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Marine Mammal (Sperm Whales) Declaration Notice

Pursuant to Regulation 15 of the Marine Mammals Protection Regulations 1992, I, Henry Weston, Acting Deputy Director-General, Operations, Department of Conservation, hereby give notice that for a period of three years from 2 August 2022, no new permits for commercial operations to view sperm whales along the Kaikōura Coast (defined here as all those waters between the Clarence River Mouth (173°56′E, 42°10′S) and the Waiau River Mouth (173°22′E, 42°47′S) and extending out due east to 25 nautical miles from the shore) shall be granted.

This declaration does not apply to any applications to renew existing sperm whale viewing permits for the Kaikōura Coast.

Dated at Wellington this 27th day of July 2022.

HENRY WESTON, Acting Deputy Director-General, Operations, Department of Conservation (pursuant to Instruments of Delegation dated 9 September 2015).