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Land Notices
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Revocation of the Reservation Over a Reserve Specifying the Manner of Disposal

Under the Reserves Act 1977, the undersigned revokes the reservation as a recreation reserve over the land described in the Schedule and declares that the land may be disposed of by the Rotorua Lakes Council in such manner, at a price and on terms and conditions as the Council determines.

South Auckland Land District—Rotorua District


0.1730 Pūruru Reserve North, Tarewa 6B Block, being all of the land in Record of Title 45045. ML 14238
0.2220 Pūruru Reserve North, Tarewa 6C Block being all of the land in Record of Title SA5B/1032. ML 433525

Dated at Rotorua this 26th day of August 2021.

ZANE JENSEN, Operations Manager – Rotorua District, Department of Conservation.

(DOC ref: R207000)