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Secondary Legislation
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Duration of Levy Period and Rates of Levy under the Customs and Excise (Border Processing Levy) Order 2015

Pursuant to clause 5(5) of the Customs and Excise (Border Processing Levy) Order 2015, I, Christine Stevenson, hereby notify that the duration of the next levy period beginning 1 December 2021 is for 36 months, ending on 30 November 2024, and the rates of levy for that period are as follows:

  1. $16.59 for arriving travellers other than arriving cruise ship travellers.
  2. $11.48 for arriving cruise ship travellers.
  3. $4.52 for departing travellers other than departing cruise ship travellers.
  4. $4.55 for departing cruise ship travellers.

These rates are exclusive of GST.

Dated this 25th day of November 2021.

CHRISTINE STEVENSON, Comptroller of Customs.