Notice Type
Land Transfers/Joint Family Homes
Notice Title

Notice Pursuant to Section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017

An application under section 115 of the Land Transfer Act 2017 has been received for the removal of an easement. The applicant claims the easement is extinguished by reason of the circumstances set out below.

If no objections have been received before 4 June 2021, the Register will be updated to record the easement as redundant.

Application Number: 12034154.1

Applicants: Queenstown Country Club Village Limited, 39 Market Place, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010 and Queenstown Commercial Limited, 75 Elizabeth Street, Tauranga 3110.

Circumstances: The benefited land has been separated from the burdened land by subdivision on DP 471696.

Easement: A right to convey water over part Lot 1 DP 531988 marked AG, AH, BC and BD on DP 531988 and right to convey telecommunications over part Lot 1 DP 531988 marked AC, AO and AL on DP 531988 in Record of Title (RT) 884963 owned by Queenstown Country Club Village Limited and a right to convey water over part Lot 2 DP 531988 marked AJ, GA, AI and BB on DP 531988 and right to convey telecommunications over part Lot 2 DP 531988 marked AM, GA and AI on DP 531988 in RT 884964 owned by Queenstown Commercial Limited for the benefit of Lot 98 DP 471696 in RT 640757 owned by Tessa-Marie Marchand and Regan Barron Anderson Smith, Lot 99 DP 471696 in RT 640758 owned by Michel Willy Marchand and Hineteata Walker-Marchand, Lot 100 DP 471696 in RT 640759 owned by Edward John McGregor Murray and Fiona Margaret Horrax, Lot 101 DP 471696 in RT 640760 owned by Marilyn Joy Ladbrook, Mark Barry Ladbrook and Aoraki Trustees Co (2013) Limited, Lot 102 DP 471696 in RT 640761 owned by Martin Roger Rannard and Suzanne Jane Rannard, Lot 103 DP 471696 in RT 640762 owned by Hamish John Foster and Rachael Louise Foster, Lot 105 DP 471696 in RT 640763 owned by Tinglei Guo and Lijia Li, Lot 106 DP 471696 in RT 640764 owned by Giulio Fernandino Chapman-Olla and Ruth Leah Chapman-Olla, Lot 107 DP 471696 in RT 640765 owned by Jillian Lee Gamble, Lot 109 DP 471696 in RT 640766 owned by Andrew John Collingwood and Megan Avis Cody, Lot 110 DP 471696 in RT 640767 owned by Anthony Keith Webb and Katherine Nicola Peggy Webb, Lot 110 DP 471696 in RT 640768 owned by Victoria Mary O’Donovan and Anton Delport, Lot 111 DP 471696 in RT 640769 owned by Earl Brian Edgar and Xiaohan Zhang, Lot 112 DP 471696 in RT 640770 owned by Charles Todd Read, Melissa Read and Banco Trustees Limited, Lot 113 DP 471696 in RT 640771 owned by Matthew Robert Mitchell Blackbourn, Lot 114 DP 471696 in RT 640772 owned by Murray Wayne Middleton, Lot 115 DP 471696 in RT 640773 owned by Casey Louise Ravenwood, Lot 116 DP 471696 in RT 640774 owned by Darrin Paul Cole and Janine Cole, Lot 117 DP 471696 in RT 640775 owned by Matthew Stott and Samantha Louise Edwards, Lot 118 DP 471696 in RT 640776 owned by Victoria Jayne Heath, Peter James Heath and Elizabeth Edith Heath, Lot 119 DP 471696 in RT 640777 owned by Julie Denise Gilchrist, Lot 120 DP 471696 in RT 640778 owned by Melanie Elizabeth Rae, Lot 121 DP 471696 in RT 640779 owned by Andrew Gordon, Lot 126 DP 471696 in RT 640780 owned by Pierre Poyet and Kelly Anne Marie Poyet, Lot 127 DP 