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Notification of Commerce Commission’s Amendments to the Copper Withdrawal Code

The Commerce Commission gives notice, in accordance with section 6, via clause 5 of Schedule 2A, of the Telecommunications Act 2001 (“Act”), that it has approved the Copper Withdrawal Code 2024 (“Code”) under clause 3 of Schedule 2A of the Act.

This notice summarises the approved Code in accordance with section 6(2)(b) of the Act.



The Code applies where Chorus seeks to stop supplying a copper service by complying with the requirements of the Code in relation to stopping the supply of that copper service.


The Code comes into force on 5 April 2024 and applies to any copper withdrawal process from that date.

Summary of amendments

The Commission has reviewed the operation of the previous Code following consultation with stakeholders, including industry and consumer groups, and has made amendments to better deliver on the requirements of the Act.

The table below summarises the key amendments:

Changes to improve and simplify the process of notifying end-users which:

  • Allow flexibility to change notice names
  • Clarify ‘withdrawal date’ and ‘notice period’ definitions
  • Make Notice 3 the last required notice to be sent to end-users and confirms the actual date of withdrawal
  • Inform RSP and RFSPs when Chorus provides Notice 3 to end-users
  • Remove the Confirmation Notice requirement
  • Allow 75 days before providing a Continuation Notice is required
  • Change the duration between notices

Allow flexibility in communication channels:

  • By allowing notices to be delivered to an alternative address and use alternative methods of communication

Provide pause mechanisms to help resolve any process issues:

  • By allowing a pause to the process during extreme or unforeseen events
  • By allowing a pause of 45 working days to resolve third party delays

Consequential changes:

  • To require additional disclosure information in relation to relevant amendments

Further Information

Copies of the Code, and the supporting reasons paper, are available on the Commission’s website at: