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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Maritime Transport (Approval of Equivalent Pilot Transfer Arrangement) Notice 2021

Pursuant to rule 53.5(1) of Maritime Rules Part 53: Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Ship - Helicopter Pilot Transfers, the Director of Maritime New Zealand, being satisfied of the matters set out in the rule, gives the following notice.


1. Title

This notice is the Maritime Transport (Approval of Equivalent Pilot Transfer Arrangement) Notice 2021.

2. Commencement

(1) This notice comes into force on 17 December 2021.

(2) This notice may be amended or revoked by notice in the New Zealand Gazette.

3. Interpretation

(1) In this notice, unless the context otherwise requires,—

Act means the Maritime Transport Act 1994:

Rules means Maritime Rules, Part 53: Pilot Transfer Arrangements and Ship- Helicopter Pilot Transfers:

Classification Society means a Classification Society that is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies.

(2) Any term or expression that is defined in the Act or the rules and used, but not defined, in this notice has the same meaning as in the Act or the rules.

4. Approval of Equivalent Pilot Transfer Arrangement

The pilot transfer arrangement described in clause 5 is approved in accordance with rule 53.5(1) as equivalent to:

  1. a pilot ladder; and
  2. an accommodation ladder used in conjunction with a pilot ladder.

5. Description of Equivalent Pilot Transfer Arrangement

(1) The equivalent pilot transfer arrangement is an arrangement for a pilot to board a ship that utilises an accommodation ladder with a trapdoor fitted within the lower platform through which a short access ladder is suspended.

(2) The lower platform must be:

  1. fitted with a frame from which an access ladder is suspended: and
  2. in a horizontal position and secured to the side of the ship using a padeye, magnetic or pneumatic system; and
  3. at a minimum of 5 metres and a maximum of 9 metres above sea level; and
  4. equipped on three sides with;
    1. stanchions; and
    2. rigid handrails or handropes, provided that where handropes are used, these must be tight and properly secured.

(3) The frame top must extend a minimum of 2 metres above the lower platform, such that the access ladder is suspended from the top of the frame and hangs vertically down through the trapdoor and below the platform.

(4) The trapdoor must:

  1. have an aperture of not less than 750mm by 750mm: and
  2. open upwards and be secured either flat on the embarkation platform or against the rails at the aft end or outboard side of the platform and must not form part of the handholds.

(5) The access ladder must sit firmly in alignment with and against the side of the ship and be fitted with manropes that are suspended from the top of the frame on either side of the access ladder.

(6) There must not be any beam or horizontal projection on the shipside of the platform requiring the pilot to climb over when ascending or descending through the trapdoor.

(7) The arrangement must allow the pilot unimpeded access onto the ship using the ladder from the pilot vessel, through the trapdoor and onto the lower platform.

(8) The pilot transfer arrangement must be designed as an integral unit and approved for use as a pilot transfer arrangement by the Classification Society appropriate for that class of ship.

Dated at Wellington this 16th day of December 2021.

KIRSTIE HEWLETT, Chief Executive/Director, Maritime New Zealand | Nō te rere moana Aotearoa.