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Summary of Exemptions Granted by the Director of Civil Aviation

Pursuant to section 37(3) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, notification is hereby given that the Director of Civil Aviation has granted the following exemptions from the Civil Aviation Rule requirements during the period 5 January 2021 – to 31 March 2021:

Reference Rule Title Total
21/EXE/10 CAR 137.3(a) Pilot qualifications 1
21/EXE/14 CAR 139.59(a) Rescue and firefighting – category determination 1
21/EXE/34 CAR 106.53(1) Clearance below cloud 1
21/EXE/37 CAR 91.535(d)(3) Supplemental oxygen for pressurised aircraft for flights above 30 000 ft AMSL 1
21/EXE/55 CAR 121.569(a)(2) Pilot consolidation 1
21/EXE/58 21/EXE/60 21/EXE/63 CAR 61.35(a)(1)(ii) Medical requirement 3
21/EXE/61 CAR 119.101(b)(2) Personnel requirements 1
21/EXE/62 CAR 61.907(a) Currency requirements 1
21/EXE/65 CAR 91.255(a) Mandatory use of ADS-B system in controlled airspace 1
21/EXE/66 CAR Part 91.515(1)(ii) Communication and navigation equipment – VFR over water 1
21/EXE/68 CAR 43.153(a)(6) Review requirements 1

Exemption files may be viewed on prior request to the Exemptions Specialist at the office of the Civil Aviation Authority, Level 15, 55 Featherston Street, Wellington 6011. Postal Address: PO Box 3555, Wellington 6140.

Dated at Wellington this 15th day of April 2021.