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Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Companies Register

Section 328 of the Companies Act 1993

Take notice that I propose to restore the following companies to the Register on the application of the persons named below.

I am satisfied that these companies were at the time of removal either carrying on business and there is a proper reason for them to continue in existence or were party to legal proceedings, or were in receivership/liquidation, or the grounds for removal did not exist:

A AND R BLAIR PROPERTY LIMITED. Applicant: Adrian James Blair, 157 Taylors Road, RD 3, Otaki 5583.

ABROGO LIMITED. Applicant: Andrew Hemingway, 12 Raroa Terrace, Waiatarua, Auckland 0604.

CLEARBROOK TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Caitlin Grace Whitburn Hooft (Arrowsmith Law Limited), 163 West Street, Ashburton 7700.

DANIERYL COLORS LIMITED. Applicant: Evelyn Ultra Lawson (Ultrasmart Services (NZ) Limited), 177 Queenspark Drive, Parklands, Christchurch 8083.

DIPLO DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Mabelle Ruth Canato (Giles & Associates Chartered Accountants Limited (Tauranga)), PO Box 15073, Tauranga 3144.

DJL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Applicant: Dipak Naran, 10A Sunnyridge Place, Hillsborough, Auckland 1042.

ELK NZ MANAGEMENT LIMITED. Applicant: Michael Ian Reddy, PO Box 872, North Sydney, New South Wales 2059, Australia.

FOREST HILL RENTALS LIMITED. Applicant: Chris Dickey, 279 Falls Road, RD 4, Warkworth 0984.

GROWING INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Craig Deadman, 118 Lairdvale Road, Taumarunui 3920.

GRUPO EQUUS LIMITED. Applicant: Kim Dean (Cone Marshall Limited), PO Box 137069, Parnell, Auckland 1151.

JASMINE CORPORATION LIMITED. Applicant: Anne-Marie Preston (Webb Gould Law Limited), PO Box 132, Hamilton 3240.

KAILIA TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Diana Mary Nash, PO Box 60456 Titirangi, Auckland 0642.

LINK TRUSTEE SERVICES NO.20 LIMITED. Applicant: Christopher John Royfee (Chris Royfee Law), PO Box 1549, Taupo 3330.

M RUSK LIMITED. Applicant: Dianne Eva Ten Haaf (Plus Chartered Accountants Limited), PO Box 1609, Whangarei 0140.

MARSH RIDING CLARE LIMITED. Applicant: Julie Ellen Marsh, 321A Austin Road, RD 15, Hawera 4675.

NDR PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Sharnil Dayal (McElroy Dutt Limited), PO Box 9687, Newmarket, Auckland 1149.

NICE MUSIC LIMITED. Applicant: Ian Munro, 20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052.

NZ GOLDEN JADE INVESTMENT LIMITED. Applicant: Alfa Wang, 470 Waitoki Road, RD 1, Wainui 0994.

NZ MOTEL MARKETING LIMITED. Applicant: Ian Gilbert (Gilbert and Associates Limited), 14 Gerald Street, Lincoln 7608.

PROFESSIONAL MARINE SERVICES LIMITED. Applicant: Angela Marie Rickwood, 1/62 Ngaio Street, Orakei, Auckland 1071.

PT & AH BORRIE FARMS LIMITED. Applicant: April Wilson (Harvie Green Wyatt), PO Box 5740, Dunedin 9054.

RAIMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Richard Forsyth (Forsyth & Associates Limited), PO Box 259175, Botany, Auckland 2163.

SAURASHTRA NZ LIMITED. Applicant: Anilkumar Agrawal, 822 Manukau Road, Royal Oak, Auckland 1061.

T.C WELDING LIMITED. Applicant: Taki Moana David Victor Carroll, 154 Kupe Street, Orakei, Auckland 1071.

TE REO TUPUA O AWAPUNI KOHANGA REO LIMITED. Applicant: Geoffrey Paul Abraham (AA Accounting Limited), 263 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North 4410.

TED@STANZ LIMITED. Applicant: Dendra Lynn Anderson (Simpsons Chartered Accountants), PO Box 78, Invercargill 9840.

TERRAVITA RESOURCES (NO.1) LIMITED. Applicant: Alexander Ashford, 88 Pukawa Road, RD 1, Turangi 3381.

THE BABY SHOP LIMITED. Applicant: Samin Prasansana Aluthge, 171 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough, Auckland 1042.

THIRTYONE0EIGHT LIMITED. Applicant: Helen Mavis Watson, 56 Prospect Terrace, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024.

TOURISM & ACCOMMODATION MARKETING SERVICES LIMITED. Applicant: Ian Gilbert (Gilbert and Associates Limited), 14 Gerald Street, Lincoln 7608.

VR CLEANERS LIMITED. Applicant: Avinesh Kumar (Sabera Accounting & Taxation Limited), 41 Middlefield Drive, East Tamaki Heights, Auckland 2016.

WEE DRAM LIMITED. Applicant: Megan Batey (Miller, Gale & Winter, Chartered Accountants), PO Box 270, Christchurch 8140.

WESTGROVE PROPERTY LIMITED. Applicant: Jacqueline Anne Ryan (Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Christchurch Limited), PO Box 8039, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440.

Any person who wishes to object must do so by 2 December 2021, being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice.

Dated this 4th day of November 2021.

SANJAI RAJ, Registrar of Companies.

You can object by sending an email to