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Marriage Celebrants for 2023 Notice No. 88

Pursuant to the provisions of section 10 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information:

Bartrum, Charlotte

Clark, Gordon

Gangadeen, Harvey

Harpour, Pia

Ierome, Midori

Irimana, Niki

Jilovsky, Esther

Maclang, Ronald

Mannering, Jo

Philp, Belinda

Pettersen, Danny

Seymour, Huiarangi

Taefu, Faafetai

Tait, Catherine

Ulia, Fitiafiafi

Utai, Oscar

Dated at Wellington this 21st day of December 2023.

RUSSELL BURNARD, Registrar-General.