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General Section
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Notice of Amendment Under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 of Eleven Statements of Principles

1. Pursuant to section 24 of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014, the Minister for Veterans gives notice of the amendment of eleven Statements of Principles under the Veterans’ Support Regulations 2014.

2. The amendments take effect on the date of publication of this notice.

3. The amendments are:

diabetes mellitus (49/2022 and 50/2022, to be read as compiled with 48/2020 and 49/2020);

hypogonadism (51/2022 and 52/2022, to be read as compiled with 73/2021 and 74/2021);

hypopituitarism (53/2022 and 54/2022, to be read as compiled with 11/2019 and 12/2019);

sensorineural hearing loss (55/2022 and 56/2022, to be read as compiled with 98/2019 and 99/2019);

immune thrombocytopaenia (57/2022 and 58/2022, to be read as compiled with 63/2017 and 64/2017);

acute lymphoblastic leukaemia/lymphoblastic lymphoma (reasonable hypothesis version only 59/2022, to be read as compiled with 33/2021).

4. These amended Statements of Principles are available on the website of the Australian Government Repatriation Authority

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of May 2022.

Hon MEKA WHAITIRI, Minister for Veterans.