Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Notice Pursuant to Section 114 Land Transfer Act 2017

The applicant described below has applied under section 114 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 for the removal of an easement at Nelson. The applicant claims the Easement is redundant by reason of the circumstances set out below.

I intend to remove the easement on 22 July 2024 if no objections have been received before that date. You may object by giving notice to the Registrar-General of Land.

Application Number: 12886006.1

Applicant: John Cameron Heslop, Karen Elizabeth Heslop and 187 Heslop Trustee Limited, C/- McFadden McMeeken Phillips, Level 2, 241 Hardy Street, Nelson 7010. PO Box 656, Nelson 7040.

Easement: Certain water rights over part Lot 2 DP 526228 marked B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J and K on DP 526228 contained in Record of Title (“RT”) 844289 (“burdened land”) owned by John Cameron Heslop, Karen Elizabeth Heslop and 187 Heslop Trustee Limited granted to Lots 2 DP 310911 RTs 42903 owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific New Zealand Limited, Lot 3 and 18 DP 310911 RTs 42904 and 42918 owned by Alan Russell Freeman, Doreen Joyce Freeman, Robert Bruce Freeman and Warwick Stephen Freeman, Lots 4 and 10 DP 310911 RTs 42905 and 42910 owned by Coman Holdings Limited, Lot 8 DP 310911 RT 42908 owned by Honda New Zealand Limited, Lots 11, 14 and 24 DP 310911 RTs 42911 and 42914 owned by Barnicoat Developments Limited, Lot 12 DP 310911 RT 42912 owned by Holdwell Limited, Lot 17 DP 310911 RT 42917 owned by Chalcom Limited (all benefiting land) created by Deed of Easement 35685 (37/382) registered 13 March 1909.

Circumstances: Extinguished because an event specified in the document creating the easement has occurred and brought it to an end, being the easement was not assignable by the Nelson Freezing Company Limited (“Grantee”) but personal to it so long as the grantee occupied and operated freezing works on the land now comprised in the records of title listed above as benefited land.

Dated at Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch this 14th day of June 2024.

C. M. SHANNON, for Registrar General of Land.