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Wellington City Council—Cobham Drive Speed Setting Change – 60km/h Speed Limit

Pursuant to section 4.4 (Road controlling authority may set permanent, seasonal, or variable speed limit) of the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017, Wellington City Council hereby advises a speed setting change has been set as described in clauses 1 and 2 under the conditions set out in clauses 3 and 4 of this notice.

  1. Title—This notice is the Wellington City Council – Cobham Drive Speed Setting Change – 60km/h Speed Limit.
  2. Commencement—This speed limit will come into force 26 April 2022.
  3. Wellington City Council (as the road controlling authority), may set a speed limit of 60km/h on the section of Cobham Drive as specified in clause 2 of this notice.
  4. Purpose—The purpose of this speed limit is to manage speeds on Cobham Drive. Wellington City Council as the road controlling authority initiated a speed limit review of a short section of local road on Cobham Drive as part of the “Let’s Get Wellington Moving” (LGWM) programme, and in conjunction with the SH1 Safer Speeds proposal. As part of the LGWM Programme, a speed limit review for SH1 Mount Victoria Tunnel to Wellington Airport was undertaken by Waka Kotahi with LGWM partners. This review identified that some of the existing speed limits are not suitable or appropriate for the road corridor and identified new speed limits that are safer and appropriate for the road users. The primary reason is to improve safety for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. It is also important to address the current deficiencies in safer connections for people. There is a strong alignment with New Zealand’s Road Safety Strategy 2020-2030, Road to Zero1 targets and the Waka Kotahi Road to Zero Speed and Infrastructure Management Strategic Programme which focus on reducing deaths and serious injuries.

Schedule of Speed Limit

Proposed speed limit for Wellington City Council area as follows:


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Speed Limit

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Cobham Drive

Cobham Drive from its intersection with Calabar Road roundabout extending 130 metres in a northernly direction.