tempest Peak Peak 84°31?S 164°11?E
Tennant Peak Peak 78°09?S 155°18?W
Tent Island Island 77°41?S 166°23?E
Tent Peak Peak 77°30?34.235?S 168°57?42.072?E
Tenterhooks Crevasses Crevasses 71°40?S 162°30?E
Terminus Mountain Mountain 78°08?14.327?S 163°32?15.219?E
Terra Cotta Mountain Mountain 77°53?38.872?S 161°15?33.079?E
Terra Nova Bay Bay 74°50?S 164°30?E
Terrace Terrace 71°18?S 170°13?E
Terrace Lake Lake 77°34?37.295?S 166°16?46.190?E
Terror Glacier Glacier 77°37?S 168°03?E
Thala Island Island 70°37?S 166°05?E
Thanksgiving Point Point 84°56?S 177°00?W
The Amphitheatre Cirque 78°17?25.221?S 163°03?30.148?E
The Bluff Bluff/Cliff 78°32?S 166°50?E
The Bulwark Mountain 78°17?S 163°33?E
The Cloudmaker Mountain 84°17?S 169°25?E
The Decanter Mountain 77°41?30.733?S 166°22?58.093?E
The Defile Pass 77°39?02.644?S 162°43?16.315?E
The Dome Hill 85°22?S 166°00?E
The Fault Cliff 77°39?55.241?S 166°46?03.380?E
The Flatiron Cliff 77°00?47.803?S 162°21?02.141?E
The Football Rock 72°30?S 169°42?E
The Fortress Platform 77°18?23.785?S 160°53?50.423?E
The Gap Col 77°50?57.905?S 166°42?17.798?E
The Gateway Pass 83°31?S 170°58?E
The Keyhole Pass 78°07?06.246?S 163°41?21.669?E
The Knoll Hill 77°30?47.011?S 169°18?54.526?E
The Landing Snowfield 78°22?S 161°25?E
The Mitten Nunatak 75°59?S 160°30?E
The Monolith Rock 66°57?S 163°17?E
The Pimple Peak 77°58?50.665?S 162°40?23.504?E
The Pleiades Volcanoes 72°42?S 165°32?E
The Podium Cliff/Bluff 78°56?S 161°09?E
The Pyramid Peak 78°20?38.527?S 163°29?56.207?E
The Ramp Slope 77°37?58.642?S 166°26?07.354?E
The Sisters Rocks 71°17.4?S 170°13.2?E
The Spire Rock 78°08?29.192?S 161°38?02.908?E
The Strand Moraines Moraines 77°45?10.877?S 164°31?05.065?E
The Terraced Moraines Moraines 77°32?24.677?S 166°12?56.488?E
The Tooth Peak 77°31?07.567?S 168°58?33.176?E
The Turret Point 77°41?02.909?S 166°30?09.020?E
The Tusk Peak 84°52?S 168°15?W
Third Crater Crater 77°47?54.429?S 166°44?04.011?E
Thomson Peak Peak 71°59?S 166°07?E
Three Sisters Cone Peak 77°33?42.507?S 166°58?41.517?E
Thumb Point Point 75°58?S 160°28?E
Tiger Island Island 76°47?20.573?S 162°27?41.843?E
Tiger Peak Peak 70°52?S 165°58?E
Tillite Glacier Glacier 83°51?S 166°00?E
Timber Peak Peak 74°10?S 162°23?E
Tinker Glacier Glacier 74°00?S 164°50?E
Tobin Tableland Tableland 73°17?S 162°52?E
Toboggan Gap Pass 72°16?S 166°03?E
Todd Hill Hill 77°50?45.193?S 163°02?43.358?E
Toilers Mountain Mountain 71°44?S 164°52?E
Tombstone Hill Hill 72°27?S 169°42?E
Tooth Peak Peak 72°47?S 162°03?E
Towle Glacier Glacier 76°38?S 161°05?E
Towle Valley Valley 76°41?S 160°45?E
Towles Glacier Glacier 72°25?S 169°05?E
Trachyte Hill Hill 77°15?59.849?S 166°26?22.706?E
Trafalgar Glacier Glacier 72°28?S 168°25?E
Trainer Glacier Glacier 72°34?S 167°29?E
Trepidation Glacier Glacier 78°46?S 162°21?E
Tricorn Mountain Mountain 85°03?S 173°27?E
Trigon Bluff Bluff 72°29?S 169°09?E
Trinity Nunatak Nunatak 76°26?S 160°38?E
Tripp Bay Bay 76°37?S 162°44?E
Tripp Island Island 76°38?S 162°42?E
Tryggve Point Point 77°39?38.525?S 166°42?18.890?E
Tucker Glacier Glacier 72°32?S 169°15?E
Tucker Inlet Inlet 72°37?S 169°45?E
Tur Icefall Icefall 72°19?S 170°10?E
Turks Head Head 77°39?51.621?S 166°46?32.469?E
Turks Head Bay Bay 77°39?37.382?S 166°45?10.244?E
Turks Head Ridge Ridge 77°38?S 166°49?E
Turnabout Valley Valley 77°46?S 160°32?E
Turret Cone Hill 77°33?00.874?S 166°26?29.020?E
Turret Island Island 71°22?S 169°13?E
Turret Peak Peak 72°16?S 166°06?E
Turtle Rock Rock 77°44?38.297?S 166°46?38.704?E
