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Marriage Celebrants for 2021 Notice No. 1

Pursuant to the provisions of section 11 of the Marriage Act 1955, the following names of marriage celebrants within the meaning of the said Act are published for general information:

Ahern, Nikki

Akroyd, Karaitiana

Bell, James

Chandler, Jodie

Dickens, Sharon

Dundass, Jimmy

Eleftheriou, Katie

Fyfe, Annika

Gardiner, James

Griffith, Erica

Hart, Betsy

Himiona, Belinda

Hope, Alesha

Johnson, Tom

Jones, Tess

King, Jane

Kohl, Zachary

Lawrence, Steve

Leather, Annie

Lellman, James

Longdill, Karen

Lord, Anita

March, Pamela

Mathews, Allan

McCahon, Joseph

McGoldrick, Christopher

Mcmullan, Raelene

Morgan, Tracey-Lea

Mrkusich, Robert

Newsome, Fiona

O’Driscoll, Anne

O’Shaughnessy, Helen

Piper, Nicholas

Shortley, Jen

Tarbotton, Charlotte

Thompson, Ashleigh

Watson, Angus

White, Zachary

Williams, Maria

Wimsett, Caitlin

Wood, Roddy

Dated at Wellington this 14th day of January 2021.

JEFF MONTGOMERY, Registrar-General.