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Notice of Approved Official Geographic Names in Auckland

Pursuant to sections 10(1)(b), 24(2)(a) and 21(2) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008, the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) gives notice of 541 approved official geographic names as described in the Schedule below.

The Board’s final determination on these approved official geographic names took effect on 7 November 2023.


Approved Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type NZTopo50 Map and Grid Reference
Ahaaha Rocks Rocks BA33 808376
Ahuroa Locality AZ31 393620
Akatārere Point Point AY34 077908
Anawhata Locality BA30 297128
Anawhata Stream Stream BA30 318136
Aotea Cliffs Cliff AZ30 233524
Aotearoa Point Point BA33 916126
Apuapu Bay Bay BA33 925178
Arapārera Locality AZ30 305587
Arapārera River River AZ31 368599
Ararimu Locality BB33 810876
Ararimu Stream Stream BA31 390366
Aroaro Stream Stream BB33 889039
Aronui Stream Stream BA31 410256
Ātiu Creek Stream AZ30 229791
Auwharewhare Stream Stream BB33 029005
Awaawaroa Bay Bay BA33 876214
Awakiriapa Bay Bay BA33 930248
Awakohukohu Creek Stream AZ30 196552
Awapeka Stream Stream AY31 340856
Awarere Stream Stream AZ31 408736
Awaroa Stream Stream BA30 311397
Awaruaiti Creek Stream BB31 513774
Awaruku Creek Stream BA31 555374
Āwhitu Point Point BB32 580938
Big Ōmaha Locality AZ31 554788
Erangi Point Point BA30 278163
Hangaura Point Point BA32 775260
Hangore Bank Bank BB31 518975
Haraki Point Point BA33 932136
Haratahi Creek Stream AZ30 130593
Harataonga Bay Bay AY34 235947
Harataonga Stream Stream AY34 220939
Hauruia Stream Stream AY33 889901
Hautapu Point Point AY34 247003
Hekerua Bay Bay BA33 807276
Hiki Creek Stream AZ30 222753
Hikihiki Bank Bank BB32 619974
Hītapa Bay Bay BA33 821232
Homai Suburb BB32 668015
Hōteo North Locality AZ31 330793
Huapai Locality BA31 373294
Huaroa Point Point AZ32 644487
Huawai Bay Bay AZ31 531600
Huia Locality BB31 394042
Huia Bank Bank BB31 410012
Huia Bay Bay BB31 396036
Huia Stream Stream BB31 379080
Hūnua Locality BB33 842942
Hūnua Falls Waterfall BB33 858955
Hūnua Stream Stream BB33 835955
Huruhuru Creek Stream BA31 446203
Kahawai Point Point BB31 512861
Kahuru Point Point BB33 885098
Kahutaewao Creek Stream AZ30 229752
Kaikiore Creek Stream AZ30 180495
Kaipātiki Creek Stream BA31 520276
Kaiteke Point Point BB31 387018
Kaitoke Beach Beach AY34 228861
Kaitoke Creek Stream AY34 189901
Kaitoke Swamp Wetland AY34 197878
Kaituna Creek Stream BA30 211446
Kaiwakawaka River River AY30 318823
Kanohi Locality AZ31 344493
Kāparanui Stream Stream BB33 013039
Karangatuoro Point Point AZ32 606713
Karioitahi Beach Beach BC31 467725
Karore Bank Bank BB31 475028
Karukaruhui Creek Stream AZ30 177560
Kauri Bay Bay BB33 884095
Kauri Point Point BB32 678970
Kauri Point Point BB31 473991
Kauri Ridge Ridge AY33 887933
Kauritūtahi Creek Stream BB31 457944
Kauritūtahi Island Island BB31 475936
Kawa Locality AY34 131991
Kawa Stream Stream AY34 131983
