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Land Notices
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Notice of Proposals to Assign and Alter Geographic and Undersea Feature Names

Pursuant to section 16 of the New Zealand Geographic Board (Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa) Act 2008 (“Act”), the New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa hereby gives notice of proposals to assign and alter existing geographic names, and to alter existing undersea feature names as specified in the Schedules below.

Submissions on these proposed geographic names may be made on the form linked from, by email to:, or by writing to the Secretary of the New Zealand Geographic Board, c/o Land Information New Zealand, PO Box 5501, Wellington 6145.

In accordance with section 17 of the Act, submissions must state with reasons whether a proposal is supported or objected to. If an objection is made, then the submission may suggest another name or support the existing name, if any.

Schedule 1

Proposed New and Altered Geographic Names

Geographic Feature Type and Description

Submission deadline

Lake Te Horonui

A newly formed permanent lake at the border of Gisborne Region and Hawke’s Bay Region on Mangapoike River, approximately 37km southwest of Gisborne and 30km northeast of Wairoa. NZTopo50-BH42 047899. Assigning a new name as official.

28 June 2021

Mount Axford

A 1720m peak approximately 1km northwest of Lake Victoria in the Kepler Mountains, Fiordland. NZTopo50-CD07 650563. Assigning a new name as official.

28 June 2021


A general area that includes Wellington Botanic Garden and extends to the reserves and facilities around it including Bolton Street Memorial Park to the northeast and the Wellington Cable Car buildings to the south. NZTopo50-BQ31 480284. Assigning a new name as official.

28 June 2021


A locality on State Highway 3 approximately 19km west-northwest of Whanganui. NZTopo50- BK32 594904. Alteration from Maxwell (Official by Designation of Districts Act 1908, refer New Zealand Gazette, 27 January 1927, No. 4, page 213, effective 1 August 1927).

30 August 2021

Pākuku Stream

A small stream flowing into the Pacific Ocean, approximately 9.6km west-southwest of Cape Turnagain on the Wairarapa coast. NZTopo50-BN37 973101. Alteration from Papuka Stream (Official by New Zealand Gazette, 29 July 1948, No. 42, page 939).

28 June 2021

Te Korowhakaunu / Kanáris Sound

A fiord centred at NZTopo50-CF05 125909. Alteration from Te Korowhakaunu / Cunaris Sound (Official by New Zealand Gazette 17 October 2019, Notice No. 2019-ln4767).

28 June 2021


A stream in Wellington, which flows south-eastward along the northeast side of Te Ahumairangi Hill to Grosvenor Terrace, from where it is piped to the historic shoreline at the intersection of Tinakori Road and Thorndon Quay. NZTopo50-BQ31 490301. Assigning a new name as official.

30 August 2021

Schedule 2

Proposed Altered Undersea Feature Names

Undersea Feature Type and Description

Submission deadline

Onetāhua Rise

A low, broad, elongated undersea rise extending from Cape Farewell towards Cape Egmont, centred at -40.0948 latitude, 173.4861 longitude. Alteration from Farewell Rise (recorded undersea feature name).

28 June 2021

/ d’Urville Valley

An undersea valley extending from 60km south of Cape Egmont at -39.8631 latitude, 173.6640 longitude, south-eastwards to Narrows Basin in Cook Strait at -40.7233 latitude, 174.3402 longitude. Alteration from D’Urville Seavalley (recorded undersea feature name).

28 June 2021

Taumoana Canyon

An undersea canyon trending south-westward from the south entrance of Tamatea / Dusky Sound -45.7819 latitude, 166.4407 longitude, then curving to the northwest to -45.7002 latitude, 165.9300 longitude. Alteration from Five Fingers Canyon (recorded undersea feature name).

28 June 2021

Dated at Wellington this 27th day of May 2021.

W.K. SHAW, Secretary, New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa.