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New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme 2020 Final Allocations for Eligible Activities

In accordance with section 86B(5) of the Climate Change Response Act 2002 (CCRA), the Environmental Protection Authority has made final decisions allocating the following New Zealand Units (NZUs) to the eligible industry persons as listed.

These NZUs have been allocated to protect their competitiveness against producers that do not face equivalent costs for emissions.

All industry persons listed were eligible to receive an allocation of NZUs under the CCRA for the period of 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

The final unit allocation reflects the total units given to an entity based on their actual production for 2020.

The NZUs allocated under these decisions have been transferred to the respective New Zealand Emissions Unit Register (NZEUR) holding accounts.

The following table provides detailed information:

Activity and Applicant’s Name: 2020 Final Unit Allocation:
Aluminium smelting  
New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited 1558268
Burnt lime  
Graymont (NZ) Limited 145002
Websters Hydrated Lime Company Limited 5287
Carbamide (urea)  
Ballance Agri-Nutrients (Kapuni) Limited 349257
Whakatane Mill Limited 169786
Caustic soda  
Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Limited 12669
Cementitious products  
Fletcher Concrete and Infrastructure Limited 640351
Cut roses  
Blooming Hill Flowers Limited 2189
Candys Holdings Limited 525
Moffatts Flower Company Limited 587
Multus Inparvo Limited 34
Royal Roses Limited 61
Van Lier Nurseries Limited 1065
Lactanol Limited 10198
Fresh capsicums  
Gourmet Mokai Limited 2979
Gourmet Paprika Limited 6909
Gourmet Waiuku Limited 2739
Harbour Head Growers Limited 346
J.S.Ewers Limited 1354
Southern Paprika Limited 14233
Taaza Green Limited 367
Whakatane Growers Limited 1852
Fresh cucumbers  
Island Horticulture Limited 2239
J.S. Mahey Limited 870
Jai Shankar Growers Limited 806
Karaka Park Produce Limited 2003
Meenakshi Devi Sharma, Raj Kumar Sharma 1052
Parkgard Growers 2000 Limited 210
Sharma Produce Limited 3173
Under Glass (Bombay) Limited 2348
Under Glass (Karaka) Limited 676
Fresh tomatoes  
Brigitte Abma, Ferdinand Abma 362
Castle Rock Orchard Limited 521
Eseta Kovati, Reupena Kovati 43
Gourmet Mokai Limited 5640
J.S.Ewers Limited 5753
Jai Shankar Growers Limited 405
M.K Bhoondpal Limited 151
Mary Jane Fausett, Peter James Fausett 68
P H Kinzett Limited 1788
Pomoana Gardens Limited 93
Ting-Yuan Robert Wu 302
Tiny Toms Limited 95
Turners & Growers Fresh Limited 19304
Under Glass (Bombay) Limited 3031
Under Glass (Karaka) Limited 8809
Vege Fresh Growers Limited 1561
Glass containers  
Hydrogen peroxide  
Iron and steel manufacturing from iron sand  
New Zealand Steel Development Limited 2030166
Pacific Steel (NZ) Limited 23206
Fonterra Limited 53229
Market pulp  
Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Limited 278907
Pan Pac Forest Products Limited 212436
Winstone Pulp International Limited 171889
Methanex New Zealand Limited 1181995
Norske Skog Tasman Limited 202858
Packaging and industrial paper  
Oji Fibre Solutions (NZ) Limited 260505
Protein meal  
Affco New Zealand Limited 12137
Alliance Group Limited 11352
Blue Sky Meats (N.Z.) Limited 1122
CMP Canterbury Limited 6556
Graeme Lowe Protein Limited 239
Hawkes Bay Protein Limited 8645
Kakariki Proteins Limited 3178
PVL Proteins Limited 4606
Taranaki By-Products Limited 21427
Taylor Preston Limited 1019
Tegel Foods Limited 1797
Tuakau Proteins Limited 14268
Value Proteins Limited 1997
Wallace Group Limited Partnership 16728
Wallace Proteins Limited 6853
Reconstituted wood panels  
Daiken New Zealand Limited 19263
Daiken Southland Limited 18853
Fletcher Building Products Limited 2527
Juken New Zealand Limited 5214
Nelson Pine Industries Limited 26027
Tissue paper  
Asaleo Care New Zealand Limited 34646
Whey powder  
Fonterra Limited 5980