Kawatī Point Point AZ32 649710
Kawau Pārua Inlet Bay AZ30 237471
Kirikiriroa Point Point AY34 107994
Kiripaka Stream Stream BB33 934045
Kiriraukawa Stream Stream AY33 887914
Kiwiriki Bay Bay AY34 114911
Kōherurahi Point Point BA33 907110
Kohikohinui Stream Stream BB33 006041
Kohuroa Stream Stream AY32 608822
Kōnini Suburb BA31 464118
Kōpukanui Hill BB31 447801
Korakorahi Point Point BA33 877286
Kotekote Stream Stream AY31 507820
Kotikoti Stream Stream AZ31 335612
Kotipū Stream Stream AZ31 337567
Kōtorengaru Stream Stream AZ31 357621
Kōtuku Point Point AY34 104959
Kōtukutuku Inlet Bay BA31 460287
Kōurawhero Stream Stream AZ31 438689
Kōwhai Beach Beach BA31 479282
Kuataika Hill BA30 309143
Kurakuranui Stream Stream BB33 008039
Lake Keretā Lake AZ30 146496
Lake Ngākaru Lake BA30 187430
Lake Paekawau Lake BA30 279273
Lake Pokorua Lake BB31 449825
Lake Poutoa Lake BA30 177447
Lake Pupuke Lake BA32 576280
Lake Wainamu Lake BA30 309163
Lake Whatihua Lake BC31 481733
Little Huia Locality BB31 382022
Little Mahuki Island Island AY34 073882
Little Ōmaha Bay Bay AZ32 605774
Lower Huia Reservoir Lake BB31 395059
Lower Nihotupu Reservoir Lake BB31 436086
Māeneene Creek Stream AY31 338873
Māeneene Stream Stream AY31 365901
Māhoe Stream Stream BB33 029017
Māhoenui Stream Stream BA31 473352
Māhuehue Point Point BA32 769269
Mahurangi Locality AZ31 554620
Mahurangi Harbour Bay AZ31 542645
Mahurangi Island Island AZ31 538542
Mahurangi River River AZ31 515686
Mahurangi River Left Branch River AZ31 465722
Mahurangi River Right Branch River AZ31 478661
Mahurangi West Locality AZ31 514589
Mairetahi Locality AZ30 202539
Mairetahi Creek Stream AZ30 188524
Makarau Locality AZ31 335539
Makarau Forest Forest AZ31 341565
Makarau River River AZ30 319547
Mako Point Point BB31 448999
Makomako Stream Stream BA31 440203
Mangakura Locality AZ30 300680
Mangakura Stream Stream BA30 303375
Mangatū Stream Stream AZ31 338655
Mangawheau Stream Stream BB33 818897
Māngere Lagoon Lake BB32 582084
Māori Garden Bay Bay BA32 744345
Māori Rock Rock AZ32 666721
Māori Stream Stream BB33 886969
Marokura Stream Stream BA31 413201
Mātaikōkako Hill BB33 954060
Matakana Locality AZ31 538759
Matakawau Locality BB31 436915
Matakawau Creek Stream BB31 453903
Matakawau Point Point BB31 482921
Matapihi Point Point BA33 892294
Matarāhui Bay Bay BA32 778242
Matawhauwhau Point Point AZ34 184799
Matawhero Stream Stream AZ30 310480
Mātiatia Bay Bay BA32 774275
Mauku Locality BB32 611813
Mauku Stream Stream BB32 612796
Maungapiko Hill AY34 143894
Maungaroa Hill BA30 315100
Moanauriuri Bay Bay AY34 126995
Mohunga Hill AY34 090986
Mohunga Bay Bay AY34 100977
Mokoputuputu Point Point BA33 907293
Mokorau Creek Stream BB31 511795
Mokoroa Stream Stream BA30 305212
Mōmona Point Point AZ32 628670
Motuhaku Island Island AY34 059955
Motuharakeke Island Island AX33 912249
Motukaha Island Island BA32 772260
Motukaraka Bank Bank BA31 502102
Motukaraka Island Island BA32 764168
Motuketekete Island Island AZ32 622624
Motukōrea Channel Channel BA32 682237
