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Land Notices
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Notice of Approved Official Geographic Names in Gisborne Region

Pursuant to sections 10(1)(b), 24(2)(a) and 21(2) of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008, the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa (“Board”) gives notice of 148 approved official geographic names as described in the Schedule below.

The Board’s final determination on these approved official geographic names took effect on 8 September 2022.


Approved Official Geographic Name Geographic Feature Type NZTopo50 Map and Grid Reference
Ahimanawa Hill BH43 205849
Ahimanu Hill BG42 019981
Ahioteatua Hill BG42 057036
Āmia Stream Stream BG42 054202
Deep Creek Stream BG42 091214
Gentle Annie Hill Hill BG42 192093
Haungatata Stream Stream BH43 215892
Haupapa Stream Stream BG41 838261
Hihiroroa Stream Stream BG42 078290
Hineroa Forest Forest BH42 129833
Hīwera Hill BH42 196827
Hoe Creek Stream BF42 048375
Hurukino Hill BH42 101816
Kahunui Hill BG41 824160
Kaikino Stream Stream BG42 980058
Kaipoi Hill BG41 748134
Karuai Stream Stream BG41 883117
Kauwaewaka Stream Stream BG42 130962
Kāwaimanga Stream Stream BG41 851104
Keretū Locality BF42 961332
Kohirikiriki Hill BG41 928097
Kōpua Hill BH43 237896
Kōpua Place BH43 264900
Kōpuawhara Disaster 1938 Historic Site BH43 213759
Lake Rotokaha Lake BG42 961982
Lynch Hill BF41 915388
Makaretū Stream Stream BG42 009262
Mangahoui Stream Stream BG42 171150
Mangaihu Stream Stream BG42 035032
Mangakaiwharanga Stream Stream BH43 231867
Mangakōtukutuku Stream Stream BH43 223913
Mangamate Stream Stream BG41 933985
Mangamōteo Stream Stream BG41 949073
Manganuiawea Stream Stream BH43 256875
Mangaone Stream Stream BG41 808181
Mangaotara Stream Stream BG42 973967
Mangapau Stream Stream BG41 793187
Mangapiopio Stream Stream BG41 898066
Mangarangiora Stream Stream BG42 056951
Mangatete Stream Stream BG42 980169
Mangatōtara Stream Stream BG41 929996
Mangawehi Stream Stream BG42 061084
Maraetaha Locality BH43 248906
Maraetaha River River BH43 254930
Maretu Stream Stream BF42 985301
Mātāwai Hill BF42 986460
Mātāwai Locality BF42 963447
Mātāwai Stream Stream BF42 973441
Maunganui Hill BH43 261919
Maungapōhatu Hill BG40 591213
Moanui Stream Stream BF41 819394
Mokonuiarangi Hill BG41 944227
Mokonuiarangi Range Range BG41 940226
Mutuera Stream Stream BG41 870229
Ngātapa Locality BG42 173183
Ngātapa Hill BG42 980273
Ngātapa Stream Stream BG42 978283
Ngāwhakatarara Stream Stream BG41 912984
Ōharuru Hill BG40 681263
Ōkahuatiu Hill BG42 187194
Ōkaranga Stream Stream BG41 861095
Ōkaura Stream Stream BG40 713241
Ōngaware Stream Stream BG42 189962
Ōngāwari Place BH43 265896
Ōpouwehe Place BH43 267863
Ōraki Hill BH43 253883
Ōrataura Stream Stream BH42 197776
Ōrewha Hill BF42 070367
Ōruahea Stream Stream BG42 153238
Ōtūpōhatu Hill BG41 884160
Ōwhakarotu Stream Stream BG40 645210
Pā Hill Stream Stream BG42 136234
Pakangaohinehau Place BH43 259851
Paopao Stream Stream BG41 957165
Papapiro Place BH43 262853
Papatū Hill BG43 211063
Pāpōkeka Stream Stream BG41 946197
Parahinahina Stream Stream BG41 905180
Parikanapa Hill BG42 091007
Paritū Place BH43 250775
Pehiri Locality BG42 015123
Poariki Hill BG42 971122
Poha Hill BG42 066118
Pukahika Hill BF42 960328
Pūkākaho Stream Stream BG40 702269
Pūkaroronui Hill BH42 090882
Pukehoe Hill BH42 121885
Pukemānuka Stream Stream BG41 854097
Pukeronui Hill BH42 086853
Puninga Stream Stream BH42 191858
Rākaiwhaia Ridge Ridge BG41 772280
Rākauroa Locality BF42 982380
Ranginui Stream Stream BG42 194980
Rangitata Hill BG41 753222
Rere Locality BG42 018246
Rere Falls Waterfall BG42 018245
Rerepi Hill BG43 212970
Rimuhau Hill BG42 142056
Tahunga Locality BG41 932152
Tahungataua Stream Stream BG41 929124
Takararoa Place BH43 243757
Tāngawhīnau Stream Stream BG41 838197
Taomatiherangi Stream Stream BG41 823179
Tarakihinui Stream Stream BH43 242876
Taramitimiti Stream Stream BG41 732194
Tātaramoa Stream Stream BG41 736149
Taumataowhiri Hill BH43 223926
Taumatapoupou Hill BG42 111185
Taungaatara Place BH43 264892
Tauporo Place BG43 277942
Te Āpiti Hill BG42 016992
Te Houopuanga Hill BH42 051929
Te Kahakaha Stream Stream BG41 778204
Te Kaihekiapanui Hill BH42 046844
Te Kainga Hill BH43 243841
Te Rake Range Range BG40 625198
Te Rimuomaru Hill BH42 182894
Te Wana Hill BG40 712291
Tikiwhata Place BH43 255800
Tikiwhata Stream Stream BH43 244807
Tiniroto Locality BG42 967984
Tiniroto Lakes Lake BG41 947991
Tupunui Stream Stream BG40 707193
Uriroa Stream Stream BH42 188846
Waerengaokurī Locality BG42 151071
Waiāraikau Stream Stream BF42 999342
Waihinehine Stream Stream BH43 248938
Waikākāriki Stream Stream BG42 184168
Waikura River River BG42 080129
Waimare Stream Stream BF42 993399
Waimatā Stream Stream BG42 146022
Waimihia Stream Stream BH42 193840
Waingake Locality BG42 171960
Waingake Stream Stream BG42 193944
Waiparapara Place BH43 258821
Waipawa Stream Stream BH43 231773
Waitakahuata Stream Stream BH43 262907
Waitangi Falls Waterfall BG41 739165
Waterworks Bush Bush BH42 171901
Whakapunake Hill BG42 993946
Whakaretu Stream Stream BG40 679213
Wharekākaho Stream Stream BH43 246849
Whareongaonga Point BH43 270870
Whareongaonga Hill BH43 261872
Whareongaonga Bay Bay BH43 268871
Wharerātā Locality BH43 231851
Wharetī Stream Stream BG41 898007
Whatatuna Stream Stream BG43 248088

Dated at Wellington this 8th day of September 2022.

W. K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.