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General Section
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Notice of Making of a Recommendation for an Amendment to Gas Governance Regulations

This notice of a recommendation for an amendment to gas governance regulations is issued by Gas Industry Company Limited (“Gas Industry Co”) approved as the industry body by Order in Council under section 43ZL of the Gas Act 1992 (“Act”).

Section 43O(1) of the Act provides that, no later than 10 working days after making a recommendation for a gas governance regulation to the Minister, Gas Industry Co must publicise the recommendation and the assessment completed under section 43N of the Act.


On 2 July 2024 Gas Industry Co made a recommendation to the Minister, under sections 43F(2)(e) and 43S of the Gas Act 1992, and in accordance with sections 43J to 43P of that Act (as applicable), for approval of an amendment to the Gas Governance (Critical Contingency Management) Regulations 2008 (“Regulations”).

The recommendation:

  1. redesigns the curtailment bands by volume to provide the critical contingency operator with more flexibility to curtail fewer larger consumers before curtailing many smaller consumers;
  2. broadens the critical contingency pressure threshold limits in Schedule 1 of the Regulations to enable the pressure thresholds to align with operation of the transmission system; and
  3. updates the wording, removes ambiguity or refines processes in the Regulations.

A copy of Gas Industry Co’s recommendation is available on Gas Industry Co’s website

Dated at Wellington this 5th day of July 2024.

For and on behalf of Gas Industry Co:
Rt Hon JAMES BOLGER, onz, Chair.