Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Notice Pursuant to Section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017

The applicant described below has applied under section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 for the removal of an easement in the Wellington Land Registration District. The applicant claims the easement described below is redundant by reason of the circumstances set out below.

You may object by giving notice to the Registrar-General of Land by 3 July 2023. I intend to remove the easement if no objections have been received before that date.

Application Number: 12686150.2

Applicant: Jamie David Cassar and Kathleen Gale Famor Cassar, 23 Beazley Avenue, Paparangi, Wellington 6037.

Easement: Right to drain sewage over Lot 2 DP 564838 marked B on DP 564838 in Record of Title (RT) 1007189 (Burdened Land) owned by James David Cassar and Kathleen Gale Famor Pascual for the benefit of part Lot 1 DP 336830 in RT 150679 owned by Jie Wei, part Lot 2 DP 336830 in RT 150680 owned by Mary Ann Mulqueen, Peter Charles Mulqueen and Public Trust, part Lot 1 DP 313885 in RT 54897 owned by McCullie Property Limited, part Lot 2 DP 313885 in RT 54898 owned by Louisa Luyi Gao and Qi Gao, part Lot 3 DP 313885 in RT 54899 owned by Lauren Jean Vargo and Samantha Kate Young, Lot 2 DP 52199 in RT WN22B/288 owned by James Stephen Irvine, Jo-Anne Dallas Howell and Joyce Ngaire Irvine, Lot 3 DP 52199 in RT WN22B/289 owned by Michael Joseph DCosta and Natasha Telles, Lot 4 DP 52199 in RT WN22B/290 owned by Daniel Fransciscus Gunawan and Maria Goreti Setyaweni Gunawan, Lot 5 DP 52199 in RT WN22B/291 owned by Dori Lee (1/3 share) and Manda Chin (2/3 share), Lot 12 DP 53215 in RT WN22B/762 owned by Anthony Edwin Yee and Donna Maree Allen, Lot 2 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/578 owned by Alberto Marchesi, Yumei He, Lot 3 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/579 owned by Elizabeth Marion Templeton and Frances Mary Mosley, Lot 5 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/581 owned by Kuo Suan To and Minh Van To, Lot 6 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/584 owned by Alvin Yee, Elaine Ling Moy Yee and Shung Art Robert Yee, Lot 7 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/585 owned by Amy Louise Tredger and David Robert Tredger, Lot 8 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/586 owned by Andrea Jane Godfree and David Neil Godfree, Lot 9 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/587 owned by Ju Qiao Liu and Wan Ching Liu, Lot 10 DP 53495 in RT WN24A/588 owned by Karilyn May Uddstrom and Michael John Uddstrom, Lot 7 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/957 owned by Jerome Gordon Sheppard and Lynley Jan Sheppard, Lot 8 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/958 owned by Cara Louise Murray and Keith William John Murray, Lot 9 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/959 owned by Pamela Phaik Som Lim and Ronnie Teck Ming Chang, part Lot 10 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/960 owned by David Alexander John Middleton and Rachel Margaret Middleton, Lot 14 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/964 owned by Lorraine Margaret Douthett and Trevor Edward Douthett, Lot 15 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/965 owned by Brian John Somerville Hogge, Diane Janet Hogge and Nelson Trustees No 2 Limited, Lot 25 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/966 owned by Graham Warren Henderson and Raewyn Anne Henderson, Lot 26 DP 53873 in RT WN24A/967 owned by Clive Robert Morrison and Leonie Annette Morrison, Lot 61 DP 56275 in RT WN25D/988 owned by Clinton Barry Davis, Kevin Robert Smith and Susanne Robyn Davis, Lot 75 DP 56275 in RT WN25D/989 owned by Brian Geoffrey Vincent and Patricia Mary Vincent, Lot 16 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/872 owned by Michael Man Chung Lai, Lot 18 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/874 owned by Avleen Kaur and Charandeep Singh Gulati, Lot 19 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/875 owned by Beverley Anne Wong, Megan Elizabeth Parker and Raymond Geoffrey Wong, Lot 20 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/876 owned by Benjamin John Hasse Holland and Sarah Jane Holland, Lot 21 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/877 owned by John Anthony Langford, John Robert Sommerville and Sharon Marie Sommerville, Lot 22 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/878 owned by Elizabeth Lowe (1/2 share) and William Robert Lowe (1/2 share), Lot 23 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/879 owned by Brent Alan Robinson and Tracy Helen Robinson, Lot 24 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/880 owned by Peter Andrew Bemrose and Susan Elizabeth Bemrose, Lot 40 DP 55945 in RT WN26A/881 owned by Fiona Marie D'Souza and