A related notice was published on 29 September 2022, Notice No. 2022-go4127.

Notice Type
Land Notices
Notice Title

Notice of Determinations in Step 2 Dumping Investigation into Aluminium-Zinc Coated Steel From Korea

Pursuant to section 10H(2) of the Trade (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties) Act 1988 (“Act”), I hereby give notice that, pursuant to section 10H(1) of the Act, on completion of investigation step 2 in relation to the dumping of the goods described in Schedule 1 (subject goods) I have determined that imposing the anti-dumping duty at the rates determined under section 10D(2)(a) of the Act is in the public interest (as defined in section 10F(2) of the Act). Therefore, pursuant to section 13(1)(a) of the Act and given my determination under section 10H(1), I have imposed an anti-dumping duty at the rates described in Schedule 1 in respect of the subject goods.

Having imposed an anti-dumping duty in respect of the subject goods, and pursuant to section 13B(3) of the Act, I hereby give notice that the anti-dumping duty will be wholly suspended from the applicable date in terms of section 17 of the Act until 30 September 2022. I consider that users of the subject goods, which are subject to an anti-dumping duty at the rates set out in Schedule 1, have been significantly impacted by an emergency, namely the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schedule 1

Goods Subject to Investigation

Country of Origin

Republic of Korea

Description of Goods

The subject goods that this notice applies to are described as:

Flat rolled iron and steel products (whether or not containing alloys), plated or coated with principally aluminium-zinc alloys (but the plating or coating may contain other alloys), not painted, and whether or not including resin coating or other surface treatment.

The subject goods exclude:

  • Painted goods.
  • Goods for which there is no aluminium in the coating.
  • Goods for which there is no zinc in the coating (e.g. aluminised steel).
  • Goods with coatings where zinc is the predominant or only element, whether or not aluminium is included, and whether electrolytically coated or hot dipped.
  • Goods with coatings which include magnesium alloyed with aluminium and zinc.
  • Goods for which there is no coating at all.
  • Goods of a thickness of 2mm or more.

The goods are currently classified under tariff headings 7210.61, which covers flat-rolled products of non-alloy steel plated or coated with aluminium-zinc alloys, and 7225.99 and 7226.99 which cover flat-rolled products of other alloy steel, and potentially of coatings of aluminium-zinc alloys. These classifications are provided for convenience and Customs purposes only, the written description being dispositive.

Schedule 2

Rate of Anti-dumping Duty

The rates of anti-dumping duty imposed on the subject goods imported or intended to be imported into New Zealand from the Republic of Korea shall be the rates listed below, calculated as a percentage of the declared New Zealand Customs value for duty of the subject goods.

Korean Manufacturer Ad valorem duty rate
Dongkuk Steel Mill Co (Dongkuk) 2.5%
KG Dongbu Steel Co Ltd (KG Dongbu) 12.6%
Other 2.5%

Dated at Wellington this 28th day of March 2022.

Hon Dr DAVID CLARK, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

Note: Applicable date: In accordance with section 17(b)(i) of the Act, the applicable date from which anti-dumping duty would be payable is the day after the date of the Minister’s determination under section 10H(1), which was made on 28 March 2022, but in accordance with his decision under section 13B, payment of the duty is suspended from the applicable date until 30 September 2022.

Note: A copy of the non-confidential version of the Step 2 Final Report, which contains details of the investigation and the conclusions reached, is available on the website of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment: www.mbie.govt.nz/business-and-employment/business/trade-and-tariffs/trade-remedies/trade-remedy-investigations/.