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Removal of Trade Name Products From the Register of Trade Name Products (Notice No. MPI 1317)

Pursuant to section 22(3)(b) of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act 1997, (“Act”), I hereby give notice that the registration of the following products, as trade name products, have expired or been cancelled and have been removed from the Register of Trade Name Products:

Registration Number Trade Name Products
P008952 Tui Caterpillar Eliminator for Fruit, Veges & Flowers
P008696 StemCap PC-1
P009236 Tui Organic Insect Control for Fruit, Veges & Flowers RTU
A011211 SucroMate Equine Deslorelin Acetate Sterile Suspension
P005501 TREET
A011144 eVet Phenobarbital Sodium Injection for Dogs
P007150 Agpro Terbuthylazine 625
P009410 Organic Kiwi Garden Disease Spray
P002244 Lannate L
P008031 Trinity
P008275 Vantal
A010647 Animal Treatment Formalin
P005865 Blackspot & Fungus Spray
P005452 Deltaphar 25EC
P009492 Kiwi Garden Marvel Insect Spray
P007360 Concentrate Roundup Weedkiller
P008333 Fungisul 80 WP Zolfindustria
P009457 Kiwi Garden Disease Spray RTU
P009456 Kiwi Garden Organic Insect Spray RTU
A009445 Abamectin Pour On
A011408 Corporal Mineralised Drench for Cattle
V009658 Expra Stop Mice Bait Station
V009659 Expra Stop Mice & Rats (Bait Blocks)
P009479 Huwa-San TR 50 Ag/Hort
P008449 GIBBMAX Liquid
P007335 Lorox Linuron Flowable
A009789 Combo Plus Tape
A009444 Combo Sheep
P008308 Sporeguard
A009256 Zinc Sulphate Hepta
A009257 Zinc Sulphate Mono
A009784 Lift B12 Selenised
A009783 Lift B12 Plain
A009447 Abamectin Sheep
A010662 Trio Sheep
A009446 Abamectin Injection
A010724 Moximax Sheep
A010784 Combo Low Dose
A009412 Zinc Oxide Plus

The importation and the manufacture of the products listed above are prohibited from the date of the publication of this notice.

Pursuant to section 22(3)(c) of the Act, any of the products listed above may continue to be sold and used (but not manufactured) until 30 August 2021, but not at any time after that date.

Dated at Wellington this 30th day of March 2021.

SHALEEN NARAYAN, Acting Manager Approvals, Ministry for Primary Industries (acting under delegated authority).