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Notice of Intention to Restore Companies to the Companies Register

Section 328 of the Companies Act 1993

Take notice that I propose to restore the following companies to the Register on the application of the persons named below.

I am satisfied that these companies were at the time of removal either carrying on business and there is a proper reason for them to continue in existence or were party to legal proceedings, or were in receivership/liquidation, or the grounds for removal did not exist:

ABC MORTGAGE & RISK SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Sandeep Kumar Mehta, 98 Burundi Avenue, Clendon Park, Auckland 2103.

BERJAM LIMITED. Applicant: Katia Ruruhira Holland (McCaw Lewis Limited), PO Box 9348, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240.

BHAI ORGANISATIONS LIMITED. Applicant: Martin Paul Dreyer (D & D Financial Consultants Limited), PO Box 3742, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140.

BLUE SKY VENTURES LIMITED. Applicant: Warren Reynolds, 13 Seddon Street, Highfield, Timaru 7910.

CHANGFU TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Eon Lai (Forest Harrison), P O Box 828, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140.

DIVYA HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Adiseshaiah Nallapaneni, 245A Hill Road, The Gardens, Auckland 2105.

EMMA TYLER LIMITED. Applicant: Stephen John Larsen (Stephen Larsen & Co), PO Box 5161, Terrace End, Palmerston North 4441.

EV’S PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Evelyn Matehaere Kirifi, 112 Ruahine Road East, RD 1, Riverton 9881.

FIGJAM RENTAL COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: Vicky Elizabeth Brown (Helmore Stewart), PO Box 44, Rangiora 7440.

FIROM NOMINEES LIMITED. Applicant: Fiona Jane Mckay, 124A Shakespeare Road, Bluff Hill, Napier 4110.

FREEDOM 2004 LIMITED. Applicant: Victoria Lisbeth Hudson (Tom Evatt & Co Limited), Level 1, 151 High Street, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011.

GANPAT AND DEVI PATEL TRUSTEE COMPANY LIMITED. Applicant: Mohammed Khan (Business Accounts & Tax Limited), PO Box 22863, Otahuhu, Auckland 1640.

GARY BROWN INVESTMENTS LIMITED. Applicant: Brodie Hunt (Orewa Taxation Service Limited), PO Box 8, Orewa 0946.

HANDA TRUSTEE LIMITED. Applicant: Suryakantamma Phutane (Professional Taxation Limited (Dominion Road Branch)), 760A Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1041.

KAITIAKI TRUST HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Catherine Janet Belsey, 109 Rossall Street, Merivale, Christchurch 8014.

KASPER (1977) LIMITED. Applicant: Kevin Kelly, 38 Savage Crescent, West End, Palmerston North 4412.

KFT TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Tania Outram (Target Accounting Limited), PO Box 84, Mosgiel 9053.

LIVING DOLLS LIMITED. Applicant: Sophie Lee Macdougall, 90 Lilly Road, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023.

MCNABB PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Jaimie Alisdaire Mcnabb, 37 Stables Drive, Lincoln 7608.

MILLAVA LIMITED. Applicant: Craig Lawrence Bright (SBA Browns Bay), PO Box 335050, Browns Bay, Auckland 0753.

MUNRO HOLDINGS LIMITED. Applicant: Paulette Hazel Cavanagh (Linwood Law Limited), 15 Buckleys Road, Linwood, Christchurch 8062.

N MACKENZIE PROPERTIES LIMITED. Applicant: Nathan Gregor Mackenzie, 38 Elphinstone Street, Kanimbla, Cairns, Queensland 4870, Australia.

REON HULME TRUSTEES LIMITED. Applicant: Ben Francis Methven (Tavendale And Partners Limited), PO Box 442, Christchurch 8140.

RUATAHI FARMS LIMITED. Applicant: Isobel Creswell, 14 Longlands Road West, RD 5, Hastings 4175.

STILES CO LIMITED. Applicant: Lewis Joyce (Joyce & Co), PO Box 8844, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440.

UNICORN BEAUTY LIMITED. Applicant: Dasheng Xu (Business And Investment Taxation Limited), 768 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024.

YNCA SOURCE AND ASSOCIATES CHARITY LIMITED. Applicant: Daphne Alison Frigault (Harts Chartered Accountants), PO Box 58442, Botany, Auckland 2163.

Any person who wishes to object must do so by 13 August 2020 being not less than 20 working days from the date of this notice.

Dated this 16th day of July 2020.

ROSS van der SCHYFF, Registrar of Companies.

You can object by sending an email to