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Land Notices
Notice Title

Revocation of a Notice Relating to a Reserve and Issue of Fresh Notice

Under the Reserves Act 1977 and by reason of an error made in the notice described subsequently, the undersigned revokes the notice authorising the exchange of part of the Mangaorongo Scenic Reserve dated 9 February 1988 and published in the New Zealand Gazette, 18 February 1988, No. 28, page 575 and issues the following notice as a fresh notice in its place.

Authorisation of the Exchange of Part of a Reserve for Other Land

Under the Reserves Act 1977 the undersigned authorises the exchange of that part of the Mangaorongo Scenic Reserve, described in the First Schedule, for the land, described in the Second Schedule.

South Auckland Land District—Waitomo District

First Schedule

19.8278 Sections 30 and 31 Block II Awakino East Survey District. Part Record of Title 972005.

Second Schedule

210.6769 Section 1 SO 538954. Part Record of Title SA235/255.

Dated at Te Kuiti this 27th day of November 2020.

NICHOLAS KELLY, Operations Manager, Maniopoto District, Department of Conservation.