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Alternative Constitution for the Kerikeri High School (5) Board

1. Pursuant to clause 4 of Schedule 22 to the Education and Training Act 2020 (“Act”), I hereby approve an alternative constitution for the Kerikeri High School (5) Board.

2. The Kerikeri High School (5) Board (“board”) will be made up of the following members:

  1. six parent representatives;
  2. the Principal;
  3. one staff representative;
  4. one student representative;
  5. up to one member appointed by Ngāti Rēhia; and
  6. up to three co-opted members.

3. Notwithstanding clause 5 of Schedule 22 to the Act, the following sections of the Act will apply where relevant:

Schedule 22 – Clauses 1 and 2

Schedule 23 – Clauses 1, 3, 8, 12 and 13.

Members Appointed by Ngāti Rēhia

4. Ngāti Rēhia may appoint up to one eligible member for a term of office for up to three years.

Transitional Arrangements

5. This alternative constitution will take effect on the date of publication.

6. Subject to clauses 1 and 2 of Schedule 22 to the Act, the next election for parent and staff elected representatives will occur during the 2025 election period set by the Minister of Education, and triennially thereafter. The next election for the student elected representative will occur in September 2023, and annually thereafter.

7. Ngāti Rēhia may appoint an eligible board member once this alternative constitution has taken effect.

8. Changes to the constitution of the board will be subject to the approval of the Minister of Education and must be notified in the New Zealand Gazette.

Dated at Wellington this 21st day of January 2023.

Hon JAN TINETTI, Associate Minister of Education (School Operations).