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Drinking Water Supply Registration Notice 2021

This notice issued pursuant to sections 54(2)(h) and 54(3) of the Water Services Act 2021 (“Act”) by the Chief Executive of Taumata Arowai–the Water Services Regulator (“Taumata Arowai”), acting under delegated authority, sets out the information that must be provided in an application to register a drinking water supply and the requirements for how that information must be provided to Taumata Arowai.


This notice is the Drinking Water Supply Registration Notice 2021.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this notice is to set out the information that is required, and the form and process that must be followed, to submit an application to register a drinking water supply in accordance with the Act.

3. Definitions

Within this notice:

Drinking Water Supply Register means the register kept and maintained by Taumata Arowai in accordance with section 55(1) of the Act.

Hinekōrako is the self-service portal developed and administered by Taumata Arowai that drinking water suppliers must use to register their supplies and maintain their registration records.

4. Commencement

1. This notice comes into force on 15 November 2021.

2. This notice may be amended or revoked by notice in the New Zealand Gazette.

5. Requirement to Register a Drinking Water Supply

1. The owner of a drinking water supply must ensure that the supply is registered on the Drinking Water Supply Register in accordance with the Act and this notice.

2. If required, regulations will prescribe registration fees or levies and these will be notified on the Taumata Arowai website There are currently no prescribed fees or levies.

3. An application for registration must be made using Hinekōrako, which is accessible from the Taumata Arowai website

4. Applicants must create a user account to complete the application for registration in Hinekōrako.

5. Hinekōrako will present the required information fields and provide response options appropriate for each type of drinking water supply:

  1. on demand networked drinking water supplies;
  2. trickle feed drinking water supplies;
  3. self-supplied buildings drinking water supplies;
  4. water carrier services;
  5. community water stations/water carrier supplies.

6. Information Required From Drinking Water Suppliers

1. Schedule 1 sets out the information prescribed under section 54(2)(h) of the Act that an applicant must provide when registering a water supply. This information is in addition to the information prescribed under section 54(2)(a) to (g) of the Act.

Dated at Wellington this 9th day of November 2021.

WILLIAM BAYFIELD, Chief Executive.

Schedule 1

Information prescribed by Taumata Arowai under section 54(2)(h) of the Act

Provided by person completing the registration application

Drinking water supply information:

  • Ownership type: eg, territorial authority, government agency, trust, individual, etc
  • Community type: eg, city, marae, education facility, etc
  • Local authorities: that cover the community supplied
  • Public health unit: that covers the community supplied
  • Treatment system: used in each treatment plant
  • Acceptable solution: if one is used or proposed to be used
  • Exemptions: if approved for a registered drinking water supply
  • Drinking Water Safety Plan: whether provided to Taumata Arowai or not

Supply relationships and key contact information:

  • Overall supply contact: the primary contact for the overall supply
  • Registration contact: the individual administering the registration of the supply
  • Owner key contact: the individual who can be contacted where the supply owner is not an individual person
  • Supply contact: an individual who has a role in the supply other than an owner or operator

Owner and operator information:

  • NZ Business Number for owner and operator (as applicable): optional

Water carrier service additional information:

  • Estimate of number of drinking water deliveries made in previous 12 months