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General Notices
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Public Notice of Entry into Possession of Mortgaged Goods

In the matter of section 156(1)(a)(ii) of the Property Law Act 2007 (“Act”) and in the matter of mortgage over goods dated 10 September 2020 (“Security Agreement”) over the mortgaged goods described below.

Heartland Bank Limited (3152425), the mortgagee under the Security Agreement, hereby gives notice that it has entered into possession of the mortgaged goods described below with effect from 11 August 2021.

Description of Mortgaged Goods

2007 Isuzu Elf Other Truck, Registration No.: NBD84, VIN 7AT09716X20002325

Address of Mortgagee

The address to which communications relating to the mortgaged goods may be addressed is Heartland Bank Limited, 35 Teed Street (PO Box 9919), Newmarket, Auckland. Phone: 0800 85 60 60. Fax: 0800 470 847. Attention: Custody Team. Email:

Signed and dated at Level 2, 277 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland, on the 19th day of August 2021 for and on behalf of the Mortgagee Heartland Bank Limited by its officer and duly authorised agent:

This notice is given by Heartland Bank Limited, whose address for service is 35 Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland.