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Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Companies Register

Section 328 of the Companies Act 1993

Take notice that I propose to restore the following companies to the Register on the application of the persons named below.

I am satisfied that these companies were at the time of removal either carrying on business and there is a proper reason for them to continue in existence or were party to legal proceedings, or were in receivership/liquidation, or the grounds for removal did not exist:

ABSOLUTELY ME ORGANIC SKIN CARE LIMITED. Applicant: Anthea Jan Mosley, Flat 1, 97 Gowing Drive, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072.

BALBOA BEACH HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Nigel Dale Harrison (McLaren Guise Associates Limited), PO Box 21015, Henderson, Auckland 0650.

BAUME INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Judith Lianne Matthews (Macmillan Accountants Limited), PO Box 1208, Rotorua 3040.

DAQI TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Bo Yu, 60 Matija Place, Red Beach 0932.

DIGITAL COLOUR PRINT LIMITED. Applicant: Bob Mercer, PO Box 5177, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141.

DRAGON VINES LIMITED. Applicant: Emily Holden, 86 Wellington Street, Picton 7220.

FRESHMIX DIGITAL LIMITED. Applicant: Charlotte Overton, 19 Linrosa Place, Cromwell 9310.

GALLAIS INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Eli Tagi (WE Accounting & Business Services Limited), PO Box 44379, Point Chevalier, Auckland 1246.

I J CUMMINS PLUMBING LIMITED. Applicant: Kirsty Lee (Core Accountants Limited), PO Box 106, Whakatane 3158.

IBARK LIMITED. Applicant: Ellie Fiona Kim Maire-claire McKenna, 6 Bronte Road East, RD 1, Upper Moutere 7173.

JCM PRODUCTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Joshua Gerard Clark, 76 Saint Michaels Avenue, Point Chevalier, Auckland 1022.

JUSSUME LIMITED. Applicant: Ayla Cunningham (McGregor Bailey and Co.), PO Box 47129, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144.

KITCHEN AND BATHROOM DESIGN SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Dipak Naran, 10a Sunnyridge Place, Hillsborough, Auckland 1042.

MEVI LIMITED. Applicant: Gianpaolo Grazioli, 67a Atkin Avenue, Auckland 1071.

MSC GROUP CO. LIMITED. Applicant: Leo Liu, 46 Frank Evans Place, Henderson, Auckland 0610.

NON VIDERE SED ESSE LIMITED. Applicant: Janelle Isabelle Hogan (B H Accountants), PO Box 5068, Papanui, Christchurch 8542.

NRW ENGINEERING LIMITED. Applicant: Lisa Walshe, 12 Carpentras Way, Nukuhau, Taupo 3330.

PVG SECURITIES TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Robert Walker (Robert B Walker Chartered Accountant), PO Box 9010, Wellington 6141.

QAVERIFY LIMITED. Applicant: Natasha Young (Gilligan Sheppard Limited), PO Box 6310, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141.

ROBINSON’S FAMILY FARM LIMITED. Applicant: Danel Le Roux (KPMG Hamilton 218), PO Box 929, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240.

SAFE BARS NEW ZEALAND LIMITED. Applicant: Jonathan Dixon, 139 Fernhill Road / Unit 305, Mornington, Dunedin 9011.

SECURE247 LIMITED. Applicant: Bhavesh Chhaganlal Lathigara, 3/13 Bracken Avenue, Epsom, Auckland 1023.

SHAYSHI ENTERPRISES LIMITED. Applicant: Harpreet Singh (NZ Tax Services Limited), 137 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025.

SMEDNZ INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Dianne Eva Ten Haaf (Plus Chartered Accountants Limited), PO Box 1609, Whangarei 0140.

SOPHIA’S TRUST COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: Raymond Samuel Walker (Raymond S. Walker Barristers & Solicitors), PO Box 2272, Auckland 1140.

THE HILL FAMILY TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: James Alexander Mckay (Wilson Mckay), PO Box 28347, Remuera, Auckland 1541.

THEODOSIA HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Hayden Charles Brenssell, 46 Walter Street, The Glen, Dunedin 9011.

THERMAWOOD WELLINGTON LIMITED. Applicant: Reuben Hanns-Voyle, 72 Sydney Street, Petone, Lower Hutt 5012.

TREASURE NZ TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Xin Zhe Wang, 75 Landing Drive, Albany, Auckland 0632.

VIGNESWARA AGENCIES LIMITED. Applicant: Shaista Fatima Maqbool (Stagler Limited), PO Box 57139, Owairaka, Auckland 1340.

YEK TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Su-lim Ji (JSL Associates Limited), 37 Pah Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023.

Any person who wishes to object must do so by 24 January 2022, being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice.

Dated this 16th day of December 2021.

SANJAI RAJ, Registrar of Companies.

You can object by sending an email to