Motukuru Island Island AZ30 216472
Motunau Bay Bay BA33 948144
Moturako Island Island AY34 066937
Moturekareka Island Island AZ32 611620
Moturemu Island Island AZ30 249683
Moturoa Point Point AY34 115016
Moturoa Point Point AY34 242000
Motutāiko Island Island AY34 058895
Motutara Island Island AZ32 604617
Motutara Point Point AZ32 619721
Mount Matawhero Hill AY34 169910
Mount Titirangi Hill BA31 470106
Muriwai Beach Locality BA30 279236
Muriwai Pā Historic Site AZ30 137627
Nanī Island Island BA33 827285
Ngānui Point Point BB32 607038
Ngāpuke Creek Stream AZ30 278509
Nihotupu Auxiliary Reservoir Lake BA31 386116
Nihotupu Stream Stream BB31 393093
North Titirangi Suburb BA31 481122
Nukumea Stream Stream AZ31 497512
Ōhakiri Stream Stream AY33 862935
Ōhiku Creek Stream BB31 491862
Ōhinerangi Beach Beach BA33 824164
Ōhinerau Bay Bay BA32 740236
Ōkahu Bay Bay BA32 617204
Ōkahuiti Creek Stream BA33 818260
Ōkahukura Peninsula Peninsula AZ30 192760
Ōkiore Point Point AY34 081886
Ōkiritoto Falls Waterfall BA30 294263
Ōkiritoto Stream Stream BA30 291261
Ōkiwi Locality AY34 155962
Ōkohaka Point Point BB31 520815
Ōkoromai Bay Bay AZ32 619462
Ōkura River River BA31 542405
Ōmaha Locality AZ32 594768
Ōmaha Bay Bay AZ32 641782
Ōmaha Flats Locality AZ31 555764
Ōmaha River River AZ32 568781
Ōmāhungaiti Bay Bay AY34 197969
Ōmana Beach Beach BA33 814169
Ōmana Beach Locality BA33 807166
Ōmaru Bay Bay BA33 917212
Ōmaru Creek Stream BA32 668170
Ōmaumau River River AZ30 298637
Ōmokoiti Bay Bay AZ30 135634
Ōmokoiti Flats Bank AZ30 193570
Onemanga Creek Stream AZ30 236772
Onepoto Basin Crater BA32 561250
Onepoto Stream Stream BA31 554253
Oneroa Bay Bay AY34 131000
Onetaipū Point Point BA31 467288
Onetaunga Bay Bay BA31 514236
Ōpāhekeheke Island Island AZ30 235466
Ōpākau Island Island AY34 067912
Ōpanuku Stream Stream BA31 423155
Ōpatu River River AZ30 264720
Ōpoto Creek Stream AZ31 354470
Ōpou Creek Stream AZ30 247776
Ora Point Point AY34 238984
Ōrākei Suburb BA32 620193
Ōrākei Basin Bay BA32 616183
Ōrākei Creek Stream BA32 606179
Orapiu Locality BA33 914204
Orapiu Bay Bay BA33 917204
Ōrongo Point Point AZ30 217696
Ōrua Bay Locality BB31 431984
Ōrua Bay Bay BB31 429988
Ōruawharo Hill AY34 261822
Ōruawharo Bay Bay AY34 246840
Ōruawharo Bay Bay AY34 130005
Ōruawharo Heads Hill AZ30 169794
Ōrukuwai Point Point BA31 471233
Ōtaimako Creek Stream BB32 615030
Ōtamatea Channel Channel AZ30 100776
Ōtau Crossing Place BB33 884910
Ōtekawa Creek Stream AZ30 148794
Ōturapa Creek Stream AZ30 183784
Ōwairaka Suburb BA31 529154
Ōwhanake Bay Bay BA32 780285
Ōwhiti Bay Bay BA33 916292
Paehoka Hill BA30 318368
Pakatoa Island Island BA33 958254
Pakatoa Point Point BA33 961243
Pakinui Stream Stream BA31 397235
Pākiri Locality AY31 552854
Pākiri River River AY31 527844
Pākiri Stream Stream AY32 565853
Pāpakanui River River AZ30 276707
Pāpakanui Spit Spit AZ29 078672
Papakauri Hill BB33 923061
Papakurī Island Island AY34 057892
Papanui Point Point BB33 962099
Paparātā Locality BB33 824846
Paparimu Locality BB33 888868