Twin Nunataks Nunataks 75°38?S 159°36?E
Twin Rocks Rocks 78°23?57.203?S 161°42?31.538?E
Tyler Glacier Glacier 72°15?S 168°35?E
Upper Staircase Glacier 78°14?44.793?S 161°02?41.211?E
Upper Wright Glacier Glacier 77°32?S 160°35?E
USARP Mountains Mountains 71°10?S 160°00?E
Vantage Hills Hills 73°33?S 162°27?E
Vashka Crag Rock 77°18?49.510?S 161°03?29.651?E
Vee Cliffs Cliffs 77°38?S 167°45?E
Vegetation Island Island 74°47?S 163°37?E
Ventifact Knobs Knobs 77°42?S 162°35?E
Ver-Sur-Mer Inlet Inlet 78°40?S 164°10?W
Veto Gap Pass 73°24?S 162°54?E
Vickers Nunatak Nunatak 85°20?S 176°40?W
Victoria Land Area 74°15?S 163°00?E
Victoria Valley Valley 77°23?S 162°00?E
Victory Mountains Mountains 72°40?S 168°00?E
View Point Point 77°02?S 163°05?E
Vigil Spur Spur 71°06?S 165°30?E
Waipuke Beach Beach 77°14?S 166°24?E
Walcott Bay Bay 78°14?S 163°37?E
Walcott Glacier Glacier 78°14?S 163°15?E
Walcott Névé Névé 84°23?S 162°40?E
Waldron Spurs Spurs 84°35?S 175°40?W
Wales Glacier Glacier 77°37?S 163°31?E
Walker Rocks Rocks 76°14?S 161°36?E
Wallis Glacier Glacier 71°14?S 168°15?E
Ward Glacier Glacier 78°10?S 163°27?E
Ward Lake Lake 78°10?15.224?S 163°35?45.338?E
Warning Glacier Glacier 71°32?S 170°21?E
Watchtower Hill Hill 73°16?S 163°08?E
Webb Glacier Glacier 77°15?S 160°45?E
Webster Knob Rock 85°18?S 166°30?W
Wedge Face Rock 84°12?S 171°30?E
Wedge Peak Peak 84°12?S 172°05?E
Welcome Mountain Mountain 72°14?S 160°12?E
West Beach Beach 77°38?15.856?S 166°24?18.824?E
West Beacon Peak 77°49?29.092?S 160°48?11.028?E
West Dailey Isle Island 77°53?S 164°54?E
West Peak Peak 77°39?35.931?S 166°21?21.163?E
West Quartzite Range Range 72°00?S 164°45?E
Whakawhiti Saddle Saddle 82°40?S 164°20?E
Wheeler Valley Valley 77°11?47.373?S 161°42?2.446?E
Whiplash Glacier Glacier 72°16?S 167°42?E
White Island Island 78°08?S 167°24?E
White Strait Strait 78°13?S 166°48?E
Whitehall Glacier Glacier 72°43?S 169°25?E
Widowmaker Pass Pass 74°55?S 162°20?E
Wild Icefalls Icefalls 84°55?S 162°25?E
Wilkes Ampitheatre Cirque 76°04?S 161°55?E
Willett Cove Cove 77°18?S 160°25?E
Willett Range Range 77°18?S 160°25?E
Williams Air Operating Facility Base 77°51?S 166°37?E
Williams Cliff Cliff 77°35?S 166°47?E
Williams Peak Peak 77°58?09.719?S 163°55?55.196?E
Williamson Rock Rock 77°27?S 169°15?E
Willis Glacier Glacier 77°16?S 162°05?E
Wilson Piedmont Glacier Piedmont Glacier 77°15?S 163°10?E
Wilson Portal Peak 84°28?S 178°54?W
Wilson Stream Stream 77°16?48.285?S 166°25?01.183?E
Windless Bight Bight 77°42?S 167°40?E
Windvane Hill Hill 77°38?14.106?S 166°25?12.518?E
Windy Gully Gully 77°52?49.299?S 161°11?45.867?E
Winter Quarters Bay Bay 77°50?46.195?S 166°39?10.490?E
Wirdnam Glacier Glacier 78°25?S 162°02?E
Wise Bay Bay 83°02?S 167°35?E
Wohlschlag Bay Bay 77°22?S 166°25?E
Wood Bay Bay 74°13?S 165°30?E
Wood Glacier Glacier 72°29?S 166°42?E
Wood Point Point 77°25?17.693?S 168°57?49.951?E
Woodall Peak Peak 84°17?S 178°38?E
Worcester Range Range 78°50?S 161°00?E
Wright Valley Valley 77°30?34.670?S 162°10?3.100?E
Wyandot Ridge Ridge 76°36?S 160°30?E
Yeates Bluff Bluff 83°23?S 169°10?E
Yeats Glacier Glacier 85°01?S 175°00?W
Yermak Point Point 70°00?S 160°41?E
Young Island Island 66°25?S 162°24?E
Yule Bay Bay 70°44?S 166°40?E
Zigzag Bluff Bluff 85°18?S 163°30?W
Znamenskiy Island Island 70°14?S 161°51?E
Zoller Glacier Glacier 77°53?S 162°18?E
Zykov Glacier Glacier 70°37?S 164°46?E
Dated at Wellington this 10th day of May 2012.
W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ng? Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.