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Removal of Trade Name Products From the Register of Trade Name Products (Notice No. MPI 1369)

Pursuant to section 22(3)(b) of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997 (“Act”), I hereby give notice that the registration of the following products, as trade name products, have expired or been cancelled and have been removed from the Register of Trade Name Products:

Registration Number Trade Name Products
A007662 Rilexine 200 LC
P009032 Agcare Dicamba 500
A009022 Vitapet Super All-Wormers for Cats and Kittens
A009376 Muscle Max
P008995 Smart Assassinate Selective Herbicide
P007720 AGPRO Haloxyfop 100
P008805 AGPRO Haloxyfop 520
P008997 Smart X-Grass
P007713 AGPRO Sulphur 800DF
P008077 Vienna
A009908 Optamectin Mineralised Tape Sheep
A009960 Optamectin Mineralised Sheep
A009969 Optamectin Pour-On for Cattle
A009873 Optacombo Mineralised Sheep
A010638 Country Mile Cattle Pour-On
A011143 Flevox
A011316 Marbocyl P
A011554 Tri Sil Oral Powder
P005036 Monceren IM DS
P005207 Answer Herbicide
P003178 Escort Herbicide
P005963 Zeal Herbicide
V009610 Ratsak Bait Station
P003357 Yates Home Bug Dust
A010555 Genta 100
A009938 Noromectin Plus Injection
A007966 Noromectin Oral
A008208 Noromectin Injection for Cattle, Sheep and Pigs
A011435 Soloclox DC 600
P008022 Basis
P007129 Glyphosate 360
P007029 Pirimisect
A006893 ANTIROBE Aquadrops
P005122 Twin-Star
P009215 FLIP 200SC
P004587 AGPRO Atrazine 500
P008215 AGPRO Atrazine 900WDG
P008996 Smart Barrier
P008800 AGPRO Captan 900 WDG
P008896 AGPRO Chlorsulfuron 750 WDG
P008138 Envy
P004653 AGPRO Terbuthylazine 500
P005309 AGPRO Terminate
P007607 AGPRO Triclop 600
P007397 AGPRO Hexagran

The importation and the manufacture of the products listed above are prohibited from the date of the publication of this notice.

Pursuant to section 22(3)(c) of the Act, any of the products listed above may continue to be sold and used (but not manufactured) until its manufactured expiry date, but not at any time after that date.

Dated at Wellington this 11th day of August 2021.

MAREE ZINZLEY, Manager Approvals, Ministry for Primary Industries (acting under delegated authority).