Pararaha Bay Bay BB31 322028
Pararaha Point Point AZ30 137630
Pararaha Stream Stream BB31 334031
Parekawa Creek Stream AZ30 202505
Pāremoremo Creek Stream BA31 464314
Patumāhoe Locality BB32 622827
Paturoa Bay Bay BB31 478090
Paturoa Stream Stream BB31 476098
Pāwhetau Point Point BB33 916096
Piha Locality BB30 310093
Pīkau Stream Stream BA31 437256
Pīkoko Stream Stream AZ31 401679
Pipītewai Bay Bay BA33 870217
Piripiri Point Point BA32 562409
Pōhuehue Locality AZ31 480634
Pōhutukawa Bay Bay BA32 780168
Pōhutukawa Bay Bay BA32 738336
Pōhutukawa Bay Bay BA33 915202
Pōhutukawa Flat Flat AY33 897938
Ponga Locality BB32 786911
Pōnui Hill BA33 950171
Pōnui Head Point BA33 937207
Poroaki Bay Bay BA33 934184
Poukaraka Flats Locality BA33 847220
Poutawa Bank Bank BB31 555945
Poutawa Stream Stream AY31 481916
Pōuto Point Point BB33 866098
Pūharakeke Creek Stream AZ30 221482
Pūharakeke Island Island AZ30 225467
Puhinui Locality BB32 657049
Pūhoi Hill AZ31 527572
Pūhoi River River AZ31 464590
Pukapuka Hill AZ31 528590
Pukapuka Locality AZ31 507611
Puke Range Range BA33 904259
Pukekohe Railway Station Railway Station BB32 695808
Pukekohuhu Hill AZ30 291708
Pukekōwhai Point Point BA30 286139
Pukemahimahi Hill BA30 261417
Pukematekeo Hill BA31 371170
Pukenihinihi Point Point AZ32 627750
Pukenui Hill AY31 405895
Puketaratara Hill AZ30 301773
Puketoetoe Hill BA30 204423
Puketoka Point Point BA33 920132
Puketōtara Hill BA30 304193
Puketūī Hill BA30 219427
Puketūtū Hill BB32 791815
Pukewhau Creek Stream BB31 498845
Pukurau Stream Stream BB33 893071
Pukutoitoi Point Point AY34 250983
Puni Locality BB32 649776
Pūponga Point Point BB31 434017
Pūrākau Channel Channel BB31 466036
Pureroa Hill BA30 223397
Pūriri Bay Bay AZ34 219793
Pūtaki Bay Bay BA33 814252
Pūtata Hill AZ30 168482
Pūtiki Bay Bay BA33 817245
Rahopara Point Point BA32 580303
Raihoa Hill AZ34 186791
Rākauananga Point Point BA32 607448
Rākauwhatia Creek Stream BA30 313386
Rākino Channel Channel BA32 729330
Rākino Island Island BA32 740346
Rangihoua Creek Stream BA33 850248
Rangiriri Creek Stream BB31 480888
Rangiriri Pā Historic Site BB31 473888
Rangitāwhiri Point Point BA33 927261
Rangitōpuni Stream Stream BA31 455376
Rānui Locality BA31 427190
Rauau Point Point BB31 500875
Rauhori Stream Stream AZ31 364568
Raukura Point Point BA33 952106
Raupuka Point Point AY34 128004
Rautawa Stream Stream BB33 934073
Rāwiri Stream Stream BA31 454251
Repo Bay Bay BA33 828281
Rewarewa Creek Stream BA31 496131
Rotopiro Stream Stream BB33 892086
Ruahine Hill AZ34 260762
Ruakōhua Stream Stream BB31 549808
Ruruwhango Bay Bay BA33 935316
South Titirangi Locality BB31 471094
Tāhekeroa Hill AZ31 409559
Tāhekeroa Locality AZ31 399562
Tāhekeroa River River AZ31 392559
Taiaotea Creek Stream BA31 551351
Taihiki River River BB32 566855
Taikata Creek Stream BA31 449204
Taiorahi Creek Stream BA32 563336
Taitaiā Stream Stream BB33 803018
Takahē Creek Stream AZ30 238795
Takapau Creek Stream AZ30 251795
Takirangaranga Point Point BB32 685980
Takitaki Stream Stream BA31 412246
