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Notice to Define when Workforce Development Councils will Endorse Programmes

A Workforce Development Council (“WDC”) has functions relating to industry leadership, the development and setting of standards, capstone assessments, and qualifications, endorsing programmes and moderating assessments, and advice and representation, in relation to the specified industries covered by it.

The following criteria relate to when a WDC must endorse a programme before it may be approved by the NZQA under section 439 of the Education and Training Act 2020. It should be noted that section 439 does not apply in respect of NCEA (clause 6). University programmes are approved by the Committee on University Academic Programmes independently, so the criteria do not apply.

This notice is issued under section 366(2) of the Education and Training Act 2020.


Programmes are subject to WDC endorsement where they:

  1. Lead to qualifications developed by the WDC (or being maintained by the WDC); or
  2. Lead to any other qualification at levels 3–7 (non-degree) that
    1. is designed to be, or that acts as, an entry point to or a way to advance within, an industry under the coverage of a WDC; and
    2. appears on a list of such qualifications authorised by the WDC.

WDC’s must publish or publish a link to the list referred to in criteria b(ii). The list is expected to be updated as soon as practicable as new qualifications are added to it or removed.

This notice takes effect on 1 June 2022.