Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Notice Pursuant to Section 114 of the Land Transfer Act 2017

The applicant described below has applied under section 114 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 for the removal of Easement Instrument 11349182.8 at North Auckland. The applicant claims the Easement Instrument 11349182.8 is redundant by reason of the circumstances set out below.

I intend to remove Easement Instrument 11349182.8 on 27 April 2022 if no objections have been received before that date. You may object by giving notice to the Registrar-General of Land by 27 April 2022.

Application Number: 12347095.8

Applicant: Ravenstonedale Developments Limited, c/- Chapman Tripp, PO Box 2510, Christchurch 8140.

Easement: Right of way, right to convey water, gas, electricity, telecommunications, right to drain sewer and stormwater over Lot 205 DP 528658 marked XX on DP 528658 in Record of Title 855900 owned by Ravenstonedale Developments Limited for the benefit of Lots 68, 72 to 81, 92 and 93 DP 528658 respectively in Records of Title 855887 owned by Gurinder Singh Dhaliwal and Vipinjit Kaur, 855888 owned by Steven Campbell White and Sally-Anne Lisa White, 855889 owned by Simon James Smyth and Susanna Jacoba Smyth, 855890 owned by Allan Quiambao Murillo and Dory Ignacio Murillo, 855891 owned by Maree Danielle Blair and Natasha Whitehead, 855892 owned by Tania Malvinia Senn, Georgia Rose Senn, Mitchell David Senn, Colin Oliver Moore and Mitchell David Senn, 855893 owned by Sonja Van Zyl and Willem Cornelis Van Zyl, 855894 owned by Antionette Dawn Palmer and Ishmet Palmer, 855895 owned by Bo Annemie Geldof and Patrick William Twomey, 855896 owned by Lindsay Julian Strachan and Tersia Strachan, 855897 owned by Christopher James Jennings and Kelly Ida Jennings, 855898 owned by Graham Douglas Skilling and Lynda May Skilling and 855899 owned by John Owen Wright, Jannifer Denise Wright and Brett Rodney Bramwell Abraham created by Easement Instrument 11349182.8 registered on 10 June 2019.

Circumstances: The easement is extinguished because it is redundant due to the deposit of DP 530538 and the vesting of Lot 205 DP 530538 (being all of the land in Lot 205 DP 528658) as legal road.

Dated at Land Information New Zealand, Christchurch, this 25th day of March 2022.

C. CLEWS, for Registrar General of Land.