Tamahunga Hill AZ31 539815
Tamahunga Stream Stream AZ31 552800
Tāmaki River River BA32 672165
Taniwhanui Point Point BA33 933245
Tāpora Locality AZ30 169763
Tāpora Bank Bank AZ30 150711
Tapuwai Point Point AY34 184005
Tarakihi Rapids Waterfall AZ31 323683
Taranaki Hill AZ30 311616
Tatarata Point Point BA32 569336
Taumaiti Hill BA30 287167
Taumata Creek Stream AZ30 163561
Taupaki Locality BA31 392240
Taurangaruru Locality BB31 476757
Tautauroa Creek Stream BB32 598048
Te Ārai Hill AY31 480968
Te Ārai Locality AY31 422929
Te Ārai Point Locality AY31 461957
Te Ārai Point Point AY31 486967
Te Hakono Creek Stream BB31 502831
Te Hana Locality AY31 354865
Te Hana Creek Stream AY31 374870
Te Heruheru Hill AY34 123975
Te Hoakaramea Point Point AY34 110996
Te Hue Pā Historic Site AY33 845934
Te Hue Stream Stream AY33 856930
Te Ikatauhou Creek Stream AZ30 186556
Te Iwirahirahi Point Point BB33 927088
Te Karaka Creek Stream AZ30 283626
Te Karaka Stream Stream BA30 280435
Te Kawau Bay Bay BA33 943211
Te Kawau Point Point AZ30 129648
Te Kōwhai Creek Stream AZ30 243464
Te Kuru Stream Stream AZ31 343495
Te Miro Bay Bay BA32 771265
Te Ngaio Point Point AZ30 149720
Te Okoriki Inlet Bay BA31 479274
Te Pene Beach Beach BA33 817170
Te Rāhui Point Point AY34 123994
Te Raupā Creek Stream AZ30 229714
Te Rere Bay Bay AY32 599849
Te Rere Point Point BA32 774256
Te Rokotai Hill AZ30 116613
Te Roto Bay Bay AY34 118012
Te Tamuiti Point Point BA33 933132
Te Taumata Point Point AY34 116991
Te Taumutu Point Point AZ32 598792
Te Tokaroa Reef Reef BA31 527212
Te Tūrerenga Inlet Bay BA31 467286
Te Wahanui Stream Stream BA30 287435
Te Wharau Bay Bay BA32 783248
Te Wharau Creek Stream BA31 500299
Te Whau Hill AZ31 517539
Te Whau Bay Bay BA33 814237
Te Whau Point Point BA31 516114
Te Whau Point Point BA33 813234
Te Whetūmatarau Point Point BA32 768273
Point Point AZ32 607789
Point Locality AZ32 603796
Tīhema Stream Stream BA31 441232
Tikitū Creek Stream AZ30 197480
Tīpau Point Point BA32 566358
Tipitai Point Point BB31 401992
Tirikohua Point Point BA30 273203
Titirangi Suburb BA31 475107
Titirangi Beach Beach BB31 477092
Tokanui Point Point AZ32 595753
Tokaroa Point Point BB31 492878
Tokawhero Point Point AY34 262995
Torehangina Bay Bay AY34 127006
Toroanui Falls Waterfall BA30 292261
Tōtara Creek Stream BB31 509810
Tōtara Creek Stream BA31 434253
Tōtara Inlet Estuary BA31 427271
Tuawahine Stream Stream BB33 931051
Tuhirangi Hill AZ31 326562
Tūmatapura Point Point AY34 119011
Tūranga Creek Stream BB32 754086
Upokonui Creek Stream BA30 256453
Upper Huia Reservoir Lake BB31 368081
Upper Nihotupu Reservoir Lake BB31 391098
Urungahauhau Stream Stream BB33 850049
Waiake Beach Beach BA32 565366
Waiau Pā Locality BB31 557884
Waiheke Bay Bay BA33 833283
Waiheke Channel Channel BA33 931206
Waiheke Point Point BA33 880276
Waihuna Stream Stream BB31 325036
Waikahikatea Stream Stream BA31 359435
Waikaitāmure Stream Stream BA31 366437
Waikākahu Bay Bay AY34 128999
Waikaro Point Point AY34 195007
Waikauri Bay Bay AZ32 624724
