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Special Direction – Vary the Travel Conditions for a Class of Offshore Working Holiday Scheme Visa Holders to Manage the Effects and Deal With Consequences of Measures Taken to Contain or Mitigate the Outbreak of COVID-19 or its Effects

Pursuant to section 52(4A) of the Immigration Act 2009 (“Act”), by special direction, I vary the travel conditions for the class of offshore work visa holders described below, by extending the “First Entry Before” date to 13 September 2022.

The following persons are classified as persons to whom this special direction applies. A person who:

  1. was granted a Working Holiday Scheme work visa on or after 20 March 2019, but prior to this special direction being made; and
  2. is outside New Zealand on the day this special direction is made; and
  3. have not subsequently been granted a new visa under a different category.

For the avoidance of doubt, apart from the extended travel conditions, all other existing visa conditions will continue to apply.

I am satisfied that the making of this special direction does not disadvantage the recipients and is reasonably necessary to manage the effects, or deal with the consequences, of measures taken under the Act or any other enactment in New Zealand, and other measures taken elsewhere, to contain or mitigate the outbreak of COVID-19 or its effects. This special direction manages the consequences of the border closure that has impacted these visa holders’ ability to travel on the visas held – and (if having been unable to travel before 13 March 2022) may otherwise not be able to travel to New Zealand or to reapply for a further working holiday scheme visa and enables New Zealand to fulfil commitments made with bilateral partner countries.

This special direction expires on 13 September 2022 unless cancelled earlier.

Dated this 3rd day of March 2022.

Hon KRIS FAAFOI, Minister of Immigration.

Explanatory Note

The effect of this special direction is to vary the travel conditions for a class of offshore working holiday scheme visa holders, as classified in this direction, by extending the “First Entry Before” date to 13 September 2022. This means those persons will have a further 6 months past the date on which border restrictions are lifted for Working Holiday Scheme visa holders (13 March 2022), to travel to New Zealand on their work visas.