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Decision of Periodic Review of the Terrorist Designation of an Imprisoned Terrorist Entity

On 19 May 2023 a periodic review of the terrorist designation of Brenton Harrison Tarrant (“entity”) commenced.

On 1 August 2023 the Prime Minister determined that the designation remains justified pursuant to section 35D of the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 (TSA).

Any person who deals with the property of the entity, or who makes property, financial or related services available to the entity may be liable to prosecution for an offence under sections 9 and 10 of the TSA.

Any institution or person who suspects that any property is owned or controlled by the entity is required to report this to the Commissioner of Police pursuant to section 43 of the TSA.

Further information is available on the New Zealand Police website: Lists associated with Resolution 1373.

The designation of the entity will be reviewed again within the next three years unless earlier revoked pursuant to section 35D of the TSA.

Chair of the Terrorist Designation Working Group on behalf of the Prime Minister.