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Notice of Start of Full Review Stage 2 of Anti-dumping Duties on Preserved Peaches From Spain

Pursuant to section 17E(2) of the Trade (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties) Act 1988 (“Act”), and acting under delegated authority from the chief executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, I give the following notice.

Pursuant to section 17H(1) of the Act, on the direction of the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (“Minister”) made under section 17G(2)(b) of the Act, I will start a full review stage 2 in order to investigate whether it is in the public interest to continue to impose an anti-dumping duty on the goods described in Schedule 1 of this notice by suppliers other than Alcurnia Alimentacion SL at the rates determined by the Minister in accordance with section 17G(2)(a) of the Act as described in Schedule 2.

The starting date of the full review stage 2 is 22 February 2022.

Schedule 1

Goods Subject to Investigation

Country of Origin


Description of Goods

The subject goods that this notice applies to are described as:

Peaches in preserving liquid, in containers up to and including 4.0kg.

The goods are currently classified under Tariff Item 2008.70.09 and Statistical Key 00L, which classification is provided for convenience and New Zealand Customs Service purposes only, the written description being dispositive.

Schedule 2

Amount of Anti-dumping Duty

The rates of anti-dumping duty to form the basis for full review stage 2 in respect of the subject goods imported or intended to be imported into New Zealand shall be the rates listed below, calculated as a percentage of the declared New Zealand Customs value for duty of the subject goods.

Producers / Exporters Goods Duty
All suppliers other than excluded suppliers Subject goods Not exceeding 1kg 7.2%
All suppliers other than excluded suppliers Subject goods exceeding 1kg 7.1%
EXCLUDED suppliers Alcurnia Alimentacion SL

The duty at these rates does not come into force unless, following full review stage 2, there is a determination made under section 17J of the Act that imposing the anti-dumping duties listed herein is in the public interest.

Dated at Wellington this 21st day of February 2022.

MATTHEW MOLLOY, Manager, Trade and International, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Invitation for Submissions

Interested and affected parties are invited to make submissions in relation to investigation step 2 by emailing