Notice Type
Secondary Legislation
Notice Title

Notification of Animal Products Notice: Production, Supply and Processing (Notice No. MPI 1538)

Pursuant to the Legislation Act 2019, notice is given of the issue on 5 October 2022 of the following Animal Products Notice under the Animal Products Act 1999 which comes into force on 6 October 2022:

  • Animal Products Notice: Production, Supply and Processing.

A copy of this notice may be inspected free of charge or purchased at a reasonable cost, at the office of the Ministry for Primary Industries, Charles Fergusson Building, 34–38 Bowen Street, PO Box 2526, Wellington 6011.

The notice can also be viewed on the MPI Website:

Dated this 5th day of October 2022.

PAUL DANSTED, Director Food Regulation, New Zealand Food Safety, Ministry for Primary Industries.