Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Land Transfer Act 2017 Notice

Notice is given under section 161(1) of the Land Transfer Act 2017 (“Act”) of the following application for a Record of Title based on adverse possession made under section 155 of the Act.

Application 12524856.2 by Donald Ian Beckett, c/- PRLaw, PO Box 355, Invercargill 9840 for land at Tinkertown Road being 4.8367 hectares, more or less, and being Lots 1 and 2 DP 570308 in Record of Title SL105/121 in the Southland Land Registration District owned by Ellen Garner Beattie. The applicant claims to have been in continuous and undisputed possession of the land for 22 years.

A person claiming an estate or interest in the land described may lodge a caveat under section 162 of the Act to prevent the application from being granted before 11 September 2023. If no caveats are lodged, the Record of Title will be issued and existing estates and interests extinguished.

Information about how to contact Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand with enquiries about this notice is found at

Dated at Christchurch this 16th day of June 2023.

DEBBIE DOLHEGUY, for the Registrar-General of Land.