Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act 2017 Notice

The applicants described below have applied under section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 for the removal of easements in the North Auckland Land Registration District. The applicants claim the easements are redundant by reason of the circumstances set out below.

I intend to remove the easements on 13 February 2023 if no objections have been received before that date. You may object by giving notice to the Registrar-General of Land by 13 February 2023.

Application Number: 12285488.2

Applicants: Huawei Development Limited, 119 Bleakhouse Road, Mellons Bay, Auckland 2014 and Jun Vision Investment Limited, 6 Appaloosa Street, Karaka, Papakura 2113.

Easement: Right of way over part Lot 203 DP 536931 marked A on DP 557249 in Record of Title (“RT”) 893565 owned by Huawei Development Limited for the benefit of Lot 1 DP 188360 in RT NA118C/39 owned by C. Ma and K. F. Moncur, Lot 91 DP 536931 in RT 893530 owned by M. Y. Khan and S. Nisha, Lot 13 DP 556223 in RT 970772 owned by M. J. Ng Chok and T. M. Ng Chok, Lot 14 DP 556223 in RT 970773 owned by O. P. Chen and R. L. Chen, Lot 7 DP 553757 in RT 961788 owned by S. R. Breen, Lot 8 DP 553757 in RT 961789 owned by B. B. Tacbian, Lot 9 DP 553757 in RT 961790 owned by H. W. Cho and S. B. Kang, Lot 10 DP 553757 in RT 961791 owned by E. J. S. Ward and I. Poletti, Lot 11 DP 553757 in RT 961792 owned by J. I. Aro and Lot 12 DP 553757 in RT 961793 owned by J. A. Te Kanawa, and right of way over part Lot 204 DP 536931 marked B on DP 557249 in RT 904790 owned by Jun Vision Investment Limited for the benefit of Lot 1 DP 188360 in RT NA118C/39 owned by C. Ma and K. F. Moncur, Lot 51 DP 528695 in RT 855038 owned by Aviemore Trustees (2020) Madhav Limited and SR & AS Madhav Trustee Limited, Lot 52 DP 528695 in RT 855039 owned by C. S. Benjamin and V. L. Benjiamin, Lot 54 DP 528695 in RT 855041 owned by Noah Eastern Limited, Lot 5 DP 547950 in RT 936947 owned by J-P. Takiwa and J. T. Takiwa, Lot 6 DP 547950 in RT 936948 owned by F. H. Bourke and S. J. Knight, Lot 85 DP 536931 in RT 893524 owned by BWDE Limited, Lot 3 DP 553757 in RT 961784 owned by J. A. O. Solidum, Lot 4 DP 553757 in RT 961785 owned by M. A. Amarante, Lot 5 DP 553757 in RT 961786 owned by A. R. Johnson and J. L. Johnson, Lot 6 DP 553757 in RT 961787 owned by C. Sutherland and R-L. Sutherland, Lot 5 DP 556223 in RT 970764 owned by J. H. Lee and M. Nam, Lot 6 DP 556223 in RT 970765 owned by K. R. Kanunga and R. N. Shah, Lot 7 DP 556223 in RT 970766 owned by P. K. Poovelil and R. Prashin, Lot 8 DP 556223 in RT 970767 owned by D. J. Norton and L. J. Jespersen, Lot 9 DP 556223 in RT 970768 owned by K. Thompson and S. Burke, Lot 10 DP 556223 in RT 970769 owned by A. F. Guevarra and M. J. Balingbing, Lot 11 DP 556223 in RT 970770 owned by B. R. A. Virata, Lot 12 DP 556223 in RT 970771 owned by A. W. F. Allen and D. Ritchie and Lot 13 DP 556223 in RT 970772 owned by M. J. Ng Chok and T. M. Ng Chok specified in Easement Certificate B301960.4 registered on 22 June 1984.

Circumstances: The easements are extinguished because they are redundant in that the benefited land no longer adjoins the burdened land as a result of subdivision on DP 188360 as to RT NA118C/39, DP 528695 as to RTs 855038, 855039, 855041, 936947 and 936948, and DP 536931 as to RTs 893524, 893530, 961784–961793 and 970764–970773 and as a result, the easements have no practical effect.

Dated at Christchurch this 10th day of January 2023.

A. McHARG, for Registrar-General of Land.