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Boards of Trustees Responsibilities Under the Property Occupancy Document

Pursuant to section 161(1)(a) of the Education and Training Act 2020, acting under a delegation from the Secretary for Education, I hereby give notice that the terms and conditions for boards of all State schools occupying land and buildings are specified in the form of a Property Occupancy Document.

The Property Occupancy Document is notified to all State schools on the Ministry of Education’s website

Any prior Property Occupancy Documents issued to boards are hereby revoked.

This notice shall take effect on the day after the date of its notification in the New Zealand Gazette.

Dated at Wellington this 27th day of June 2022.

SCOTT EVANS, Hautū – Hanganga, Matihiko | Deputy Secretary – Infrastructure & Digital, Te Puna Hanganga, Matihiko | Infrastructure & Digital, Ministry of Education.