471696 in RT 640781 owned by Claire Caroline Blackadder, Lot 128 DP 471696 in RT 640782 owned by Katerina Hill and John Michael Hill, Lot 129 DP 471696 in RT 640783 owned by William Jamieson Brownlie and Alison Edith Mary Brownlie, Lot 130 DP 471696 in RT 640784 owned by Mainland Rentals Limited, Lot 131 DP 471696 in RT 640785 owned by Avril Mary Jacqueline Macmillan (also known as Jackie Mary Macmillan) and Stephen Alan Macmillan, Lot 132 DP 471696 in RT 640786 owned by Christian Otto Meuli, Lot 122 DP 473766 in RT 648459 owned by Ian Richard Clark, Louise Clark and Ian Louise Trustees Limited, Lot 123 DP 473766 in RT 648460 owned by Audrey Julie Janine Bourdon and Jean-Baptiste Michel Pozo, Lot 124 DP 473766 in RT 648461 owned by Rang Xu and Xu Rang Trustee Limited, Lot 125 DP 473766 in RT 648462 owned by Christopher Martin Davies, Lot 86 DP 476830 in RT 659902 owned by Paul Robert Ludemann and Victoria Jane Ludemann, Lot 94 DP 476830 in RT 659912 owned by Elizabeth Mary Green and Felipe Ballin Suzin, Lot 95 DP 476830 in RT 659913 owned by Norman Charles Kensington and Elizabeth Helen Kensington, Lot 104 DP 476830 in RT 659914 owned by Roman Kafrda and Leanne Maree Kafrda, Lot 241 DP 488075 in RT 699278 owned by Nikolas Edward Nilsson and Sophie Joy Lewis, Lot 242 DP 488075 in RT 699279 owned by Dominic Christian Bowles and Alexandra Josefine Bowles, Lot 243 DP 488075 in RT 699280 owned by QT Residential Limited, Lot 244 DP 488075 in RT 699281 owned by John Fitzgerald Kluts, Bethan Alice Margaret Kluts and Mitchell Mackersy Trustees (2019) Limited, Lot 245 DP 488075 in RT 699282 owned by Martin Zaugg, Maria Tioria Nainggolan Zaugg and Property & Business Trustees Limited, Lot 247 DP 488075 in RT 699284 owned by Ann Eleanor Vanderley and Jekabs Benedikts Rozitis, Lot 249 DP 488075 in RT 699286 owned by Gary Alister Russell and Sarah Dawn Russell, Lot 250 DP 488075 in RT 699287 owned by Kieran Jon Miller and Kate Louise Miller, Lot 251 DP 488075 in RT 699288 owned by Bowen St (2008) Limited, Lot 252 DP 488075 in RT 699289 owned by Peter Louise Swain, Donna Patricia Harpur-Swain and CL Queenstown Trustees Limited, Lot 255 DP 488075 in RT 699292 owned by Everett Investments Limited, Lot 256 DP 488075 in RT 699293 owned by James William Kimete Ashby and Jemma Marie Steele, Lot 395 DP 488075 in RT 699327 owned by Peter Arthur Smith and Carol Anne Smith, Lot 397 DP 488075 in RT 699329 owned by Wayne Arnold Christensen and Mary Ellen Christensen, Lot 452 DP 496374 in RT 730435 owned by Sarah Louise Fletcher and Justin Nicolas Craig, Lot 453 DP 496374 in RT 730436 owned by Bryan Leslie Charles Tovey and Candice Tovey, Lot 454 DP 496374 in RT 730437 owned by Nicholas Avon Dowling and Emma Kate Jones, Lot 455 DP 496374 in RT 730438 owned by Michael Richard Wood and Sharee Anne Wood, Lot 456 DP 496374 in RT 730439 owned by Roy James Ellis, Wendy Erica Ellis and Michael James Stuart Ellis, Lot 457 DP 496374 in RT 730440 owned by Ark Net Investments Limited, Lot 458 DP 496374 in RT 730441 owned by Qunhua Deng and Guanghao Lin, Lot 459 DP 496374 in RT 730442 owned by Emma Louise Purdue and Brandon James Purdue, Lot 460 DP 496374 in RT 730443 owned by Melissa Anne Liddy and Shaun Peter Eric Liddy, Lot 461 DP 496374 in RT 730444 owned by James Andrew Forward and Alannah Amy