Gregory John Perry, Lot 17 DP 55945 in RT WN34D/564 owned by Lindsay David Smith, part Lot 4 DP 53495 (1/2 share) in RT WN39B/473 owned by Bo Li and Yang Liu, part Lot 4 DP 53495 (1/2 share) in RT WN39B/474 owned by Bo Li and Yang Liu, part Lot 367 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/84 owned by Brittany Margaret Valmae Collins and Nicholas Albert Algar Rodgers, part Lot 368 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/85 owned by Juliet Rajaprabajini Sabapathipillai and Sabapathipillai Vallipuram, part Lot 369 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/86 owned by Siwen Li, part Lot 370 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/87 owned by Caroline Susan Bees and David Robert Bees, part Lot 371 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/88 owned by Brent Knox Watson and Rachel Lea Watson, part Lot 372 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/89 owned by Jeremy Laurence Wear and Joanne Maree Wear, part Lot 373 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/90 owned by Sophia Frances Constantine Savva-Follows, part Lot 374 DP 76506 in RT WN43B/91 owned by Dhanbagiam Nand and Dhinesh Nand, part Lot 375 DP 76507 in RT WN43B/92 owned by Stewart William Crookston and Suzanne Alice Crookston, Lot 376 DP 76507 in RT WN43B/93 owned by Deborah Anne Rings and Noel Joseph Rings, part Lot 377 DP 76507 in RT WN43B/94 owned by Cherry Grageda Estor and Jodel Ros Estor, part Lot 378 DP 76507 in RT WN43B/95 owned by Lay Wee Ng, Public Trust and Tuek An Chen, part Lot 379 DP 76508 in RT WN43B/96 owned by Clare Helen Everella Helm, Paul David Helm and Perpetual Trust Limited, part Lot 381 DP 76508 in RT WN43B/98 owned by Alison Jean Riseborough and John Malcolm Riseborough as executors, part Lot 382 DP 76508 in RT WN43B/99 owned by Minaxi Govind and Shanti Govind, Lot 380 DP 76508 (1/2 share) in RT WN45A/370 owned by Kalpana Mukundarajan and Roopesh Tirumalasai Narasimhan, Lot 380 DP 76508 (1/2 share) in RT WN45A/371 owned by John Joseph Aloysius Dorey, part Lot 152 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/981 owned by Hercus King Trustees Limited, Lynette Karryn Woods and Michael Hornsby Woods, part Lot 153 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/982 owned by Maneesha Sonali Cumaranasinghe, part Lot 154 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/983 owned by Mala Chithrangani Samarasinghe Gunasekera, part Lot 158 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/984 owned by Annette Margaret Lilian Franklin and Duncan Bruce Shepherd, part Lot 159 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/985 owned by Donald Keith Kirkcaldie, Ewen Gordon Kirkcaldie, Jonathan Harcourt James Crawford and Takako Uchiyama, part Lot 160 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/986 owned by Kirat Kamini Singh and Manhor Singh, part Lot 161 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/987 owned by Andrew Kenneth Strachan, David James Strachan and Maria Eugenia Molina-Barrantes, part Lot 162 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/988 owned by Alan Stephen Murphy and Margaret Ann Murphy, part Lot 174 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/989 owned by Dong Hong Xie and Guang Xin Peng, part Lot 175 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/990 owned by Alan James Laurenson, Brett Nicholas Guilliard and Joy Elizabeth Tracey, part Lot 178 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/991 owned by Blanche Angelica Silva de Souza and Eric Maria de Souza, part Lot 179 DP 80605 in RT WN47A/992 owned by Min Htut Oo and Nyein Aye Htet, part Lot 163 DP 80606 in RT WN47A/994 owned by Mary Moananu and Mau Esene Moananu, Lot 167 DP 80606 in RT WN47A/998 owned by Michael Robert Potangaroa Clements and Ruth Moreen Dean, part Lot 168 DP 80606 in RT WN47A/999 owned by Jeyachitra Thavaraj and Mariathas Johnson Thavaraj, part Lot 170 DP 80606 in RT WN47B/1 owned by Lai Hing Wong, part Lot 171 DP 80606 in RT WN47B/2 owned by Margaret Anne Crozier and Rion James Crozier, part Lot 172 DP 80606 in RT WN47B/3 owned by David Greville Kember, Harry Moon and Shirley Moon, part Lot 173 DP 80606 in RT WN47B/4 owned by Ruolan Li and Xiaolu Dou, part Lot 1 DP 82715 in RT WN49A/974 owned by Elizabeth Regina Salisbury, Fastco Trustees Limited and Graham Victor Salisbury, part Lot 2 DP 82715 in RT WN49A/975 owned by Antony Ronald Charles Batten and Yvonne Margaret Harkness and part Lot 3 DP 82715 in RT WN49A/976 owned by Alison Michelle Young and Andrew Simon Young created by Easement Certificate 428291.2 registered on 30 April 1981.

Circumstances: The benefited land no longer adjoins the burdened land as a result of the subdivision shown on DP 564838 and as a result the easement has no practical effect.

Dated at Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch this 2nd day of June 2023.

DEBBIE DOLHEGUY, for Registrar General of Land.