Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Notice Pursuant to Section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017

The applicants described below have applied under section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 for the extinguishment of easements in the South Auckland Land Registration District. The applicants claim the easements are redundant by reason of the circumstances set out below.

I intend to extinguish the easements if no objections have been received before 26 April 2023. You may object by giving notice to the Registrar-General of Land by 26 April 2023.

Land Registration District: South Auckland

Application Number: 12616794.1

Applicants: Ronald Maurice Keyzer and Johanna Maria Keyzer, c/- Burley Castle Hawkins Law Limited, 41 Monmouth Street, Tauranga 3110. (Attention: Jude Spicer).

Easement: Right to take and convey water over part Lot 1 Deposited Plan (“DP”) 561311 marked HC, HE and HF on DP 561311 in Record of Title (“RT”) 992768 and over part Lot 2 DP 561311 marked HB and HD on DP 561311 in RT 992766 and over part Lot 3 DP 561311 marked HA on DP 561311 in RT 992767 owned by Ronald Maurice Keyzer and Johanna Maria Keyzer for the benefit of Lot 1 DP 480526 in RT 671654 owned by Andrew W. Thompson, Shona J. Thompson and Karen M. Scott and Lot 1 DPS 54457 in RT SA45C/662 owned by Gloria H. Andrew specified in Easement Certificate H111290.6 registered on 9 December 1976.

Circumstances: The easements are extinguished because they are redundant in that the benefited land no longer adjoins the burdened land as a result of subdivision on DP 480526 as to RT 671654 and DPS 54457 as to RT SA45C/662 and as a result, the easement has no practical effect.

Dated at Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand, Hamilton this 24th day of March 2023.

L. BARON, for Registrar-General of Land.