Waikauri Island Island AZ30 210467
Waikiri Creek Stream AZ30 134797
Waikōkopu Creek Stream AZ32 587761
Waikopou Bay Bay BA33 926252
Waikōpua Creek Stream BA32 776132
Waikorariki Bay Bay BA33 928217
Waikoukou Stream Stream BA31 356339
Waikoukou Valley Locality BA31 348327
Waikōwhai Suburb BA31 550118
Waikōwhai Bay Bay BA31 545108
Waimā Suburb BA31 459105
Waimaru Stream Stream AZ32 623748
Wainamu Junction Place BA30 318150
Wainoni Locality BA31 500295
Wainui Locality AZ31 424482
Wainui Stream Stream AZ30 307607
Wainui Stream Stream AZ31 461509
Waiomanu Beach Beach BA33 830162
Waioneke Locality AZ30 162551
Waionui Inlet Bay AZ29 074654
Waipapa Bay Bay AY34 216957
Waipareira Stream Stream BA31 460244
Waipatukāhu Stream Stream BA30 294294
Waipipi Locality BB31 495805
Waipipi Creek Stream BB31 483802
Wairahi Bay Bay AY34 103899
Wairahi River River AY34 137884
Wairaki Stream Stream BA31 530121
Waireia River River AZ30 280805
Wairere Bay Bay BA33 926258
Wairoa Bay Bay BA33 896100
Wairoa Dam Facility BB33 883916
Wairoa Point Point BB31 483896
Wairoa Reservoir Lake BB33 895929
Wairoa River River BB33 854966
Wairōpā Channel Channel BB31 449052
Wairua Point Point BA33 895290
Waitākere Railway Station Railway Station BA31 376207
Waitangi Hill AZ31 333514
Waitangi Falls Waterfall AZ31 321533
Waitangi Falls Waterfall BB31 543785
Waitangi Stream Stream AZ31 339522
Waitangi Stream Stream BB32 560787
Waitapu Stream Stream AY31 450895
Waitapu Stream Stream AY34 136997
Waitawa Bay Bay BB33 912098
Waiteitei Locality AY31 407836
Waiteitei Stream Stream AY31 425902
Waitete Point Point BB31 514869
Waitī Bay Bay BA33 953278
Waitī Bay Bay BA33 957100
Waitī Stream Stream BA30 306175
Waitoki Locality BA31 387445
Waitoki Stream Stream AZ31 395477
Waitomokia Creek Stream BB32 573047
Waitoru Falls Waterfall BA31 345191
Waiwera Beach Beach AZ31 530542
Waiwera River River AZ31 474539
Waiwhiu Locality AZ31 447744
Waiwhiu Stream Stream AZ31 440771
Wakaaranga Creek Stream BA32 682155
Waokauri Creek Stream BB32 628043
Wekatahi Creek Stream BA30 319105
Whakakaiwhara Point Point BA33 870141
Whakapirau Creek Stream AY31 345846
Whakaruru Hill BA30 239458
Whakatautuna Point Point AY34 253938
Whangamaire Stream Stream BB32 635850
Whangaparapara Hill AY34 136875
Whangaparapara Harbour Bay AY34 152859
Whangapoua Hill AY34 189968
Whangapoua Beach Beach AY34 180991
Whangapoua Creek Stream AY34 160965
Whangapōuri Creek Stream BB32 673862
Whangaripo Locality AY31 463828
Whangaripo Stream Stream AY31 466833
Whangateau Locality AZ32 586799
Whangateau Harbour Bay AZ32 588785
Whangawāhia Hill AY34 203944
Whangawāhia Bay Bay AY34 223954
Wharauroa Stream Stream BA31 331342
Wharehanu Creek Stream AZ30 274806
Wharehine Locality AZ30 265789
Wharehine Hill AZ30 261801
Wharehine River River AY30 283829
Wharepapa Locality BA30 283351
Whatipu Locality BB31 341997
Whatipu Stream Stream BB31 354010
Whenuapai Locality BA31 440271

Dated at Wellington this 7th day of November 2023.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.