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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notification of Exemptions From Land Transport Rules

Pursuant to section 168D(5) of the Land Transport Act 1998, the Director of Land Transport gives notice that the following exemptions from the stated Land Transport Rules were granted under section 168D(1)(a) of that Act between 1 April 2021 and 30 June 2021:

Nature of Exemption Number of Exemptions

Driver Licensing 1999
Clause 15(b) – requirements to obtain learner licence 17
Clause 17(b) – requirements to obtain restricted licence 62
Clause 18 – conditions of restricted licence 122
Clause 19(b) – requirements to obtain full licence 31
Clause 27(1)(b) – person has held a New Zealand full licence of a class other than Class 6 for two years before obtaining passenger endorsement 118
Clause 34(1)(b) – person has held a New Zealand full licence for two years before obtaining vehicle recovery endorsement 2
Clause 38(2) – minimum visual acuity to obtain driver licence or endorsement 54
Clause 89(2)(c) – overseas driver licence conversion: practical driving test 54
Clause 89(2)(d) – overseas driver licence conversion: production of overseas driver licence or permit 36
Schedule 3 – class 6 driver licence 2

Door Retention Systems 2001
Clause 2.2 – general safety requirements for doors 1

Frontal Impact 2001
Clause 2.4(2) – airbag and its operating system must not be removed from a motor vehicle or rendered inoperable 1
Schedule 1 Immigrants’ vehicles 2(e) – have personally owned and registered the vehicle for personal use in a country outside New Zealand for a period of at least one year before the applicant’s arrival in or return to New Zealand 3

Fuel Consumption Information 2008
Clause 2.2(2) – requirement to provide fuel consumption information 68

Glazing, Windscreen Wipe and Wash, and Mirrors 1999
Clause 2.3(1) – glazing to comply with approved vehicle standard 3
Clause 3.2(1) – replacement glazing to comply with approved vehicle standard 3
Clause 3.2(2) – windscreen repair must comply with Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Repair 1998 and approved vehicle standard 3

Heavy-vehicle Brakes 2006
Clause 2.2(1) – requirement for vehicle to have a service, parking and an emergency brake 2
Schedule 5 – New Zealand heavy-vehicle brake specification 3
Section 6 – additional requirements for vehicles not used in combination with other heavy motor vehicles 3
Clause 7.1(5) – Class NB or NC vehicle must comply with the requirements in clause 7.5 1
Clause 7.1(8) – certain air-braked vehicles must have a threshold pressure between 55 and 80 kPa (inclusive) 12
Clause 7.3(5) – towing vehicle and towed vehicle must be fitted with coupling device that meets requirements 6
Clause 7.3(10) – requirements for socket of a coupling device to be fitted as close as practicable to centre-line of the vehicle and the towing connection by which the towed and towing vehicles are connected 3

Heavy Vehicles 2004
Clause 4.4(1) – drawbeam must comply with NZS 5446 1
Clause 4.4(5) – towbar must comply with NZS 5467 12

Interior Impact 2001
Clause 2.1 – requirements for interior fittings, controls, and surfaces in the passenger compartments of a motor vehicle 3

Light-vehicle Brakes 2002
Clause 2.1(3)(c) – requirement for certain vehicles to have electronic stability control system 22
Clause 2.4(5) – parking brake requirements on light trailer with laden weight of 2500 kg or more 2

Operator Licensing 2017
Clause 2.5 – transport service licence card where person operates vehicle under licence 470
Clause 2.6 – holder of transport service licence to ensure transport service licence card is displayed 470
Clause 3.2(1) – general duties of small passenger service operator 12
Clause 3.8(2)(a) – small passenger service operator, operating in any of the areas listed in Schedule 2, must elect to satisfy the requirements of either paragraph (a) (fitted with an approved in-vehicle security camera system) or (b) (requirements) 13

Passenger Service Vehicles 1999
Clause 2.1(1) – must be at least one doorway for passenger entry or exit on the left-hand side of the passenger service vehicle 4
Clause 3.1 – Aisle space requirements 4

