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Notification of Amendment to Transpower Individual Price-Quality Path Determination 2020 [2019] NZCC 19

Under section 52Q of the Commerce Act 1986 (“Act”), the Commerce Commission (“Commission”) gives notice that it has amended the Transpower Individual Price-Quality Path Determination 2020 [2019] NZCC 19 (“principal determination”).

The amendments are set out in the Transpower Individual Price-Quality Path Amendment Determination 2023 (No. 1) [2023] NZCC 22.

The amendment determination amends the price-quality path for Transpower New Zealand Limited (“Transpower”), set out in the principal determination. This amendment is made in light of the Commission’s reconsideration of the price-quality path to take account of additional forecasted expenditure associated with four additional enhancement and development base capital expenditure projects, which was approved on 16 December 2022.

A more detailed description of the amendments is set out in our reasons paper: Amendment of Transpower’s 2020–2025 individual price-quality path – Enhancement and Development base capex projects – Decision paper, which can be viewed at:

The amendment determination comes into effect on the date of this notice.

Copies of the amendment determination are available on the Commission’s website at the following link:, and for inspection free of charge, or for purchase at a reasonable price, at the Commission’s premises (during ordinary office hours) at 44 The Terrace, Wellington.

Dated this 10th day of August 2023.