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Land Notices
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Notice of Final Determinations of the Minister for Land Information on Official Geographic Names

Pursuant to section 16 of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 (“Act”), notice was given in the New Zealand Gazette, 26 May 2016, Issue No. 46, Notice No. 2016-ln2985, 27 October 2016, Issue No. 97, Notice No. 2016-ln6040, and 22 June 2017, Issue No. 65, Notice No. 2017-ln3085, of proposals by the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) to assign new or alter existing geographic names.

The Board dealt with the submissions it received for the proposals according to section 18 of the Act.

Having considered the reports from the Board, I hereby declare that my final determinations, made pursuant to sections 20(2) and 20(3) of the Act, are the official geographic names as described in the Schedule below.

I made my decisions on 19 December 2017, and my final determinations on these names will take effect on 18 January 2018.


Official Geographic Name

Geographic Feature Type


Kapitia Creek


A stream flowing generally northwest for approximately 11.5km from Kapitia Reservoir to a coastal sandbar at the Tasman Sea. NZTopo50-BU19 521749 (source) to NZTopo50-BU18 435812 (mouth). Alteration from Kapitea Creek (recorded name).

Kapitia Dam


A man-made feature retaining the northwestern shores of Kapitia Reservoir, approximately 3km south-southeast of Kumara. NZTopo50-BU19 524755 to 519742. Assigning a new name to a feature locally known as Kapitea Dam, also locally known as Dillmans Dam.

Kapitia Hill


A small 210m hill, approximately 2km south of Kumara. NZTopo50-BU19 511761. Alteration from Kapitea Hill (recorded name).

Kapitia Reservoir


A man-made reservoir covering approximately 2.4km², formed from damming Kapitia Creek, approximately 3km south of Kumara. NZTopo50-BU19 524732. Alteration from Kapitea Reservoir (recorded name), also locally known as Dillmans Dam.

Motutere / Castle Rock


A prominent rocky feature at 525m on Coromandel Peninsula, between Coromandel Harbour and Whangapoua Harbour. Approximately 7.5km southeast of Coromandel (locality). NZTopo50-BA35 286239. Geodetic mark code A6KM is located at its summit. Alteration from Castle Rock (recorded name).



A residential locality/village on Waiheke Island, bound to the south by Kuakarau Bay and Omiha Bay, and approximately 6km southeast of Oneroa township. NZTopo50-BA33 839234. Alteration from Omiha (recorded name).

Waiau Toa / Clarence River


A river flowing for approximately 200km from its source below Clarence Pass in St James Range, generally southeast, northeast, east, and southeast, to its mouth at the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 33km northeast of Kaikoura. NZTopo50-BS24 763386 (source) to NZTopo50-BT28 768305 (mouth). Alteration from Clarence River (recorded name).

Waiau Uwha River


A river flowing generally south and east for approximately 160km from its source at Thompson Pass in the Spenser Mountains to its mouth at the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 50km southwest of Kaikoura. NZTopo50-BS24 699363 (source) to NZTopo50- BU26 304632 (mouth). Alteration from Waiau River (recorded name).

Dated at Wellington this 18th day of January 2018.

Hon EUGENIE SAGE, Minister for Land Information.