Road User 2004
Clause 1.8 – general exceptions to breaching the rule 2
Clause 2.13(1) – a driver must not drive a motor vehicle along a footpath 2

Seatbelts and Seatbelt Anchorages 2002
Clause 2.1(5) – seatbelt and seatbelt anchorage requirements for different motor vehicle 1
Clause 2.1(7) – type of seatbelt and seatbelt positions required for different vehicles 1
Clause 2.5 –approved vehicle standards for seatbelts 3
Clause 2.5(1) – certain vehicles must comply with approved vehicle standard in Schedule 2, List A or List B 3
Clause 2.7 – approved vehicle standards for seatbelt anchorages 3
Clause 2.7(1) – circumstances under which a seatbelt anchorage does not have to comply with an approved vehicle standard 3
Clause 4.2(2) – seatbelt may be repaired only by the seatbelt manufacturer or the manufacturer’s agent, except if the repair only replaces the seatbelt 3,500

Steering Systems 2001
Clause 2.5 – Left-hand drive vehicles not to be certified for entry into service, or operation in service, in New Zealand unless of certain category or certified before 1 April 2010 1
Part 2 of Part 3 Schedule Left-hand drive vehicle permits – requirement not to sell or lease the left-hand drive vehicle within four years 1

Tyres and Wheels 2001
Clause 2.3(1) – tyres on the same axle must be of the same size designation and construction, and of the same tread pattern type 1

Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016
Clause 3.1(1) – vehicle must comply with dimension and performance requirements 6
Clause 3.2(1) – vehicle must comply with dimension requirements 28
Clause 3.9(2) – prohibition against rear steering axles in heavy motor vehicles 2
Clause 3.11 – requirements for a heavy motor vehicle with a retractable axle 1
Clause 3.13 – only certain types of trailer allowable 2
Clause 3.14 – tow spacing requirements 2
Section 4 – mass limit requirements 1
Clause 4.4(a) – heavy motor vehicle not to exceed lowest of mass limits to an axle and axle set for vehicle operating under general access limits, the axle mass limits in part 1 of schedule 3 2
Clause 4.5 – mass ratio of towed and towing vehicles for heavy combination vehicles 2
Clause 6.6(1) – specialist vehicles may exceed certain dimension limits if requirements are met 1
Clause 6.21 – restricted travel times for category 1 over dimension vehicles and loads 57
Clause 6.22 – restricted travel times for category 2 over dimension vehicles and loads 44
Clause 6.23 – restricted travel times for category 3 over dimension vehicles and loads travelling in city area 31
Clause 6.25 – restricted travel times for Category 4 over dimension vehicles and loads travelling in Zone 1 42
Clause 6.27 – restricted travel times for Category 4 over dimension vehicles and loads travelling in Zone 3 4
Clause 6.33 – minimum requirements for Category 1 vehicles and loads 21

Vehicle Exhaust Emissions 2007
Clause 2.2(1) – vehicle must comply with approved vehicle emissions standard or a higher standard 11

Vehicle Lighting 2004
Clause 7.6(2) – cab roof of certain motor vehicles must be fitted with two end-outline marker lamps that meet requirements for emitting light 3

Vehicle Repair 1998
Clause 2.2(5) – individual components or items of equipment used in a repair must be such that the system complies with approved vehicle standard 3,500

Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002
Clause 4.2 – inspection requirements 36
Clause 4.3 – information to be recorded 36
Clause 6.3(4) – documents required for the purpose of inspection and certification at entry or re-entry 18
Clause 6.4(1) – requirements for vehicle to be certified for entry or re-entry into service 1
Clause 6.5(1) – specialist inspection and certification required for specific aspects 30
Clause 7.5 – circumstances and requirements in which specialist inspection and certification is required 6
Clause 9.3(4)(a) – warrant of fitness, certificate of fitness and alternative fuel inspection certificate to be affixed in specific way 3
Clause 9.5(2) – expiry date for certificate of fitness is six months 1
Clause 10.2(1)–(4) – operation of vehicles with evidence of vehicle inspection or certificates of loading 18

CHRIS RODLEY, Manager Policy, Operational Policy and Standards and Network, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.