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Removal of Trade Name Products from the Register of Trade Name Products (Notice No. MPI 1521)

In accordance with section 22(3)(b) of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997 (“Act”), I give notice that the registration of the following products, as trade name products, have expired or have cancelled and have been removed from the Register of Trade Name Products:

Registration Number Trade Name Product
P009400 AGPRO Pendimethalin
P008355 Taskforce
A010800 Hill’s Prescription Diet Y/D Feline Canned
P005632 Champ DP
P004288 Roustabout
P009182 Nail EC
P005666 Kamba 500
P007390 Archer
P007549 Crop Care Captan 900WG
P005951 Image
P008666 Sheriff 100
P009343 Torpedo
P006064 Exilis
A004002 Iodine Tincture Spray
A001475 Kopertox
P005904 Slug Slam
P008144 Sprout Shield
P008417 Salute
P007554 Spike
P006075 Ultimate
P002989 LIBA 10 000
P007686 Axis Gold
P005408 TAG
P007088 Max Cl
P008811 Grainex 500EC
P008159 Prolan 240SC
P007025 Pyrus 400SC
P007650 Fenox 240EC
P009696 AnsiP-G
A011618 Fusion OS
A009020 Bovaclox DC Xtra
A011663 Cepralock
A011146 Lifeguard 5 in 1 with Selenium
A011147 Lifeguard 5 in 1
A010721 Biodose ST
P008823 Oxine

Importing and manufacturing of the products listed above is prohibited from the date this notice is published.

Under section 22(3)(c) of the Act, any of the products listed above may continue to be sold and used (but not manufactured) until its manufactured expiry date, but not at any time after that date.

Dated at Wellington this 2nd day of August 2022.

MAREE ZINZLEY, Manager Approvals, Ministry for Primary Industries, (acting under delegated authority).