Forward, Lot 462 DP 496374 in RT 730445 owned by Bedlam Properties Limited, Lot 463 DP 496374 in RT 730446 owned by Toni Sheree O’Sullivan, Phillip Wayne O’Sullivan and Shirley Marie O’Sullivan, Lot 464 DP 496374 in RT 730447 owned by Surendra Kumar Narad, Shashank Narad and Isha Narad, Lot 465 DP 496374 in RT 730448 owned by Graeme George Hall and Brandon George Hall, Lot 466 DP 496374 in RT 730449 owned by Susan Mary Little, Lot 467 DP 496374 in RT 730450 owned by Euan David Whiteley, Lot 468 DP 496374 in RT 730451 owned by Bowen Street 2008 Limited, Lot 469 DP 496374 in RT 730452 owned by Kristan Myles Stalker and Emma Jane Stalker, Lot 470 DP 496374 in RT 730453 owned by Nicholas Mark Henderson and Valerie Viviane Demmer, Lot 471 DP 496374 in RT 730454 owned by Marcus Phillip Pringle and Gillian Marie Pringle, Lot 474 DP 496374 in RT 730457 owned by John Peter Weatherburn and Pauline Jan Weatherburn, Lot 475 DP 496374 in RT 730458 owned by Frazer Limited, Lot 476 DP 496374 in RT 730459 owned by Trineka Helen Newton, Lot 498 DP 496374 in RT 730481 owned by Richard Alan Ferguson and Rebecca Grace Taylor, Lot 499 DP 496374 in RT 730482 owned by Robert Morgan Fletcher, Lot 500 DP 496374 in RT 730483 owned by Lance Anthony Bonkovich and I.T.S (No.108) Limited, Lot 501 DP 496374 in RT 730484 owned by Dennis Grennell, Noelene Dorothy Grennell and Nicola Margaret Grennell, Lot 502 DP 496374 in RT 730485 owned by Boning Zhang and Ying Lau, Lot 503 DP 496374 in RT 730486 owned by David Pieter van Beusekom and Katrina Louise van Beusekom, Lot 504 DP 496374 in RT 730487 owned by Amie Jane Kingsbury and GM & AJ Kingsbury Holdings Limited, Lot 505 DP 496374 in RT 730488 owned by John Paul Hudson and KTLaw Trustees Limited, Lot 506 DP 496374 in RT 730489 owned by Robert James Jennings, Lot 507 DP 496374 in RT 730490 owned by Matthew Norman Tilley and Claire Louise Phillips, Lot 508 DP 496374 in RT 730491 owned by Angus Oliver Small, Lot 509 DP 496374 in RT 730492 owned by John William Gardiner, Robyn Cathryn Johnston and Southern Trustees Limited, Lot 1 DP 507239 in RT 769991 owned by Kimberley Margaret MacKay-Wallace, Susanne Mary Wallace and David Alan MacKay, Lot 2 DP 507239 in RT 769992 owned by Brendon Thomas Leslie Bell, Donna Maree Bell and Brett Harry Flintoff, Lot 1 DP 510834 in RT 783231 and Lot 2 DP 510834 in RT 783232 owned by Shotover Developments Limited, Lot 1 DP 512887 in RT 790890 and Lot 2 DP 512887 in RT 790891 owned by Pinewood Property Limited, Lot 1 DP 518055 in RT 811878 owned by Bhushan Narayan Manerikar and Shubhangita Sanjeev Sharma, Lot 2 DP 518055 in RT 811879 owned by GCA Legal Trustee 2018 Limited, Stuart Alan Minty and Anna Marie Smith, Lot 1 DP 524951 in RT 838773 owned by Jeremy Robert Leftley and Lisa Margaret Leftley, Lot 2 DP 524951 in RT 838774 owned by Zhi Min Ru and Yuchi Wu, Lot 2 DP 548364 in RT 940183 owned by Shotover Country Limited, Lot 205 DP 471696 in RT 640787, Lot 603 DP 488075 in RT 699330, Lot 702 DP 496374 in RT 730501 and Lot 703 DP 496374 in RT 730502 owned by Queenstown Lakes District Council created by Easement Certificate 5011453.3 registered on 2 November 2000.

Dated at the Christchurch office of Toitu Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand this 7th day of May 2021.

AUDREY WONG, for Registrar-General of Land.