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General Notices
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James Clifford Hall (deceased)

Notice to Creditors and Other Claimants

Pursuant to section 79 of the Trusts Act 2019, all creditors and other persons having claims to which that section applies in connection with the estate* of the person mentioned below, must send to Alistair Hammond, Hammonds Law Limited, PO Box 16, Dargaville 0340, before 30 days from the date on which is notice is given, particulars of their claim.

They are warned that after that date the estate may be administered or distributed having regard only to the claims of which the executor thereof then have notice without being liable to persons of whose claims they have not had notice.

*Estate: James Clifford Hall, of Dargaville, formerly Caretaker, latterly Retired.

Enquiries to: Alistair Hammond, Hammonds Law Limited.

Address: Hammonds Law Limited, PO Box 16, Dargaville 0340. Telephone: (09) 439 7099. Email: