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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Authorised Access to Certain Names and Addresses Held on the Motor Vehicle Register

Pursuant to section 241 of the Land Transport Act 1998 and my delegated authority, I authorise the User - for the Specified Purpose, during the Term, and on the Conditions below - to have access to the names and addresses of persons currently registered to motor vehicles:

  • Who are currently registered in respect of a motor vehicle; and
  • Who have not instructed the Registrar of Motor Vehicles that they do not wish to have their names and addresses made available under section 241(1)

Person: BDO Auckland


  • To obtain name and address details in respect of motor vehicles identified during a liquidation/receivership for uplift, if they are the property of the liquidated company named on the Notice of Appointment of Liquidators document
  • To determine if the registered person of a motor vehicle, where there is reasonable evidence which indicates that the motor vehicle is owned by a company/entity in liquidation or receivership for uplift, is the property of the liquidated company named on the Notice of Appointment of Liquidators document;
  • To trace the sale of vehicles that were registered to a company/entity in liquidation or receivership, where ownership is disputed, or registration may have been changed
  • when ownership is disputed in order to recover any sale proceeds;
  • To ensure all assets of a company/entity are identified, including vehicles that may have been fraudulently transferred into another person’s name or fraudulently sold to another person;
  • To enable assets to be insured, and liquidators and receivers to comply with the requirements of the Companies Act 1993 and Receiverships Act 1993;
  • To assist with the detection and investigation of suspected fraud in respect of company assets
  • To trace assets in fraud investigations;
  • Preparing evidence related to criminal offences in fraud investigations;
  • To assist in the enforcement of Court orders and judgments, and to provide the registered person information to debt collection services for the purposes of lawfully collecting the debt;
  • When acting as a contracted agent on behalf of government agencies with law enforcement functions, to assist in the carrying out of those functions.

Term: Commencing on 10 November 2022 this notice expires at midnight on 9 November 2027 but may be revoked at any time.


Please refer to the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency website here for details:

Dated this 8th day of November 2022.

MELISSA BURNS, Manager, Exemptions and Registers Integrity.