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Authorities/Other Agencies of State
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Notice of Exemptions From the Maritime Rules

Pursuant to section 47(3) of the Maritime Transport Act 1994, the Director of Maritime New Zealand hereby notifies the granting of the following exemptions from the Maritime Rules during the period 9 February 2021 to 21 April 2021 inclusive:

Rule Rule Part Summary Total
Operating Limits 20.21 Requirement to operate within lesser of operating limits assigned to ship or operating limits that apply to Master – assigned to that ship under 20.20(1) and recorded in accordance with rule 20.20(2) 1
Crewing and Watchkeeping 31.25(1) Duty of crew to hold certificates and to be able to demonstrate ancillary proficiencies – specific certificate or endorsement and specific ancillary proficiency 5
31.44(b), Table 6 SOLAS and STCW ships – Coastal and offshore limits – ships operating beyond restricted limits but within coastal limits or offshore limits must carry at least engine room watchkeepers specified in Table 6 1
31.84(2) Minimum crewing requirements as per Minimum Safe Crewing Document, and as specified in applicable tables and accompanying flowcharts 1
31.84(3) Minimum crewing requirements – passenger endorsement 1
31.84(4)(a)-(b) Minimum crewing requirements for passenger ships operating within inshore limits (Table 10) and enclosed water limits (Table 11) 1
Seafarer Certification 32.10(1) Requirement to hold certificate and associated endorsements – no person may operate commercial ships, exercise privileges, or hold himself or herself out to be person entitled to exercise the privileges 7
32.42, Table 3, (5 & 6) Requirements for skipper restricted limits certificate of competency – sea service and training 2
32.44, Table 4, (4) Requirements for skipper coastal/offshore certificate of competency – sea service complete on ships 12 metres or more 1
32.61(2) Director’s endorsement of certificate of competency SRL to 24 metres, sea service of no less than 6 months on a commercial ship in deck capacity 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Passenger ships which are not SOLAS ships 40A.12(4)(a) Subdivision and stability – Doorways and other access openings must not be fitted in the collision bulkhead below the freeboard deck 1
40A.12(7) Subdivision and stability – arrangement of watertight bulkheads 1
40A.21(1)(a), Table 40A.3 Toilet facilities must be provided got unberthed passengers on ships not proceeding beyond coastal limits, the toilet facilities required by Table 40A.3 2
40A.55(1), Appendix 3, 3.3, non-portable foam and CO2 extinguishers, (2) Restricted limit ships – ship of 24 metres or more in length – provision of non-portable foam and CO2 extinguishers on any machinery space of Category A 1
40A.56(1), Appendix 4, 4.3, survival craft, (3) Enclosed water limit ships – ship of 24 metres or more in length – provision of a lifeboat or a rescue boat capable of being launched from one side or end of ship 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – SOLAS Ship 40B.20 Provision of life-saving appliances and arrangements specified by the applicable requirements of Chapter III of SOLAS – free fall life boat 2
40B.8 Subdivision and damage stability of non-passenger ships of more than 80 metres in length – SOLAS Chapter 11-1, Part B-2, Regulation 12(5.1) 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Non-passenger Ships that are not SOLAS Ships 40C, Appendix 3, 3.1 Provision of life-saving appliances on ships less than 500 GT that undertake an international voyage – immersion suits and distress flares 1
40C, Appendix 4, 4.3 Provision of life-saving appliances on ships less than 300 GT that undertake an international voyage – radar transponder 1
40C.35 Design requirements 1
40C.36 Installation and materials requirements 1
40C.37 Electrical systems requirements 1
40C.38 Marking and documentation requirements 1
40C.39 Emergency lighting requirements 1
40C.40 Navigation lights requirements 1
40C.41 Lightning protection requirements 1
Design, Construction and Equipment – Sailing Ships 40E.5 Design approval requirements 1
40E.6 Construction standards 1
40E.7(2)(a) Compliance with rule 40E.6(1) – current certificate by classification society or authority and operating limits 1
40E.7(2)(c) Compliance with rule 40E.6(1) – undergone design approval and survey by surveyor 1
Load Lines 47.6(1) Application of section 1 (ships of 24 metres or more in length) of this rule 1
Medical Stores 50.9(2) Medical stores on board ship – scale 4 – medicines, specified equipment in Appendix 1, first-aid kits, copies of medical guides, radio communication stations list, and copy of Part 50 and its advisory circular 2
Navigation Safety Rules 91.5(1) No person under the age of 15 years shall be in charge of, or propel or navigate a power driven vessel unless under direct supervision 1
91.5(2) Owner of power driven vessel must not allow any person under the age of 15 years be in charge of or propel or navigate the vessel unless under direct supervision 1